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In partnership with FEMA’s innovation team, frog developed concepts that empower locals to begin the recovery process before FEMA arrives on the scene. In the hours after a disaster, when information is scarce and services stretched thin, families and neighbors quickly band together to help those in need.
To kickstart the Community DRC initiative, FEMA partners with national franchises and local organizations to establish locations and guidelines for community-run relief centers. Paired with the Virtual DRC, a tablet that streamlines registration and information distribution, the Community DRC centralizes the ground-up disaster response to connect local groups and address needs as quickly as possible.
FEMA Contract Registration, announces that the first installment, $5.4 billion, of the $51 billion aid package signed by President Obama for Hurricane Sandy, has been released. This is the fastest allocation of emergency funds in United States history and the funds will be spent to repairing homes and helping damaged businesses. FEMA Contract RegistrationNeed assistance with your FEMA Registration, SAM Registration, or license compliance issues?

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. FEMA's Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) provide vital information and services to get locals through a disaster, but they are established only when federal aid is deployed -- often days or weeks after an event. Private sector partnerships provide instant scale, putting a “DRC on every corner” through storefronts across the US. In the wake of a disaster, the Marshall works quickly to determine whether the DRC site is safe to inhabit. FEMA needs contractors, engineers, environmental and disaster recovery type of companies now. To bridge this gap between community response and government action, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and frog partnered to rethink the mechanics of formal disaster response by building on the natural human instinct to help. Each participating neighborhood selects a Community DRC Marshall, who will serve as a single point of contact for FEMA and ensure that the DRC location is properly equipped.

A FEMA toolkit, stored at the DRC site, contains recommendations and materials for way-finding, layout, management structure and information flow to guide the Marshall through deployment. Frog delivered a playbook that describes how a community-run DRC can be staged and deployed before FEMA's arrives on the scene. As the recovery process unfolds, the centers evolve to become a hub for government recovery efforts as well.

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