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When I was a little girl, the ecclesiastical leader of my local church extended a challenge to some of the families in the congregation.
The Wizard of Oz gave us technicolor, Dorothy and Toto, and “there’s no place like home.” It also gave a few of us nightmares about flying monkeys and green witches, as well as a good look at why tornado preparation is so important. At Food Insurance™, we are dedicated to providing you with the best, most relevant information to get your family prepared.  We would like to help start out the new year by giving you a list of essentials that every family should have on hand. Montenegro Red Cross recently participated in an international disaster simulation exercise ?Medceur 2010?, held in Danilovgrad. Every second Wednesday of October, the world marks International Day of Disaster Reduction.
The Montenegro Red Cross (MRC) recently participated in an international disaster simulation exercise “Medceur 2010”, held in Danilovgrad, and jointly organized by the Montenegro Ministry of Defense and the Command of American forces for Europe. The joint military-medical exercise brought together military and medical teams from Montenegro as well as from Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, the United States and Ukraine, who demonstrated their skills and expertise in emergency situations.

Nine months after the country was struck by severe flooding in several municipalities Montenegro Red Cross has proved its ability and commitment to tackle vulnerability and build safer and more resilient communities. The main responsibility of the Montenegro Red Cross during the practical sessions of the exercise was to build temporary shelters in an emergency context. On the last day of the exercise, Montenegro Red Cross, besides displaying its shelter activities, held an improvised first aid simulation in different disaster scenarios, including fires, chemical spills, and extracting injured people from vehicles after an accident, to present another facet of the National Society’s expertise in emergency situations. La Federation internationale des Societes de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge constitue, avec ses 190 Societes nationales membres, le plus vaste reseau humanitaire du monde. The whole first aid tent can be divided into 2 rooms or 3 rooms as customer request, according to the size. The first aid inflatable tent is also called inflatable medical tent, inflatable rescue tent, inflatable mobile hospital or inflatable emergency tent and so on. You know what a first aid kit is — and that it might just save your life during a natural disaster or emergency.

It is an opportunity for Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world to highlight the importance of disaster preparedness in order to minimize the humanitarian impact of natural disasters. En tant que membres du Mouvement international de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge, nous sommes guides dans notre travail par sept Principes fondamentaux: humanite, impartialite, neutralite, independance, volontariat, unite et universalite. This first aid inflatable tent is not a hospital can only work at a permanent place; it is either a steel structure that occupy a large space during transportation. 2, Wanshou Street, HanTan village, Renhe Town, BaiYun Area, Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China. The inflatable first aid tent is small in pack size, easy to set up and can work at any needed places.

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