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Feel free to download these for Kids graphics and use them in your own fire prevention materials.
Ask students if they know what fire hazards are and if they can name things in the home that might be considered a fire hazard.
Ask students if they know why it is important to identify and correct fire hazards in the home. OPTIONAL: Instruct students to draw a home floor plan and inspect their own homes with their parents. Students will probably conclude it is important in order to prevent a fire in the home and to prevent their families from being hurt in a fire.

When the child identifies one, talk about why it could be a hazard, and what can be done to correct it. Stress that some hazards may not seem dangerous, such as overloaded extension cords, but that they could cause a fire when they least expect it. It is important that the students not touch electrical cords or electrical equipment, for example, themselves - a parent or another adult should make the necessary changes. Emphasize with your child that if they see fire hazards, they should tell you - children should not try to correct them themselves. Fire hazards are especially dangerous at night, when no one is awake to notice that a fire has started.

Electricity and fire can be dangerous things, and children should ask adults to manipulate electrical cords, electrical equipment, etc.

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