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What emergency and survival foods they are best used for.A few retailers where you can make your purchase.
Herbs used for seasoning, teas, and health benefits.Look for edible grade plastic food storage containers made from polycarbonate, polyester or polyethylene. Once cans are opened you can prolong the foods shelf life by decreasing the above factors as much as possible. It is highly recommended that Metalized Oxygen Barrier Bags are used when ever possible to place your food product in before storing them, no matter what kind of container you are using.

When storing dry foods in glass jars or containers, it isn't necessary to use oxygen barrier bags, oxygen cannot permeate through glass the same as plastic. These unique water containers, unlike any other, can also hold food and other life essentials while adding value by cross stacking up to 4 feet for maximum efficient storage. Wide diameter lid opening with notched easy grip lid allows for an average adult to pull stored contents out of the container by hand. Stores water, food or anything you want to keep dry or store efficiently while eliminating most food odors.

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