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As National Hurricane Preparedness Week continues, attention is drawn to Hurricane Response: FEMA Partners and the Public Response Capabilities.
FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards. With the approaching hurricane season, FEMA is continuing to aggressively prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, coordinating across the administration while working with state, tribal and local officials to be ready and prepare their communities.
FEMA encourages all individuals, communities, local, state, tribal governments, private sector, non-governmental and faith-based organizations, congress and senate members to join the National Hurricane Preparedness Week by Making A Pledge, completing your Ready Emergency Preparedness Plan, Updating Your Emergency Kit and sharing your story. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment below or subscribe to the feed to have future articles delivered to your e-mail and get the latest Amelia Island News, business, tourist activities and videos every morning! Hurricane season in the Atlantic officially begins June 1 and runs through November 30. Listed below are some Tips on how to prepare your home, roof, siding and family in the event that a storm like a Hurricane should hit the Durham, Raleigh or your area. According to the National Hurricane Center, the two keys to weather safety are to prepare for the risks and to act on those preparations when alerted by emergency officials. An emergency supplies kit is simply a collection of items your family may need in an emergency. Having basic first aid supplies on hand better prepares you to help an injured family member or friend. Prescription medications you take every day such as insulin, heart medicine and asthma inhalers. Be sure you have adequate insurance and copies of insurance documents in a safe, waterproof container. Gather important paperwork, including copies of insurance policies, medical records, prescriptions, etc. If severe storms threaten, protect your property by covering windows with storm shutters, siding or plywood. Bring bulky or heavy objects such as lawn furniture, grills, garbage cans, tools, potted plants, etc.
Move valuable papers, jewelry and other contents to upper floors or higher elevations to keep them from flood water. If you're caught in the house by suddenly rising waters, move to the second floor and, if necessary, to the roof.
Notify your insurance company as soon as possible to file a claim and arrange a visit from an adjuster. Protect your home from further damage by making temporary repairs only, until your insurance company can advise you further. Do not have permanent repairs made until your insurance company has inspected the property and you have reached an agreement on the cost of repairs.
Unless you have extra coverage with your homeowners policy, food lost in a power outage is probably not covered. Most damage to your home or surrounding structures resulting from fallen trees is covered by your homeowners policy. Damage to your vehicles resulting from fallen trees or debris may be covered by your auto policy if you have comprehensive coverage.
After filing with FEMA, and your loss is still greater, you may file with the Small Business Administration for a loan. Keep in mind that none of these measures will ever restore your home to its original condition.
DescriptionWeatherman, Al Roker, struggles to give the weather forecast as he is hit with torrential rain and stormy winds. Please include at least one social media link or website containing a recent photo of the actor. It takes many forms, a hurricane, an earthquake, a tornado, a flood, a fire or a hazardous spill, an act of nature or an act of terrorism.
That team includes federal partners, state, tribal and local officials, the private sector, non-profits and faith-based groups, and most importantly – the general public.
You likely have most of the items around the house, so it’s just a matter of gathering them together. Learn the potential hazards for your area and know what steps to take to protect your property.
Keep sandbags away from the outside walls of your house to prevent floodwaters from reaching your house.

In case of flooding, do not touch any electrical equipment unless it is in a dry area or you are standing on a dry piece of wood while wearing rubber-soled shoes or boots and rubber gloves. Your local building inspection department has copies of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps that identify property subject to a 100-year storm frequency. If your home is uninhabitable, most homeowners policies pay additional living expenses while your property is being repaired.
Check with your agent or company before calling the tree removal service as removal costs may also be covered. The only way to protect your property from flood losses is to purchase flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program. Voice over actors: Please provide a link to your professional website containing your reel. Since Hurricane Katrina, many people are confused over the mission of FEMA and this week is a great time to discuss FEMA. Consider taking a first aid class, but simply having a first aid kit can help you stop bleeding, prevent infection and assist in decontamination.
For example, if you are in a coastal area that is prone to hurricanes and northeasters, you may want to consider keeping storm shutters or a stock of plywood around to board up windows when storms threaten. Before renting temporary shelter, check with your insurance company or agent to determine what expenses will be reimbursed. Many hurricanes are capable of generating gusts of wind powerful enough to blow down mountains or turn sand into an unbroken sheet of glass. If that were not bad enough, here in Duckburg the two biggest dangers from a hurricane are storm surges and the potential of a levee breach.
Submit your request ONCE per commercial, and allow 48 to 72 hours for your request to be processed. Store these and other important insurance papers in waterproof containers or in your safety deposit boxes. Duckburg was constructed below sea-level and those levees are the only thing holding back the fury of Poseidon.
But in case they don't, you need to be prepared for surviving a flood of toxic goop on a scale that is usually accompanied by a prophet constructing a boat full of bugs and dinosaurs. If you're a Beagle Boy you might as well just skip to the end of this because you're not really going to be able to follow most of our suggestions due to a lack of resources. Just plan on riding out the hurricane and then reverting to the barely-suppressed bestial urges that served your ancestors so well before they were brought to this country and domesticated. In the event of an impending hurricane you should do everything in your power to evacuate the area. If you are unable to evacuate, possibly because of a pressing matter concerning a magical gem and a time machine, then you should take the precautions outlined in this guide.The first thing you will want to do is familiarize yourself with Duckburg's evacuation plans, shelters and post-disaster aid stations. The main disaster shelter is the Duckburg Coliseum, but that place will be lousy with Beagle Boys so you're better off taking your chances elsewhere. Most shelters will be evacuated in a timely manner, usually four to five days following a major hurricane. You will be taken to a nearby Rescue Ranger aid station and given a medical checkup as well as food and water. If for some reason you are unable to escape to a pre-planned evacuation shelter you may face any number of concerns. In the aftermath of a major hurricane, experts predict rampant looting and mob violence as even the reformed Beagle Boys throughout the city return to their roots.
Perishables, pre-packaged food, baby formula, water, juice and televisions will be looted from stores. Nothing is safe from their depravity, not even a seemingly well-fortified vault or bin containing thousands of gold coins. In the overcrowded conditions of the Duckburg Coliseum the Beagle Boys may grow restless while waiting for evacuation and branch out into the surrounding area to loot and wreak vengeance on the surviving ducks.
With the streets inundated you will want to limit your contact with the unsanitary water found there as much as possible. If at all possible have your scatterbrained inventor associate construct some sort of battery-operated amphibious perambulator. In the event that you are forced to travel through the water be absolutely certain you have emptied your pockets of the hundreds of heavy coins you usually carry around.
In deeper waters these may drag you below the surface and at best you may swallow some of the contaminated water before you can unburden yourself.

If for some reason your no account brother has left you with his four jabbering whelps to tend to seemingly indefinitely then you may wish to loose them upon the streets at the earliest opportunity. They are more likely to be kidnapped rather than raped or slain outright by the Beagle Boys and they will only be an unwanted drain during a time when it is difficult to care for your own safety.
These be-capped nephew types are known to be quite resourceful and may even find their way back to your coiny fastness with food or at least a sub-literate prehistoric relic with the strength to hold back the untidy hoard of Beagle Boys clamoring for rescue. The wisest of ducks has made arrangements with a dunderheaded pilot who can use some manner of autogyro to pluck you and perhaps some of your kin from the rooftop of your vault. Though you are no doubt loathe to abandon your fortune to the predations of the lesser races you can take heart that if they violate your sanctum they will likely pay for it with their lives. If your sputtering buffoon of a cohort fails in even the simple task of acquiring an escape vehicle you may be able to deploy your cybernetic duck to lift you to safety. This is no fool's task as the blasted machine, though equipped with a rotor, lacks a means of countering torque. While this duck-machine spins madly perhaps your addled chauffeur can take the time from his schedule of eating tacks to lower himself on a rope and pull you into the glorious sky. FEMA knows that preparing for a disaster can be a seemingly overwhelming task, so to assist you we have prepared a checklist that you may use to organize your efforts.
This list could not possibly cover every circumstance you may encounter, but it should give you a good starting point.In the period immediately following a disaster FEMA will take a number of steps to ensure the safety of Duckburg and its citizenry. We cannot reveal all of these steps as many fall under the purview of the shadowy super-government that controls our agency, but we can offer the following:1.
Immediately after the disaster strikes FEMA will hold a press conference announcing that we will be responding to the disaster area.2.
One day later FEMA will hold a second press conference to update the media and concerned citizens on how we are progressing with our preparations for a response.3. Two days after the disaster the first FEMA teams will arrive on the scene and begin milling about or kicking rocks back and forth.4. Three days after the disaster we will receive a call from the Coast Guard asking why our helicopters and relief teams are sitting at the airport while the Coast Guard is out there busting their asses. We will hang up without answering and hold a third press conference to thank the Coast Guard and congratulate everyone for the gifts they gave us at our last Christmas party. On day four FEMA will arrive in force and begin staring intensely at pallets of bottled water and food.
Well, he can talk about the tragic destruction of Trent Lott's magnificent plantation that he bought sight-unseen on the Internet.6. When National Guard troops begin to arrive in significant numbers on day five FEMA will panic that another competing agency has approached Duckburg and we will begin randomly driving around cutting communications lines, pouring sugar into gas tanks, screaming tonelessly into every radio frequency and generally trying to confound the efforts to rescue those trapped in flooded areas.7. They will be ordered to dig a mass grave and then bury all of the stockpiles of bottled water and MREs. We will advise the National Guard and local police to lock down the city to prevent people walking out from stealing our precious hoard of bottled water.8.
Usually around day seven the media gets a bug up their ass about something and we have to start acting like we know what we're doing. We will hold a marathon press conference where we thank every person in the Washington phonebook.
Day ten and what do you know, most of the people have been evacuated by Wal*Mart and the Coast Guard.
Guess that means it's time to put in an appearance with some harebrained money handout scheme we cooked up that fails to materialize as promised.
Duckburg has sunk into the sea, 50,000 Beagle Boys are dead, the nation is heading for an economic meltdown and Sean Penn is getting better press than us. It's all in a month's work for FEMA.It may all seem like a duck-blur but stay focused amid the chaos and you should come through alright. Time to Please Reconsider the Gentle Creature Option 03-04-2016 by Gentle Creature As the presidential race descends into desperation, now is the best time to seek unity and reconsider the Gentle Creature option.

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