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Geography may have lost its luster among curriculum creators, but it remains an important consideration when planning a data center. Threats to a data center from natural disasters can be reduced depending on where the facility is located. Based on presidential disaster declarations over the last eight years, data centers as less likely to suffer service interruptions from natural disasters in the Northwest than in any other part of the country.
According to the agency, from 2000 to 2008, FEMA Region X, made up of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, had areas declared disasters by the president only 25 times. A close second to the Northwest as a relatively safe place to locate a data center is directly on the other side of the country. You don’t have to be a meteorologist, seismologist, or any other ologist to see that the frequency and intensity of natural disasters and extreme weather events seems to have significantly increased over the last few decades.
As the FEMA’s Presidential Disaster Declarations map shows, the majority of declarations have been in population and agricultural centers.
As the chart above demonstrates there has been a significant rise in the numbers of annual declared in the U.S.
Man’s hand was an obvious exacerbating factor in many of these super-sized catastrophes. While powerful forces easily discernible with the human eye seem to be making vivid news, the unseen forces may be equally turbulent on the microbial level. Whether you’re inclined to believe that the sky is falling or one of those staid believers in the ontological soundness of the status quo, you must admit that the number and strength of natural disasters in recent years raise some interesting questions.
The posts in the natural disasters category will offer more information about the various natural disasters affecting the world and attempt to answer the questions above. GeoHub is a portal of open location-based data from city departments that empowers both the public and city employees to explore, analyze and build on the data. Youths are highly enthusiastic about starting their own businesses in order to realize their dreams. Hundreds of runners and walkers gathered in the afternoon of November 8, 2015 at Ap Lei Chau for the 12th CyberRun for the Rehabilitation with the theme of “Sunset Jogging to Cyberport”. Esri China (HK) participated in the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of our long-term business partner NetCraft Information Technology (Macau) Co. Esri User Conference (Esri UC) 2015 was once again successfully held in San Diego from July 18-24.

In Esri User Conference every year, Esri presents hundreds of organizations worldwide with Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Awards. GIS professionals, users and friends who open the website of Esri China (Hong Kong) every day may have a pleasant surprise in early August. Smart City promises to enhance the quality of city living by using Information and Communication Technology and related initiatives are generating interests among different sectors in the city. The revamped Statutory Planning Portal 2 (SPP2) of Town Planning Board launched last fall has quickly become one of the most popular website providing public information.
The 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Nepal on 25 Apr 2015 has taken over 8,000 lives and injured over 19,000 people.
Esri is supporting organizations that are responding to earthquake disasters with software, data, imagery, project services, and technical support. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 2002, the Caring Company Scheme aims at cultivating good corporate citizenship. The Esri Asia Pacific User Conference (APUC) has finally returned to Hong Kong after a decade and the 10th Esri APUC was successfully held in 27-28th January 2015. This year, about 600 delegates from 20 countries of Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America descended upon the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Update 2 April 2014 (15:05 UTC) -Death toll from earthquake in Northern Chile has risen to six.
After all, no business wants to locate such a critical component to its overall mission in a place where it will be under six feet of water in six months.
When it comes to natural disasters in the United States, nobody has a better handle on them than the Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA. As we have pointed out in past blogs, one of the prevailing concerns with data centers is their massive power consumption to both run the servers and cool the data center as a whole. During the period tracked by FEMA, Region I, comprised of the New England states, had areas declared disasters by a president only 28 times.
So if a certain area has many natural disasters, then it could be assumed that had the potential for interrupting dtaa center connectivity.
Less obvious is the question of human interference in other extreme weather and natural disasters.
Epidemiologists throughout the world have been extremely concerned with signs that we’re overdue for a major global pandemic.

Subsequent posts will contain both global natural disaster statistics and stories about people whose lives have been affected by these circumstances. A daily natural disasters list (published everyday) includes details of all (almost) natural disasters occurred worldwide. FEMA Declared Disasters by Year in the United StatesQuestions and Stories Offered in Subsequent Posts in the Natural Disasters CategoryNatural Disasters. The total number of federal declared disasters from 1953 – 1981 is 649 with an about 22 per year.
Take, for instance, the 50,000 who expired due to the heat wave that descended on France, Italy and Spain, in 2003, not to mention many other parts of Europe. Over the last couple of decades, Aids, Ebola, and various types of meningitis have stamped themselves into the genetic blueprint of everyday speech. In other words, is there an observable upward trend in the power of natural disasters occurring today? The major natural disasters are linked to definite page containing update report on that disaster. Of course, those looking outside the country for a bargain could look towards Iceland for their data center, but there are concerns of natural disaster and connectivity issues, as Iceland sits atop a giant volcano. But from 1981 – 2009, the total jumps to 1232, with a yearly average a little over 42. Or the hurricanes that blasted the Southern United States climaxing with the advent of Katrina and the disaster along the Gulf Coast.
It’s become agonizingly clear, however, that the human factor did ultimately play an extremely large role in the flooding of New Orleans.
Yet scientists agree that major disturbances in the natural world and ecological balance often precede outbreaks. Census Bureau reports that as of July, 2009, there are almost 80 million people living in the most hurricane states.

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