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So, as a building owner or property manager, what 10 steps can you take which assume that, as it concerns your building, the worst is bound to happen? We are pleased to announce release of our very first residential training module, which focuses on fire #safety.
Since we provide #disaster training, it makes sense that we would want to expand our #training from commercial to residential facilities. Use these free clip art images for your collections, school projects, website art and more. During lease signing you received information from the American Red Cross about preparing your own personal emergency response kit.
For the next 4 Mondays we’ll highlight some important ways that you can be prepared in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. This entry was posted in Community Living, Emergency Preparedness and tagged emergency prep, NAP sites by Betsy. At least once a year though, I find myself in a situation where I do wish I had a kit all ready to go. So that’s all it takes for a little more peace of mind when it comes to Summer storms.
I think a couple of coloring books, crayons and a deck of cards is probably also a good idea…. I ca print a copy of this and I will give a copy to my friends and or Municipality for them to distribute a copy to the community.
Public Health Services, in partnership with the community, promotes a healthy future for San Joaquin County that includes vital emergency preparedness planning with you, your family and the whole community. Drought - Get current drought information for San Joaquin County and find other resources that will assist you throughout this emergency situation, including water conservation tips. Additional Resources For a list of other community, state, and federal resources, click here. The devastating tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma recently reminds all of us how important it is to have an emergency preparedness plan in place before disaster strikes. The Maryland Emergency Management Agency also has a website filled with useful information. If you take advantage of the calm before any storm to plan for the worse, you may be surprised that the best actually happens.
During hurricane season it is important to be prepared ahead of time with supplies and evacuation plans.

For articles published prior to January 2013, please visit our Newspaper Archives at Miami's Community Newspapers.
Preparing for disasters can mean the difference between life and death, but putting together plans and kits can be overwhelming.
Most relief agencies recommend people put together a 72 hour emergency kit – enough food, water, and medical supplies to keep each person in a household supplied for three days. This 2 page list from PG Ward includes visuals on what you should include in your 72 hour kit as well as lists for additional things you should include in a car kit, a child kit, and a pet kit.
While not exactly a printable, Top Spec US has put together a nice, simple graphic showing what to pack in a bug out bag. When East coast residents were preparing for Hurricane Irene, stores sold out on basic necessities including water. If you can't find the clipart your looking for then please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly help.
This is a great location for your roommates or family members to congregate and to find each other after a large scale emergency.  Housing Assistants or other volunteers will be deployed to each NAP site and will check folks in on a roster.
I’m just putting everything together into 2 plastic tubs that can easily be tossed into back packs on the way out of the house, or into the trunk of the car.
You want it somewhere that you can access easily when it’s dark and the power is out, not up in the back of a bedroom closet on the third floor! I can even prepare it in a color coded so that I will know what to color I will pick up if I needed something in my kit or survival bag.
Personal preparedness includes being ready for emergencies at home, in your car, or anywhere else you may spend time. Rather than panic and be afraid, Harris says that preparation is the key to easing your mind and saving lives.
For instance, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)’s website addresses everything from preparation in case of trouble to safety tips during a disaster to resources available if they are needed.
Among the varied topics are how to come up with a disaster plan for your family, what supplies you should already have in your home, and where you can find out about alerts, warnings and power outages specifically for residents in our state. Most written communications to or from City Officials regarding City business are public records available to the Public and Media upon request. However, most continue to think that catastrophes happen to “other people.” Resist the urge to defer making emergency preparations. Your best bet is to invest in good, high-quality cold weather gear, such as coats, gloves and sleeping bags and blankets, for yourself, employees, family members and puppies.

Invest in First Aid training as well as a basic kit so you will be prepared to administer basic medical assistance to those in need. Regular exercise and good nutrition are important for quality of life as well as in cases of emergencies.
Our new Version 2.5 e-based training system offers the best emergency training system with automated and integrated features. Most often, the worst that happens is that we lose power for a few hours and we get a few big branches down in the yard, but even then, having a few supplies nearby would be really handy and comforting too. I’m keeping it in a cupboard in our master bedroom, which is right off the living room and easy to get to whenever we need it.
Soon I’ll be fully prepared and maybe even a little excited to see how well we do when the first power outage hits this year.
During National Kidney Month, the National Kidney Foundation is urging you to give your kidneys a second thought and a well-deserved checkup.
Fires can result from the use alternative indoor heat sources such as space heaters and propane lamps and require power for operation. Store inexpensive, nonperishable items such as rice beans, noodles, peanut butter and dog food.
I’ve found that there are few abrasions that can’t be handled by a nice long lick from man’s best friend.
Your best course of action in this case is to pack a “go” bag in the back of your car that includes a good pair of walking shoes. You could also invest in commercial water barrels and fill them with tap water, as long as you disinfect the barrels with a diluted bleach mixture to purify water. You are responsible for providing your own drinking water and food as well as any other personal items you might need in case of an emergency.
The lists below can act as a guideline to help prepare your household during the next few weeks.

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