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National CoverageWith local knowledge and national representation, our local representatives are experts in providing and servicing your business with the right products for your application. CustomisationWe recognise that first aid standard kits are great for basic use but may not be customised to your type of work environment. All logos, trademarks and copyrights on these pages are the property of their respective owners.
We believe First Aid is an important life skill that everyone, even 7 to 12-year olds should learn.
This is an opportunity for the kids to be confident to do something and save lives during an emergency. First Aid for Kids includes Introduction to first aid and first aid box, safety first, how to get help, simple steps in first aid management for burns, nosebleed, choking, broken bone, bleeding, allergic reaction, asthma attack and someone who is unconscious- breathing and not breathing.

We are accredited by the : Ministry of Manpower, National Resuscitation Council, National First Aid Council, Singapore Sports Council and National Registry of Coaches.
Burns and scalds require immediate treatment once the patient has been removed from the offending situation.
These activities and interactive videos will introduce you to the core principles of first aid and equip you with skills applicable in everyday life.
The practical techniques and mental checklists will give you the knowledge and confidence to tackle almost any emergency whether you look after children or care for older people. Our experienced first aid specialists have access to up-todate knowledge of relevant standards, legislation and codes of practice.
Accidental can work together with you to assess your workplace needs and can include specific products for your industry. We organise with each individual workplace on the frequency of visits and can come as often as every month, quarterly or half yearly.

The 2-hour course will also include bandaging, role play and fun first aid activities to test the knowledge and skills of the kids. Ice should NOT be used and creams, ointments or other greasy substances should NOT be applied. This may mean removing the person from the area, dousing flames with water, or smothering their body with a blanket to put out any flames. You did a terrific job and your generosity is overwhelming.JackieSigns look fantastic; I love the Front door!

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