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Rain on the mountain was thanks to warm, moist air being blown in from the Hawaiian Islands. Some of that water probably soaked into the ground, but a lot of it ran off into the streams and rivers that drain the flanks of Mt.
What would have changed that equation is if large or numerous landslides had been triggered by the rain and running water, like they were in a similar event in 2006. A variety of flooding and related phenomena place Central Alabama at risk throughout the year.
It is important that the public is aware of this information, but equally as important is the reporting of any type of flooding.  If you see any of the above, contact us! Seasonal flooding across eastern Australia has been widespread and devastating this spring - their wettest on record. 3Rising floodwaters spread across the runway of the airport at Rockhampton, in eastern Queensland, Australia on January 2, 2011.
4A snake crosses the Capricorn Highway which is under floodwaters 6km south of Rockhampton, Australia on January 3, 2011.
5An emergency personnel boat motors past a street sign partially covered by floodwaters 6km south of Rockhampton on January 3, 2011. 6Houses in the town of Theodore, about 410km (255 miles) north west of Brisbane, Australia, are partially submerged by flood waters in this January 1, 2011 picture.
7Cattle walk through flooded crops near the town of Theodore in Australia's state of Queensland January 2, 2011.
8A main street in the flooded town of Theodore, Australia is used as a helicopter landing zone as residents are evacuated in this January 1, 2011 picture.
9Bruce Dalton cleans mud from the recently submerged Spinnakers bar and restaurant on the banks of the swollen Burnett River in Bundaberg as flood waters begin to recede on January 1, 2011. 10Rising floodwaters spread through the low-lying suburb of Depot Hill in Rockhampton, in eastern Queensland on January 2, 2011. 11A girl falls in the mud as her sister and father remove damaged belongings from their home affected by floodwater in Bundaberg, Queensland January 1, 2011.
12A police vehicle is halted by flood debris across a road near the town of Injune, about 480kms (298 miles) northwest of Brisbane on January 1, 2011.
13Partially submerged railways to transport coal are seen near the town of Emerald in Australia's state of Queensland January 2, 2011.
14Workers of a hardware store start to clean up after being affected by flood waters in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia on January 1, 2011.
15Farm crops are seen flooded near the town of Theodore in Queensland, Australia January 2, 2011. 16A small plane takes off from a portion of the flooded runway at the Rockhampton airport in the state of Queensland January 2, 2011. 18A fish is seen on the Capricorn Highway, which is partially submerged under floodwaters, 6 km (3.7 miles) south of Rockhampton, January 3, 2011. 19This aerial photo taken on December 31, 2010 shows the Fairbairn Dam spilling into the Queensland town of Emerald, illustrating the extent of flooding across the area. 20Agricultural machinery is seen on an isolated island surrounded by flood waters near the town of Emerald in Australia's state of Queensland January 2, 2011.
21Ann Mara uses a kayak and a rope to tow a kangaroo through floodwaters near Wellington, Australia.
22Rodney Dowton ferries a boatload of kangaroos through floodwaters near Wellington, Australia.
23A swollen river is seen near the town of Tumut, 400 km (250 miles) south-west of Sydney, December 9, 2010. 24Buildings are submerged in floodwaters in a neighborhood in Rockhampton, Queensland on January 2, 2011. 25Christopher Roth tries to salvage what he can from his parents' flooded home in Bundaberg on December 31, 2010.

26Local teenagers make the best of ther conditions after heavy rainfall hit the the capital region on December 9, 2010 in Queanbeyan, Australia. 27Scott Wogandt and his son Mitchell kayak past flooded cars in Bundaberg on December 31, 2010. 28A pair of shoes lie in the mud after flooded waters start to receded in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia January 1, 2011. 29A worker from emergency services walks through the Capricorn Highway, which is submerged in floodwaters, 6 km (3.7 miles) south of Rockhampton, January 3, 2011. 30Flood waters cover the land near Warwick, Queensland on December 28, 2010 as entire towns were inundated by the worst deluges in decades. 31A half-drowned brush-tail possum seeks shelter in an up-turned caravan on the banks of the swollen Burnett River in Bundaberg as flood waters begin to recede on January 1, 2011.
32Signboards are partially submerged by floodwater in Bundaberg, Queensland December 31, 2010.
33Six-year-old Jake Thompson looks at flood waters that have engulfed Alexander Street in Bundaberg on December 31, 2010.
Funchal, Medeira Islands a€“ The story of the tower of Babel is one of the most compelling and outlandish tales in the Bible. The flooding took place on the island of Maderia, an the capital of the autonomous archipelago just off the Portuguese coast. Equally visitors from other countries such as Germany and Austria were inconvenienced by the flooding which has put a damper on the normally un-flooded region. The average cost to each affected business was ?75,000 and ?112,000; granted, much of that will be damage to buildings, but what about lost computer hardware, and subsequently lost business data? So how can Cloud Computing save your business in the event of extreme weather, an office disaster, or data loss?
Enjoy helping small businesses reap the benefits of enterprise-level IT solutions thanks to our cost-effective Cloud services. Henry Lamb in Talybont village saw the flood waters flowing along a main road and through houses. Elaine Rowlands, who lives near the village of Talybont, saw the extent on the flooding through the village green.
Ben Williams' basement in Furnace flooded, destroying the tools he used to build the BBC Springwatch film set. The Sandy River (at the Marmot gage) drains Hood's west side, and the Hood River (at the Tucker Bridge gage) drains its northeast side. A few ill-positioned streamside cabins and some roadways bit the dust, but most infrastructure was fine. So while the wet weather created some localized problems, the videos above clearly show that this sort of event mostly just makes for something different to do on the weekend (flood-watching in lieu of skiing). You get used to rain in Oregon, but even without the orographic effect, the amound of rain was staggering. Flooding can result from a number of weather systems including slow-moving or stationary frontal systems, inland moving tropical cyclones and intense summertime thunderstorms.
Large parts of Australia's coastal northeast were flooded on Sunday in a spreading environmental disaster as thousands of residents fled their homes to avoid the runoff from a Christmas deluge. Floods that have inundated 22 Australian towns and forced more than 200,000 from their homes headed towards the northeast coast on New Year's Day, forcing further evacuations and warnings of 30-ft flood waters.
Torrential rains and flooding are set to cut rail supplies of coal for another week from inland mines to Australia's third-largest coal export terminal Gladstone, forcing the port to run down already-depleted inventories. Military aircraft flew supplies to an Australian town slowly disappearing beneath floodwaters on Monday, as record flooding in the country's northeast continues to cut coal exports and devastate wheat production. Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes, and officials have been scrambling to pluck stranded motorists from cars and surround vulnerable homes and businesses with sandbags as Australia's attorney general declared 45 communities along the country's east coast disaster areas Friday, Dec.
Torrential rain is wreaking more havoc across eastern Australia, with flash floods continuing to cause problems for residents, according to local media.

Flood water rose across Australia's northeast on Friday, covering an area bigger than France and Germany combined, inundating 22 towns and stranding 200,000 people, and closing one of the country's major sugar export ports. Torrential rains following in the wake of tropical cyclone Tasha have swollen rivers and flooded scores of farms and homes in the northeastern state of Queensland.
God, seeing this tower as a dedication to worship the kingdom of man rather than His own, confused the languages of the people and scattered them across the planet, thereby creating the multitude of cultures that exist today. Over the course of thousands of years human beings spread across the planet, developing their own cultures, ethnicities, and languages according to their environment. On Saturday morning when you begin to head up the mountain from Portland, it’s warm and raining. The gap in the Sandy River data represents an equipment failure or lack of an adequate rating curve at high water levels. We were amazed by the full rivers, and large flow on the waterfalls, saw a couple of small mass wasting events. These systems can produce flash flooding in low lying flood prone areas and along small creeks and streams, as well as river flooding along mainstreams. Hundreds of thousands of people in an area the size of France and Germany combined are now affected, and at least nine people have been killed so far.
Of course as our cultures have become increasingly more intertwined, and as our technological advances allow us to build towers high into the sky, perhaps the tale of Babel was not a historical lesson, but rather a premonition.
Hood SNOTEL site, 36 cm (14″) of snow depth were melted away by the warm rain between Friday and Monday.
Hood’s Rivers to give the quantitative picture of what happens when that much water reaches a river in a short amount of time. Hood had a healthy snowpack that could sustain 36 cm of rapid melt without exposing the loose sediments that give rise to such boulder torrents. Authorities are working to evacuate some communities and airlift supplies to others as the water level is expected to continue rising over the next two days and 38 regions were declared natural disaster areas.
Regardless of what God-like vengeance might one day be visited upon us, the reality is that our languages have become less and less voluminous with only a few taking up most day-to-day interactions.
But now I’ve added the most recent good-sized flood (November 2006, which I have blogged about before), and the rather larger 1996 and 1964 floods for comparison. Plus, the places most likely to produce landslides had done so only four years earlier, so they may not have been as overloaded with sediment ready to move. Collected here are photos from the recent flooding around Australia and its effect on residents and animals.
So, something like 200 mm (8″) of water was loosed upon the the landscape over a two day period. Nonetheless, as warmer winter temperatures reduce snowpacks, bring more winter rain, and force glaciers to retreat (exposing more loose sediment), it’s likely that the mid-winter rain storms of the future will produce more landslides along with the floods. One of those languages is Portuguese which at one time could have been the Spanish of the modern day, but instead has become largely obscured by history which is why the deadly floods in Portugal have elicited so little attention by the world at large. Hood ski resort learned in 2006, landslides don’t just force skiiers into becoming flood watchers, but can ruin the whole season. Days of torrential downpours have left parts of central and southern Queensland state inundated, flooding thousands of homes and businesses, cutting off roads and forcing the entire populations of two towns to evacuate. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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