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The degree to which emergency management is effective depends heavily on the emergency planning process. FEMA’s Private Sector component coordinated with business and community leaders to publicize how survivors could access federal disaster assistance.FEMA needed to make sure the registration message reached the largest and most diverse audience possible. Many of New York’s private sector leaders stepped in by helping FEMA achieve broad reach and high visibility.The NYC Taxi Commission broadcast FEMA messaging on its taxi video screens.

In December, Madison Square Garden displayed FEMA’s registration information during seven Knicks’ home games and on electronic message boards outside the arena.
Radio City Music Hall displayed the information outside the heavily trafficked theater.To reach commuters, the Metropolitan Transit Authority placed the message in rotation on digital urban panels, located at approximately 100 subway station entrances and on five On the Go! Schools in Nassau and Suffolk counties and all boroughs of New York City helped reach thousands of students, faculty and staff.

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