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Flooding is a natural process,which only becomes a hazard when it has a direct or indirect effect upon the lives of people.
Embankments: these are raised banks which makes the river's cross section larger and so it can hold more water.
Washlands are sections of the flood plain which are allowed to flood, therefore they are usually left as sports fields and nature parks.
Land use zoning is designed to prevent development in areas most prone to flooding and developments is only allowed in 'safe' areas. Warning systems: issued by flood protection agencies to enable people to react to the danger. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has the overall policy responsibility for flood and coastal erosion risk management in England. LA’s have permissive powers to carry out works to reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion. Whilst the ESCP has the ‘power' to carry out coastal protection works on behalf of the authorities it represents, it only does so where there is sufficient benefits to the public. Private land owners have ultimate responsibility for protecting their own property from flooding and erosion and they must act within statutory planning regulations and other applicable legislation. LA’s often work with the Environment Agency (EA) and can seek Grant in Aid from the EA to undertake coastal management projects. Well, depending on where you live, spring showers don’t bring flowers, they bring freshet (rapid snowpack melt and overwhelmed stream channels) and sometimes flooding. Recently, we have been on the scene of a washout on Highway 16, 85 kilometres east of Prince George, a sinkhole 2 kilometres east of Topley, and another wash out on the Highway 3 Junction of Highway 22, from Castlegar to Meadows. A big part of flood preparedness doesn’t just apply to where you live, but also where you drive.
Drive BC has amazing BC HighwayCamswhere you can view highway conditions, traffic and weather information at a glance.
So now that spring flowers have begun to bloom, give yourself peace of mind in rain or shine. This typically happens in the lower course of a river and is why flood plains are created by the river. Also of importance are factors such as the population density of an area at risk, and issues related to ownership of land in the catchment area.

Emergency management involves three primary clusters of activities - Prevention, Response and Recovery - regardless of the nature of the emergency.
It relies upon Local Authorities (LA) to then assist and manage their own coastlines and frontages. We act when there is a clear economic benefit to developing coastal defence works, when there is an appropriate engineering solution that is achievable and where environment legislation is not contravened. The ESCP is a proactive team and we are dedicated to working in the best interest of the public. Since rising water can also impact the flow of traffic, we often have a role in flood management by managing and maintaining the provincial highway system. The ministry activates flood plans, manages situations to minimize disruption, communicates with the public and provides critical services during flood events, such as protecting and repairing the road infrastructure and looking for creative options to move supplies. Hard management basically means the 'building of something'; where as soft management is to do with 'natural choices'. We also arrange for equipment, materials and contracted labour to assist with flood prevention and repairs to highway infrastructure. For example, reports show snowpacks are quite high right now and while short term forecasts are good for minimal flooding, we are monitoring and ready for the large amounts of snow still waiting to melt.
Familiarize yourself with your local government emergency program and know where your communities’ reception centres are located. Most of the land forms a delta from three main rivers - Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna - and 25 per cent of Bangladesh is less than 1 m above sea level. For example, in 2010, we raised the English Bridge North of Merritt to meet 200 year flood levels with the construction of a 22 metre precast concrete girder bridge. This type of knowledge helps our crews begin protective works or repairs, such as determining the amount of sand, gravel and rock needed to protect our transportation infrastructure from flooding, which helps keep roads open and available. In addition to supplies, we check with local ministry staff, maintenance contractors and emergency services to be certain everyone is ready to jump into action for any number of events if water levels get too high.
This seasonal flooding is beneficial as it provides water for the rice and jute (two main crops in the area) it also helps to keep the soil fertile. Bangladesh also experiences many tropical cyclones [tropical storm: A low pressure system in the tropical latitudes which has high winds and rainfall.

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This page looks at the different types of drainage and how they can help relieve that burden.
And it can cause loss of life, damage to property and possessions, loss of business and jobs and affect critical infrastructure such as electricity and water supply systems. Water gathers and the natural boundaries, for example embankments, can no longer retain the water, resulting in the banks overflowing.
This results in an increase in the volume and rate of surface run-off as less water infiltrates into the ground.
In the past culverting of watercourses in built-up areas was quite common, and was seen as a way to release more land for development.
Culverting increases flood risk significantly because piped sections restrict flow, pose a serious risk of blockage and restriction and eliminate natural flood routes.
In the natural environment open spaces near the river act as storage areas or a€?flood plains' for out-of-channel flow, alleviating downstream flood risk.
These can be extensive regional aquifers, such as chalk or sandstone, or may be more local sand or river gravels in valley bottoms underlain by less permeable rocks. Increases in global temperatures and changing weather patterns indicate that climate change will cause more extreme weather events. The key findings from UKCP09 suggest that all areas of the UK will experience warmer weather especially in the summer the amount of precipitation annually will only slightly increase but more will fall in the winter and summer rainfall events will become more intense sea level rise will be greater in the south of the UK than the north.

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