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Connected Nation believes that states, communities, families, and individuals can realize great economic and social advantages when we accelerate broadband availability in underserved areas and increase broadband use in all areas, rural and urban, alike. In an effort to draw attention to the importance to these groups, Connected Nation featured some of their stories during the month of February. In 2012, Congress created FirstNet through the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act with the mandate to create a nationwide interoperable wireless broadband network that will enable police, firefighters, emergency medical service professionals, and other public safety officials to more effectively communicate and do their jobs.
Geography may have lost its luster among curriculum creators, but it remains an important consideration when planning a data center.
Threats to a data center from natural disasters can be reduced depending on where the facility is located. Based on presidential disaster declarations over the last eight years, data centers as less likely to suffer service interruptions from natural disasters in the Northwest than in any other part of the country.
According to the agency, from 2000 to 2008, FEMA Region X, made up of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, had areas declared disasters by the president only 25 times. A close second to the Northwest as a relatively safe place to locate a data center is directly on the other side of the country. Youa€™ll be hard-pressed to find a county that hasna€™t faced a disaster at one point, and FEMAa€™s new interactive tools lay that information out for the public while encouraging preparedness.

The FEMA data visualization tool breaks down how many disasters have hit each state and county, and what types of disasters were experienced.
Colin Wood has been writing for Government Technology and Emergency Management since 2010. Connected Nation and its state partners focused on how high-speed Internet can benefit public safety institutions including police departments, hospitals, and fire departments. After all, no business wants to locate such a critical component to its overall mission in a place where it will be under six feet of water in six months.
When it comes to natural disasters in the United States, nobody has a better handle on them than the Federal Emergency Management Agency, also known as FEMA.
As we have pointed out in past blogs, one of the prevailing concerns with data centers is their massive power consumption to both run the servers and cool the data center as a whole. During the period tracked by FEMA, Region I, comprised of the New England states, had areas declared disasters by a president only 28 times.
So if a certain area has many natural disasters, then it could be assumed that had the potential for interrupting dtaa center connectivity. FEMA's new data visualization tool lets people explore historic federal disaster declarations by state, county, hazard and year.

And on June 11, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) took a large step forward in its own open data efforts by releasing a new data visualization tool that allows the average person to answer questions about his or her region’s history of natural and man-made disasters.
The tool has graphs and charts demonstrating financial costs associated with the events, along with links to FEMA resources that encourage disaster preparation.
The agency first published the tool in spring in beta form, without all of its features, before the official full release on June 11.
But now that the tool is public, the agency hopes that when people see that disasters happen where they live and everywhere else, it will spur them to action. Of course, those looking outside the country for a bargain could look towards Iceland for their data center, but there are concerns of natural disaster and connectivity issues, as Iceland sits atop a giant volcano.

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