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Economic losses as a consequence of extreme flood events in recent years have been dramatic. Past trends Flood disasters in Europe increased in number and amount of loss from the 1970s to the 2000s.
There is good reason to be concerned about the growth of flood losses in Europe even without taking climate change into account.
In April 2009 the European Commission presented a White Paper on the framework for adaptation policies and measures to reduce the European Union's vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. This briefing is part of the EEA's report The European Environment - State and Outlook 2015. We use cookies to record some preference settings and to analyse how visitors use our web site.
Back in July of this year Reactions magazine reported that 47% of 2013 NatCat losses were incurred due to flooding.
Low insurance penetration in regions such as China, Indonesia and Southern Africa has meant that insured losses in those regions is fairly insignificant despite the mighty impact of events such as Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Ambiental’s precision flood model, Flowroute-i™, was originally developed over 10 years ago in close collaboration with flood scientists at Cambridge University, UK. 100 year flood model with Ambiental data overlaid compared to existing national flood model. With flood related economic losses of $2.5 billion and insured losses of $862 million in Australia alone, earlier this year, it is clear that insurance firms require increasingly sophisticated and accurate technology to aid their loss control. Further information on Flowroute-i™ and its application for insurance purposes can be accessed here.
James Hubbard is part of Ambiental's technical team and takes responsibility for managing the company website. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) insures properties against flooding losses in the Bay Area through the National Flood Insurance Program. In 2004, ABAG gathered data from FEMA on the location and payment amounts for all repetitive loss properties in the Bay Area. ABAG updated the repetitive loss information for the update of its Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, but was unable to obtain location information for any new repetitive loss properties since 2004. So how can an insurance professional, risk manager, general adjuster, and asset manager make an informed decision regarding investigating a flood claim? Only then will the engineer go to the site, photo and measure (at the direction and with the participation of subro counsel) all of the relevant areas and objects. In this blog you will find a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and resources about insurance in the state of California.
Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) is one of the seven scientific institutes of the European Commissiona€™s Joint Research Centre (JRC). Climate change is happening and will continue to have far-reaching consequences for human and natural systems.
The number of major flood disasters during the last 16 years (between 1990 and 2005) is more than twice that between 1970 and 1989 (Barredo, 2007). Economic losses from flood disasters in Europe increased from the 1970s to the 2000s (Barredo, 2007). The aim is to increase the resilience to climate change of health, property and the productive functions of land, inter alia by improving the management of water resources and ecosystems. The EEA is an official agency of the EU, tasked with providing information on Europea€™s environment.

Since the publication of that article, major floods have affected areas as diverse as Colorado in the United States to the border regions of Russia and China. China, hit by multiple severe flood events throughout the year, follows as the 2nd worst affected region with at least $17.3 billion in losses. As a result, Central Europe tops the list of areas most affected by flood related insurance losses, with $5.3 billion in claims. Flowroute-i™ provides this precision and accuracy, with detailed and easy to understand flood information for all major sources – pluvial, fluvial and tidal, for any region across the globe. To speak to one of our consultants about the availability of flood models for your territory, you can get in touch. Those properties that have had more than one insured flood loss are called repetitive loss properties. ABAG was able to use the location information to determine whether the property was within the 100 or 500 year floodplains. Assuming that there is insurance coverage and that a claim will be paid, which of the thousands of flood claims carriers receive each year should be investigated for subrogation? What are some things that the adjuster can consider when deciding to invest in these cases and is there an acceptable protocol to follow to maximize the investigation budget and to justify further investigation expense?  A disciplined, phased or staged investigation approach is best. Impacts and vulnerabilities differ considerably across regions, territories and economic sectors in Europe.
When assessing flood losses it is important to compensate for changes in asset values and exposure over time.
In addition to the rising trend in flood damage, the effects of unusually severe floods during the 1990s and 2000s increased awareness of the economic consequences of flooding. More knowledge is needed on climate impact and vulnerability but a considerable amount of information and research already exists which can be shared better through a proposed Clearing House Mechanism. In total, $63.2 billion of known economic losses have resulted from flood events in 2013 (estimated to the end of November 2013. In 2011, our Brisbane model validation achieved 95% accuracy compared to the existing national flood model which scored 37%. No location information is available for any new repetitive loss properties added since 2004. There are several approaches, from investigating all flood claims to investigating only those with obvious potential such as dam breaks, pipe breaks or collapses.
Counsel can gather preliminary details regarding the storm and flood such as how much rain fell and in what period of time, how deep the flood water was, if a flood study was completed by FEMA for the community where the flood occurred.
The 1997 floods in Poland and Czech Republic were responsible for losses of about EUR 5.2 billion. The White Paper stresses the need to mainstream adaptation into existing and new EU policies. Below we have summarised both economic and insured losses resulting from floods in 2013, plus a summary of how Flowroute-i™ can be used to improve loss control.
The EUA adaptation framework aims at developing a comprehensive strategy by 2013, to be supported by a clearinghouse for sharing and maintaining information on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation. The cost of floods in the United Kingdom in summer 2007 is estimated at around EUR 4.3 billion. A number of Member States have already taken action and several have prepared national adaptation plans. Put differently this allows the engineer to say that if the waterway was wider or deeper or smoother, then the water surface elevation at the insured property would have been lower.

A continuous increase is observed in the decadal average of flood damage expressed in this way.In fact in the period 1970-1999 the trend in EU flood losses was not statistically significant, and the increase registered in the last sub-period is a consequence of one single event, the floods in central Europe in the summer of 2002. The EU is also developing actions to enhance and finance adaptation in developing countries as part of a new post-2012 global climate agreement expected in Copenhagen (Dec. Analyses of long-term records of flood losses indicate that societal, environmental and economic factors clearly play an important role in the observed upward trends.
However, even though evidence indicates that the growth of flood losses in recent decades is related to both societal and climatic factors, the shares are unclear (Pielke Jr and Downton, 2000; Barredo, 2007). And the cost of floods in the United Kingdom in summer 2007 has been estimated at around EUR 4.3 billion. It is therefore still not possible to determine the proportion of the increase in damage that might be attributed either to climate change or to societal change and economic development (Hoppe and Pielke Jr, 2006). There is agreement that climate change cannot be regarded as the dominant factor for increasing flood losses. Even if there is scientific evidence of a continuing intensification of the global water cycle (Huntington, 2006) there is no homogeneous trend in extreme river flows on the European or regional scale. In addition there are no conclusive studies that confirm the hypothesis of changes in the occurrence of extreme river flows in Europe.
In a hypothetical scenario without climate change, total flood losses will continue to increase as consequence of societal and economic factors such as increase in exposure and vulnerability (Pielke Jr and Downton, 2000). Figure  2 shows the yearly number of deaths resulting from floods in Europe for the period 1970-2005. The number of deaths is very dependent on single events, as for the events of 1970 in Romania and Hungary, 1973 in Spain, and 1998 in Italy.
In recent decades, early warning systems and prevention measures have improved evacuation mechanisms in the many areas exposed to floods.The issue of extreme precipitation and surface water flooding (heavy rainfall and insufficient capacity of drainage systems) is also worth further investigation since this is already causing problems while not being well enough understood in terms of risk mapping. It has been estimated that the 2007 summer floods in the United Kingdom were caused mainly by surface water flooding and inadequate drainage (roughly 60 % of the losses) while the rest was caused by river flooding. Projections Some preliminary estimates (ABI, 2005) indicate that annual flood losses in Europe could rise to EUR 100-120 billion (tenfold) by the end of the century under high emissions scenarios. These results include changes in sea-level rise, increasing precipitation and increasing economic vulnerability.
More detailed disaggregated work under the PESETA project has modelled changes in river flows in a changing climate in Europe, studying two river catchments in detail. Figure 3 shows the percentage change in economic damage for floods with 100-year return period for the SRES A2 scenario.A number of uncertainties in these river catchment and Europe-wide results should, however, be highlighted.
First, the numbers are the combined effect of the climate and socio-economic effects, and second, they do not include existing or any future flood protection and management measures, so strictly speaking they are a measure of potential exposure, not impacts (though they may underestimate potential losses by not incorporating changes in exposure). This highlights a broad issue with climate and socio-economic analysis of future flood risks. Research into flood risks in the Netherlands indicates that potential economic losses from flooding (river and sea) as a result of socio-economic change could increase by 22-45 % in 2040 (WL Delft Hydraulics, 2007).
The particular role of climate change was not taken into account, because of unknown effects on flood severity and frequency. Moreover, socio-economic factors are expected to dominate future loss records, and will continue to complicate normalisation studies, because of the large inaccuracies associated with actual loss estimates, compared with geophysical data on extreme weather itself (Pielke Jr, 2007).

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