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Before the age of six, I watched as building after building burned to the ground.  I lived in the middle of what many New York City firefighters call the Arson Wars.
My mother packed a bag of essentials for my brother and I and kept it right outside our bedroom door.  I remember her waking me up in the middle of the night and grabbing the bag. I stood and watched as the men in my family sprayed the roof and sides of our home with a water hose while flames licked up nearby buildings.
The most responsible thing we can do for ourselves and our families is to be prepared.  Fire consumes.
You have a plan for your marriage, your finances, and your children, but do you have a fire safety plan? Hopefully you will never need to use it, but a few minutes of preparedness could save your life. Designate a meeting place.  When you and your family escape your house, designate a place far enough from your home to meet.
You will need to hire an electrician, but your family is worth more than a few hundred dollars. If you honestly do not have the money to hire an electrician, buy several battery operated smoke detectors and place them on each floor of your home and in each bedroom. Do not assume that because the electricity works in your home, you have no electrical problems. You should check manufacturer guidelines for specific clearance recommendations, but it is a good rule of thumb not to have furniture closer than eight inches away from baseboard heaters.

Whether your heating system is powered by electricity, oil or gas, maintain your system.  Regular maintenance will not only ensure safety, but it will also cause your heating system to work at optimal efficiency. The memories of fire from childhood are still fresh in my mind.  We are vigilant about fire safety, because we know it can happen, even to us. It is my prayer that you will take this basic reminder to educate yourselves and your family on fire safety and prevention.  If nothing else, buy a smoke alarm and change the batteries.
For other fire related posts read Baby, You Light My Fire, Fire Ignites on The Fringe, and Monday’s Mayhem. I remember those terrible fires when you were young, I too had my most precious possessions (my son’s pictures and my dog lease) in a bag by the front door. Yesterday afternoon, I was with the members of our local fire departments who conducted the Post Incident Neighborhood Intervention Program (PINIP) at Palco Place, where Sunday’s fatal fire happened. You can download the fire safety tip sheet and the fire escape plan from here and here respectively. On related matter, Marc Brady told us the investigators found no fire alarm in the house where the fatal fire occurred yesterday. In addition to installing smoke detectors, we should also have carbon monoxide detectors at our houses.
I think as suggested in above blog, for fire prevention having a proper escape plan is imporatant.
I haven’t read much about the history on the arson wars, but I can imagine that those affected were forced to learn proper fire safety.

About 15 or more fire fire fighters went door to door on Palco Pl and surrounding streets checking smoke detectors inside houses and doing free installations as needed.
I’ve recently come across a real life horror story of an entire family who narrowly escaped death by carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. And installation of smoke alarms also can help a lot, by giving advance intemation about the fire.
But if one can afford to have a fire rated doors it also add to the chances of being safe in a fire situation. The doctors told the family that had they stayed in the house for another two hours, they may have died. I’m definitely going to be thinking about this and sharing this post with my husband!! In another incident, a resident told me a carbon monoxide detector saved his tenants’ lives and alerted him about a bad boiler that he replaced.

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