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Fire Express provides a range of signs which satisfy the requirements of all the current regulations. Our representatives will carry out a survey of your premises free of charge and will discuss this and any other sign requirements with you. While good sign design practice is important, the correct application and positioning of those signs is of equal significance in ensuring an effective signing system is in place.
It deals with the issues associated with designing a co ordinated system of signing throughout any given building.
The code stresses that it is only through the consideration of these factors that an effective design system for escape route signing can be achieved.
User friendly text and clear instructions show employees how to prevent accidents and injury and whilst maintaining a healthy working environment.

User friendly text and clear illustrations mean that all our posters are very easy to follow.
Advice on fire safety signs is available from your enforcing authority for fire safety (e.g. The size and positioning of signs within a building should form a major part of the package.
The purpose of the Directive is to encourage the standardisation of safety signs throughout the member states of the European Union so that safety signs, wherever they are seen, have the same meaning. Using these posters tin the workplace will also help to reinforce your visible commitment to safety and will be of great value in assisting trained first aiders to retain their skills. This poster shows employers and employees responsibilities with regard to fire risk assesment and evacuation.

The British Standards Institution has developed a new Code of Practice that clearly and concisely deals with all aspects of the design of an effective escape route signing system. This is our newest version of this poster, however, we have an older and cheaper version (?10.29) (still legal) in our clearance items which can be found here.

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