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Laura said that on one street, a bunch of people were trying to get their cars out of their driveways, but it was already too late. Rob, I imagine you've probably seen a few flash floods and worse in your neck of the woods. A variety of flooding and related phenomena place Central Alabama at risk throughout the year. It is important that the public is aware of this information, but equally as important is the reporting of any type of flooding.  If you see any of the above, contact us! During the 20th Century, floods were the number one natural disaster to cause the loss of lives and property, according to the USGS. In tropical storms and hurricanes, wind speeds and surge are not the only danger—flooding and flash flooding have claimed the most lives in tropical cyclones from 1970 to 1999 (unlike the historic 2005 hurricane season, where storm surge claimed thousands of lives). The National Weather Service's "Turn Around, Don't Drown" program warns people of the danger of driving through flooded areas. Flash flood warnings, flood warnings, or flood advisories are issued when flooding is occurring or imminent. Making a splash: A car drives through flood water in Walsden, West Yorkshire after flash flooding. However, the Met Office has issued a level two heatwave warning for the South East and East.
In total, 16 shops were shut after rainwater swept under the doors from the car park and through ceilings.
Shopper Patrick Nolan, 72, said: 'I was trying to get in Asda and Card Factory but they have had to close.

THREE million properties in England, including No 10 Downing Street, are at risk of flash flooding, according to new maps published by the Environment Agency. But the Guardian reports that ministers have been criticised because an affordable home insurance scheme being developed does not take account of the risk of flash or the warning from the government’s own advisers that climate change will increase flooding.
Intense downpours are becoming more common according to the Met Office and when water overwhelms the drains it leads to flash flooding, also called surface water flooding. The government is currently bringing forward a new insurance scheme with the Association of British Insurers where a premium on all policies ensures people in high risk areas can obtain affordable insurance.
Annual flood defence spending will rise between 2015 and 2020 but fell sharply when the coalition government took power, leaving hundreds of defence schemes unbuilt.
One way to be ready for floods whenever they may strike is to have a stock of FloodSax sandless sandbags which are easy to both store and deploy.
This information is updated every 15 minutes and comes directly from The Environment Agency. Flooding can result from a number of weather systems including slow-moving or stationary frontal systems, inland moving tropical cyclones and intense summertime thunderstorms. Flooding can occur in a number of situations, including heavy downpours in strong thunderstorms, or during the spring when snowpack is melting.
Flash flooding will occur in creeks, streams, and urban areas within hours of torrential rain. The Center for Disease Control estimates that over half of all flood-related drownings occur when a vehicle is driven into flood water. The nearby village of Walsden was hit by a torrent, with the deluge causing a€?sheer devastationa€™, according to residents.

I was trying to grab on to anything to stop me from being dragged by the water but I couldna€™t catch hold.a€?The water swept me under a fence and on to a railway line.
In total, 5m properties in England are at risk of flooding when those threatened by river and coastal floods are also counted.
These systems can produce flash flooding in low lying flood prone areas and along small creeks and streams, as well as river flooding along mainstreams. Ongoing flooding can intensify to flash flooding in cases where intense rainfall results in a rapid surge of rising flood waters. Record flood events have occurred along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers in years such as 1927, 1973, 1993, and 2011. The second highest percentage of drownings are from people who walk into or near flood waters.
If you're in the watch area, you should pay attention to Weather Radio or local news in case a warning is issued. I looked over and there was a train at the station nearby, luckily not able to move because of everything that was going on.a€™Some homes in the village were under 3ft of water as the heavy, slow-moving and thundery showers moved northwards. After winters of extreme snowfall, rivers can swell far into their flood plains and wreak havoc on river towns.
Flash flooding is a rapid and extreme flow of high water into a normally dry area, beginning within six hours of the causative event (e.g.

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