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According to FEMA, some foods & beverages can be stored indefinitely if stored “in proper containers and conditions”.
Short-term food is usually highly processed (boxed meals) or stored in liquid (canned foods) or has high oil content (peanut butter).
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A big thank you to Charlie McGrath (crabbydogtrix) of Wide Awake News and Buy Emergency Foods.
Legacy Premium takes your family’s emergency preparedness very seriously; all Legacy freeze-dried main dish meals are wholesome and affordable. These tasty, freeze-dried meals will bulk up your supply of main dishes and keep you prepared for any emergency situation. Compare Legacy Food Storage to any other food storage company on a cost per pound basis and you will find that with Legacy you get the best value for your money!

In the vast emergency food supply market, Legacy offers the highest quality main dish options at the lowest cost per 2,000 calories. No matter what meal you choose you won’t be disappointed; each freeze-dried main dish offers a substantial amount of food and blows the rest of the emergency foods competition away. Many food storage companies can advertise low prices because they drop the calories in their meals. With Legacy Premium you know your freeze-dried food supply is protected; emergency meals are sealed in Mylar pouches and preserved in sturdy, stackable buckets. These tasty main dishes range from Cheese and Broccoli Bake to the Enchilada, Beans and Rice meal. Delicious freeze-dried meals add excitement to your food supply and boast up to a twenty-five year shelf life.
Your emergency food supply will be full of various freeze-dried main dishes that will keep you full of energy and vitality when you need it most.

My father & mother worked very hard to keep our family self reliant from government assistance. Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA has published guidelines for long-term water storage. Some people are saying we should prepare for at least 7 days, but the way things go after a hurricane, tornado .Traditional techniques. New techniques of food preservation became available to the home chef from the dawn of agriculture until the Industrial Revolution..

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