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In areas where flood waters are receding it is important for people to wait until authorities give the 'All Clear' to return. He also urged people to start to head home from work, with weather conditions expected to worsen.One of the worst affected towns is Dungog, where at least 3 people are thought to have died, with further reports of another person still missing.
Australia Bureau of Meteorology say that 312 mm of rain has fallen in Dungog in the last 24 hours.Emergency services minister David Elliott described it as a “once in a decade” storm.
At least 10 people had to be airlifted from roofs by helicopter after they took refuge from the floods in Stroud, near Newcastle.

Map of emergency call outs and flood rescues by NSW SESDungog, New South WalesDungog is a small town of around 2,000 in habitants, located in the Hunter region about 70 km from Newcastle and 250 km from Sydney. The streets of the town were turned into raging rivers in a matter of hours by the heavy rain brought by the storm. One local observer said that the flood water came from nowhere, and rose so quickly it was like a roar, rushing through the streets.Several people were rescued by helicopter after they took refuge on the roofs of their homes. The torrent was so strong that several houses were dragged from their foundations and swept away by flood water.

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