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The enormous amount of detainment camps being constructed by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) continue to grow, helping erase any lingering doubt that our governments are preparing for emergencies related to either earth-changing weather conditions, mass civil unrest, or possibly even an apocalyptic nuclear strike. Door gebruik te maken van deze website gaat u akkoord met het gebruik van cookies op de website gewoon-nieuws.nl.
Op de website van de NOS is vandaag een bericht verschenen waarin melding wordt gemaakt van een onderschept gesprek tussen belangrijke leden van al-Qaida. Het Amerikaanse ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken besloot donderdag om ambassades en consulaten in het Midden-Oosten en in Noord-Afrika te sluiten in verband met de dreiging van aanslagen. Volgens de NY Times onderscheppen Amerikaanse inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten niet vaak gesprekken tussen belangrijke al-Qaida-leden over operaties van de terreurgroep. Het belang van de onderschepte berichten werd onderstreept door een boodschap van al-Qaida-leider al-Zawhari, die deze week op internet werd geplaatst. De waarschuwing die het Amerikaanse ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken heeft doen uitgaan, moet volgens ons toch op zijn minst ernstig in twijfel worden getrokken.
Binnen enkele uren na de aanslagen op de Twin Towers in New York en het Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia nabij Washington kon de Amerikaanse regering de rest van de wereld al meedelen dat deze aanslagen het werk was van de terreurgroep al-Qaida, onder leiding van ene Osama Bin Laden. Tot ons in Europa dringt het niet zo door, maar in de VS zijn er wel degelijk invloedrijke mensen die waarschuwen en protesteren tegen het afglijden richting de dictatuur.
En als je daarna echt de proef op de som wil nemen, stop eens een maand of wat met tv en het normale nieuws te bekijken, en bekijk daarna weer eens een normale tv avond.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security, initially created by Presidential Order on April 1, 1979.
The most recent notable example of FEMA’s ability to manage emergencies was their apparent general incompetence, in regards to the Katrina response.
Although FEMA was not directly involved in the house to house gun confiscation, or the deliberate destruction of at least one levee, they are the ones calling the shots on scene.
One of the little known aspects inside all the secrecy surrounding The vile National ID Card, the HOMELAND Security Act, and the shadowy FEMA camps that many believe are about to be used-concerns the other master criminals that Cheney-Bush hired to ensure that Americans will become as completely controlled a population, as were the people of Communist East Germany or the old USSR.
Controversy arose over a September 8 city-wide order by New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass to local police, National Guard troops, and US Marshals to confiscate all civilian-held firearms. Seizures were carried out without warrant, and in some cases with excessive force; one instance captured on film involved 58 year old New Orleans resident Patricia Konie. Angered citizens, backed by the National Rifle Association and other organizations, filed protests over the constitutionality of such an order and the difficulty in tracking seizures, as paperwork was rarely filed during the searches. Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, Congress passed the Homeland Security Act of 2002, which created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to better coordinate among the different federal agencies that deal with law enforcement, disaster preparedness and recovery, border protection and civil defense. That last sentence is very important to tie in the historical basis for the FEMA camp story, it is almost a direct quote from REX84 Operation Cable Splicer.
REX-84 and Night Train 84, were drafted and run by FEMA’s contact person with the National Security Agency, one Lt. Oliver North won’t go to prison even though he lied to Congress, shredded White House documents and accepted a $14,000 security fence from an Iran-contra arms profiteer. The Rex-84 Alpha Explan (Readiness Exercise 1984, Exercise Plan; otherwise known as a continuity of government plan), indicates that FEMA in association with 34 other federal civil departments and agencies, along with other NATO nations, conducted a civil readiness exercise during April 5-13, 1984. Operation Cable Splicer is “the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. ICE Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S.
If any civil disturbance by a resistance group, religious organization, or other persons considered to be non-conformist takes place, under Appendix 3 to Annex B of Plan 55-2 hereby gives all Federal forces total power over the situation if local and state authorities cannot put down said dissenters. Annex A, section B of Operation Garden Plot defines tax protesters, militia groups, religious cults, and general anti-government dissenters as Disruptive Elements. If passed this legislation would allow the DHS to establish national emergency centers on military installations.
Federal emergency planning consists of taking it’s problems and moving them into nice facilities. The similarities between the social and economic situation in the 1990s to the current situation are a growing concern to the DHS. Their actions were fueled by fear of tighter gun control, free trade with Mexico, and the decline of morality.
These same issues are becoming even more of a concern for these groups, as the current world state is bringing them to the culmination of their conspiracies. Ironically by attempting to disprove what they consider conspiracy theories, they have confirmed their position. Complaints and demands for a retraction and an apology are flooding CNN today after Neo-Con host Glenn Beck and ex-Marxist David Horowitz smeared Ron Paul supporters, libertarians and the anti-war left as terrorist sympathizers and inferred that the U.S. Popular mechanics has already stuck its neck out once before in an attempt to debunk theories. Despite admitting that they haven’t deeply researched the issue, Meigs makes it clear that they have already decided it “isn’t true” – proving once again that the whole process isn’t about really getting to the bottom of the issue, it’s about debunking a perfectly provable fact by means of strawman tactics and deceitful reasoning.
The woman who made this video initially claimed that it’s some kind of American Auschwitz. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (voice-over): In yet another fenced area, we see a large warehouse building at the end with the electronic turnstiles in front of it. MEIGS: And yet, at one point, even many of her fellow people in the militia movement started to move away from her a little bit when she recommended are that some of her followers should march on Washington and start executing senators. It has been nearly 10 years since Oklahoma City’s Murrah building was blown apart one quiet April morning.
After touching on this camp, the host begins to prepare his defense against the personal attacks that would surely follow such a failure to report the truth. What’s frightening about the conspiracy theorists is that they really have already made up their minds in a lot of cases.
MEIGS: And you could see how people are searching to make these conspiracies get bigger and bigger. As I see it, it is a combination of you have access to photos, information, easy to make videos, easy to make things look real. Skepticism means asking questions, listening to the answers, approaching the facts with good faith. Born out of a small research program in 1939, the Manhattan Project eventually employed more than 130,000 people and cost nearly $2 billion USD ($24 billion in 2008 dollars based on CPI).
More recent then the Manhattan Project, I remember when area-51 was still a conspiracy theory. That seems to be as far as the Beck interview about the FEMA camps went, after debunking only two of the alleged sites they change the subject. The black polypropylene products purported to be coffins are grave liners, or burial vaults, manufactured by Convington, Ga.-based Vantage Products. After going over the coffin liners they finally bother to mention some history, and then tie it into the X-Files, again an attempt to discredit even valid information by associating it with science fiction.
What he says in this context makes perfect sense, but the failure here is to actually look at what has come to pass in the 47 years. According to Bruce Ackerman, Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale Law School, “The question of whether executive power could be abused so as to act inconsistently with the law has been a central constitutional concern for years.
The idea of the government seizing all the nation’s farmland or forcing Americans into labor camps is without basis—except in Hollywood. The Lone Gunmen, a spin-off of the popular series The X-Files, was a television show that aired on FOX, featuring the characters of the same name. The debut of the show in March 2001, began with Byers’ father faking his death to uncover a conspiracy to hijack an airliner. One retrospectively interesting aspect of this pilot episode is that the airliner has been hijacked (via remote control of the plane’s autopilot) and, by the end, both Byers and his father have boarded the plane to try to stop the hijacking. There over 600 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners.
Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are the two sub programs which will be implemented once the Rex 84 program is initiated for its proper purpose.
The camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities. Over the last couple months several of us have investigated three soon-to-be prison camps in the Southern California area.
Adjutant General for the Louisiana National Guard, said that the number of people taking shelter in the Superdome rose to around 15,000 to 20,000 as search and rescue teams brought more people to the Superdome from areas hit hard by the flooding. It is not operating as a prison at the moment but is masquerading as part of a water facility.
The area around the Water Department has fences pointing outward, to keep people out of this dangerous area so as not to drown.
There are also signs posted every 50 feet stating: State of California Trespassing Loitering Forbidden By Law Section 555 California Penal Code. The sign at the entrance says: Pearblossom Operations and Maintenance Subcenter Receiving Department, 34534 116th Street East. We didn’t venture into this facility, but did circle around it to see if there was anything else visible from the road. There is a rail line somewhat nearby, and sure I suppose you could fit 100,000 people in the desert, but there doesn’t seem to be much there in the way of containing them. This is most likely what the curious area looks like, for some reason the image that is supposed to be the most recent on Google earth is older. From the parking lot of the Odyssey Restaurant a better view could be taken of the area that was hidden from site from the highway.
This is the only area I can see where from a distance one might mistake these objects for box cars. As a former Marine, I find the part about the Marine Drill Instructor very hard to believe. In addition to that, the original source seems to be from an e-mail, the sort that most intelligent people delete.
Responding to the earlier bill, then Congressman Ron Paul said the legislation would be used to incarcerate Americans following the establishment of martial law. In the years leading up to FEMA concentration camp legislation, the government prepared for the eventuality of civil and political unrest. Rex 84, Operation Garden Plot, Operation Cable Splicer, and a flurry of executive orders issued over the years have established the framework for concentration camps.
Add to this the Pentagon’s Civilian Inmate Labor Program, provided by Army Regulation 210-35, that establishes labor programs and prison camps on Army installations. The government is determined to keep information about its FEMA concentration camps as secret as possible. But its reintroduction earlier this year reveals a sincere desire on the part of the establishment to put a martial law detention infrastructure in place, especially now as the economy continues is danse macabre and the prospect of revolution grows within the United States.
Dat is de reden dat de VS ambassades en consulaten sluit en Amerikanen wereldwijd heeft gewaarschuwd voor mogelijke aanslagen, meldt de New York Times. Volgens een anonieme Amerikaanse functionaris die de inhoud kent, waren de gesprekken veel meer dan het gebruikelijke gebabbel. De hindernissen die hiervoor genomen moeten worden liggen in de USA iets ingewikkelder dan in de EU.
Officieel heet het dat deze kampen (Fema Camps) zijn gebouwd voor de opvang van de bevolking in het geval van natuurrampen of andere catastrofale calamiteiten. De gevolgen van deze aanslagen waren voor iedere burger op deze planeet op de een of andere manier voelbaar.

De Amerikaanse regering deed vandaag een waarschuwing uitgaan voor de mogelijkheid van terroristische aanslagen door al-Qaida op Amerikaanse doelen in het Midden-Oosten en Noord Afrika, welke later uitgebreid werd tot Amerikaanse doelen wereldwijd. Het moeilijke is, men wil juist dat mensen in opstand komen, want ook dat is een reden om weer iets te bestrijden. Zoals Illuminati Exposed Media op Facebook, The Project to Restore America van Porter Stansberry en het hoog in aanzien staande Casey Research. Terwijl wij alle reden hebben om net zo alert te zijn en te protesteren tegen beperkingen van rechten en vrijheden. Eerst de mensen de stuipen op het lijf jagen met bezuinigingen, dan de belastingen verhogen en vervolgens oproepen om nu toch alsjeblieft geld uit te gaan geven.
The primary purpose of FEMA is to coordinate the response to a disaster that has occurred in the United States and that overwhelms the resources of local and state authorities. I personally know modern day hippies that were more prepared and well organized that FEMA deputized them as a location to receive aid. As a result of FEMA’s response their director Brown did resign as head of FEMA, and pointed to the DHS in sharing the responsibility.
Their job was to render the population defenses during a dangerous time when being able to protect your family and property was crucial. His actions in Katrina lead to a lawsuit, injunction and eventually a temporary restraining order against the gun-grabbing.
It was conducted in coordination and simultaneously with a Joint Chiefs exercise, Night Train 84, a worldwide military command post exercise (including Continental U.S. This direct support of civil disturbance control operations is to be used by the Army, USAF, Navy, and Marine Corp. This calls for the deadly force to be used against any extremist or dissident perpetrating any and all forms of civil disorder.
25, this program serves to cement people to relationships between the citizens of the United States, and the global military of the UN establishments of the emerging democracies of Central and Eastern European countries. Emerging threats include militants, right-wing extremists, white-supremacists, and maybe someone you know who is stockpiling food just in case they don’t want to depend on Homeland Security to take care of them in an emergency. Back then there was a growth in violent acts from the groups against government facilities, law enforcement officers, and infrastructure sectors. Constitution, and the creation of citizen detention camps often incorporate aspects of a failed economy.
It provides no footnotes to source its many assertions, and despite the scores of experts listed in its final section the article cites only a handful of them, and mostly to refute its straw-man claims. You know, you can’t go and visit every one of the 600 sites that some of these conspiracy theorists claim.
If I found someone on the internet that claimed the moon was really made of cheese, and spent five minutes going over how they were wrong, have I really done any debunking? So initially, they had some old buildings that were boarded up that have since been knocked down. But like so many of these conspiracy theories, it gets re-cut and re-edited and circulated around the Internet. The turnstiles were just ordinary subway turnstiles, familiar to anybody who’s ridden subways in New York.
This is the militia movement that — what’s his name — Timothy McVeigh was involved with? Contrary to news reports, the persons found guilty and sentenced for the Murrah bombing atrocity could not have been solely responsible.
The name of the made-up facility, “Swift Luck Greens,” is an anagram for “Left Wing Suckers”. Somebody went in and pulled these photos off their Web site, slapped the Department of Homeland Security logo on it and claimed that these are on American soil.
And in fact, one of the functions they train them for is handling prisoners of war in a battle zone like Iraq. And there is no filter on the Internet, so people can just say and do whatever they want, which is fine with me. And this goes back to the 19th century, suspicion about different groups and plots and conspiracies of all sorts. It resulted in the creation of multiple production and research sites that operated in secret. So it is very possible for the government to carry out secret domestic operations, even when they involve the creation of the largest building in the world. They have mentioned no truth at all, they have only destroyed straw men to get ratings and sell subscriptions. The failure is to look at what is happening now in relation to the executive orders, and to look at the people those orders give the ultimate power too.
But the question in this case is whether it’s right to look at 47-year-old executive orders without studying what came after them. The show first aired in March 2001 and, despite good reviews, was canceled due to a drop in ratings.
Through the aid of the other Gunmen, they are able to regain control of the plane and just miss crashing into the World Trade Center with the airliner. Colonel North was alleged to participate in organizing the transportation of cocaine and marijuana from the various sites in Central and South America into the United States as a means of funding the Contra rebels.
The plane belonged to the Miami-based company Vortex, which is run by Michael Palmer, one of the largest marijuana traffickers in the United States. Angola prison a true forced labor camp, has five thousand inmates and is one of the largest in the U.S. During Katrina, officials set up security checkpoints, and confiscated alcohol, weapons, and illicit drugs from those seeking refuge in the building.
Now why would there be a facility of this nature out in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no prisoners? Again, from the photos available to the public, there is no facility across from 34534 116th Street East, Palmdale, CA. Due to the limitation of satellite imagery, it is difficult to determine if this is a concrete area, or the roof of some building. Again, the area around the actual Water District had fences logically pointing out (to keep people out of the dangerous area). 645 followed up on a number of significant events, including the stationing of active duty military personnel inside the U.S. Signaling that the effort was not sidelined or mothballed, in January 2006, Kellogg, Brown and Root reported that they had received a contract from the Department of Homeland Security to expand these internment camps. This was demonstrated in December, 2010, when TruTV inexplicably pulled an episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory dealing with FEMA camps and fusion centers. In de onderschepte berichten worden aanslagen op Amerikaanse doelen in het Midden-Oosten en Noord-Afrika besproken, hebben Amerikaanse functionarissen tegen de krant gezegd”. Dit is een weloverwogen beslissing geweest die niets te maken heeft met de zogenaamde wens van de Amerikanen om met wapens te mogen  zwaaien. In de eerste plaats is de bevolking van de EU niet gewapend, dus zijn massale opstanden in de EU makkelijker neer te slaan dan in de USA.
Het opvallende aan deze kampen is dat ze routing technisch zo gebouwd zijn dat je er makkelijk kunt binnenkomen, maar eenmaal binnen kom je er zonder medewerking met geen mogelijkheid meer uit. Terwijl tegelijkertijd dezelfde Amerikaanse regering dezelfde al-Qaida terroristen voorzien van zware wapens om president Assad van Syrie om zeep te kunnen helpen.
De bloed doordrenkte geschiedenis van Europa toont aan wat de risico’s zijn als politici teveel handelingsvrijheid hebben. Dat er in de USA kwalijke tendensen bezig zijn mbt mensenrechten (patriot act, guantanamo, de NSA en haar PRISM…) onder het mom van the war on terror is zeker waar. The governor of the state in which the disaster occurs must declare a state of emergency and formally request from the president that FEMA and the federal government respond to the disaster. Homeland Security director Micheal Chertoff lies about his departments prior knowledge leading up to the event, and mentions the levees breaking. A group of police entered the house, and when she refused to surrender her revolver, she was tackled and it was removed by force. As a result, FEMA became part of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate of Department of Homeland Security, and employs more than 2,600 full time employees.
Even a brief imprisonment might have inspired more public officials to comply with the law and legitimate inquiries from Congress.
The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Federal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation.
This puts all of our National Guardsmen under the direct jurisdiction of the United Nations.
These emergency centers save the trouble of building camps by using existing infrastructure for our own good.
They investigated the conspiracy theories, without bothering to do any legitimate research. I was watching the news live when the Oklahoma city bombing reports started coming in, and I vividly remember people on the scene talking about multiple explosions. Where they are forced to shine the light in forbidden places, exposing things they have trained their minds to ignore. First of all, do you believe — because I don’t think we should set out in anything to debunk it or to prove it right. But every time you knock down a certain fact that someone is claiming, they have to expand the conspiracy.
So the media and Washington and everything else has so disenfranchised people they don’t believe that anymore. It seems clandestine operations can be carried out on American soil under the noses of the people, and off the official books.
This includes you and your possessions, both of which can be forced into some service such as labor. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States. Jokes aside, obviously these facilities would require more then one employee, assuming they had four people who each were working twelve hour shifts seven days a week that would be twenty-four hundred people.
Congressional records show North was tasked with finding funding “outside the CIA” after the Boland Amendment cut off funding for the Contras in October, 1984. Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. I find it hard to believe that secret prisons exist that can hold twenty thousand people in humane conditions. The fences that run for miles around this large facility all point inward, and there are large mounds of dirt and dry moat surrounding the central area so the inside area is not visible from the road. And the rest of the adjacent area which went on for several miles was ringed with fences and barbed wire facing inward (to keep what or who in?) Also, interesting was the fact that the addition to the tops of the fences were fairly new as to not even contain any sign of rust on them. Would have been only a few years old at the time the story was reported, and so the surrounding fence would have still been new looking. We had heard that loads of railroad cars have been manufactured in Oregon outfitted with shackles.
In de tweede plaats is de Europese Unie in feite al een dictatuur omdat de EU-regering niet door de bevolking wordt gekozen maar, net als voorheen in de Sovjet Unie, door een soort Polit Bureau wordt aangesteld. Ook de enorme omvang van deze kampen, het grote aantal en de verspreiding over het hele land doen vergelijkingen oproepen met de nazi concentratiekampen in de Tweede Wereld Oorlog.

Iedere reizende burger op aarde werd geconfronteerd met enorme  beperkingen, lange wachttijden, extreme fouillering, body scans enz..
De vraag is hoe we dat het beste tegemoet kunnen treden om tot de gewenste veranderingen te komen.
Zij komen met overstelpend bewijs voor een inside job en verwerken dat in een youtube video waaraan zelfs FOX News aandacht besteedde.
Zoals terecht opgemerkt in het artikel: de EU is geen democratie, het is een ondoorzichtige oncontroleerbare symbiose van politici, bureaucraten en lobbyisten. FEMA also provides these services for territories of the United States, such as Puerto Rico. It is possible the did not know they had been intentionally destroyed by the Army Corps of engineers, flooding the 9th ward to save the more valuable real estate.
In time of crisis the National Guard will come in and relieve the people of their right to bear arms. Konie’s shoulder was fractured, and she was taken into police custody for failing to surrender her firearm Even National Guard troops, armed with assault rifles, were used for house to house searches, seizing firearms and attempting to get those remaining in the city to leave. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana issued a restraining order to bar further firearms confiscations. I felt it was worth mentioning how the agency handles emergencies, with specific regards towards the general population. In the combined exercise, Rex-84 Bravo, FEMA and DOD led the other federal agencies and departments, including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Secret Service, the Treasury, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Veterans Administration through a gaming exercise to test military assistance in civil defense.
This is to include control communications systems, aeromedical evacuation, helicopter and Weather Support Systems. What sort of emergency where the existing measures could warrant an international response?
Many people overextended themselves and have left their homes for the shelter of tents, which has caused tent cities to pop up around America. Now the creation of citizen camps which are being used to house victims of a failed economy. It is no stretch of the mind to consider a large number of people could be involved in some sort of operation when compartmentalized and working on only one tiny aspect of it. According to company Vice President of Operations Michael Lacey, there are approximately 50,000 vaults in storage in Madison. Ackerman is excellent at pandering, after all he must get cited so often for saying what the media wants the people to hear. Should I presume the FEMA camp stories imply Nazi style concentration camp conditions, with rows of cramped barracks? Additionally if you look at the sat image there are no structures directly across from the water facility.
If you look at the area image, his object is the same size as the baseball field in the park.
Within the grounds was a huge building that the guard said was a training range for policemen.
It’s a police training facility in California, of course there is going to be a higher number of police vehicles in the area. There may be a few reserve detachments there, but I am having my doubts about any real Marine presence there. Alle Amerikaanse burgers raakten hun vrijheid en rechtsbescherming kwijt door de invoering van de Patriot Act waardoor de overheid het recht kreeg om iedere burger zonder enige vorm van proces of tussenkomst van de rechtelijke macht op te kunnen pakken en voor onbepaalde tijd op te sluiten in de gevangenis.
En de stelling dat in Europa de fundamentele rechten van burgers aan banden worden gelegd kan niet onjuister zijn.
The only exception is when an emergency or disaster occurs on federal property or to a federal asset, for example, the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. For your own protection FEMA will be right behind them ready to usher the people off to some sort of comfortable emergency relocation facility. If the government can use social and economic disasters to their advantage, why would they not do the same with natural disasters? North escapes prison largely because he still will not acknowledge that what he did was a crime and a perversion of public service. Consider a major catastrophic event on a nation wide scale, something many times more devastating then Katrina. Meanwhile south of the border Mexico is dripping with blood, 5,000 drug murders in 2008, and  martial law is in effect to battle the cartels.
And more than 15 years ago, they upgraded them to gas heat so they could work on the trains. Remembering the lies about the Oklahoma city bombing I knew when I saw those two buildings implode the planes had as much to do with the collapse of the towers as the box truck had to do with the damage of the federal building in Oklahoma City. It is a National Guard base, which does have prison facilities for training military police in war-time prisoner handling. Though the only reporting done was investigation of a small disprovable fractions of the whole story. Most searching will come up with this same claim which seems to have been passed around the internet for more or less ten years.
If you include obvious costs of maintenance, insurance, utilities, public relations, and whatever else sort of overhead, then it adds up to be a fairly expensive operation.
On a personal note I used to live near Mena, Arkansas, and the locals all know about the Cocaine Importation Agency’s operations. The Alaskan facility is a massive mental health facility and can hold approximately 2 million people. Perhaps they imply the people are merely caged up like animals in a stock yard and left exposed to the elements.
Curiously the image of the alleged location of the Alaskan FEMA CAMP has not been updated since 2002, and low altitude images of that locations are unavailable.
Off in the distance you might have noticed some strange gray shapes, these are part of Edwards Air Force Base, which just to the north. It looks like there is a dry reservoir and around that a fence which prevents traffic from entering that area.
If anyone has more information on this or even better can go photograph it in person, please post something in the comments and I will update this article. There were newly constructed roads, new gray military looking buildings, and a landing strip. Het zal voor de overheid namelijk een stuk eenvoudiger zijn om een totalitair en dictatoriaal bewind in te voeren over een bevolking die niet gewapend is dan over een bevolking die dat wel is.
Ik studeer rechten en ik kan u verzekeren dat nog nooit in de geschiedenis van deze planeet de rechten der burgers tav hun overheid zo sterk gebetonneerd waren als in de huidige Europese context. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, or the Space Shuttle Columbia in the 2003 return-flight disaster. Or perhaps FEMA’s actions reflect they are preparing for a different sort of emergency. Maybe we can hope KBR lobbies against the bill so they continue to receive tax-payer money to build shiny new camps, which will take much longer but at least future detainees will have modern facilities.
I won’t suggest the location in Beach Grove is anything other then an Amtrak repair facility. On the other hand I am finding it hard to believe there are hundreds of massive FEMA camps all over the United States that are staffed and not in operation. I find it doubtful if a segment of the population was rounded up and interned in these supposed death camps, there would be any chance of even a paupers burial.
Furthermore, Lacey has said the company maintains detailed records of product ownership and is audited annually, to insure all vaults are accounted for.
I would estimate that maintaining these camps would cost a billion of dollar a year in operations, maintenance, utilities, and so on. I’m sure for reasons of national security many images in this area are out of date or altered due to the presence of the military installation.
We observed white vans patrolling the area and one came out and greeted us with a friendly wave and followed us until we had driven safely beyond the area.
Perhaps the military train and other military equipment at the site is not remarkable because Amtrak itself is a government-owned corporation. In the end they make themselves look even more foolish by discussing the JFK assassination, another event that changed the world where the official story does not fit the facts.
The typical site has the exact same text, it covers the executive orders, and then goes into the story of Terry Kings. If we imagine that is just one flight on one day, and not include any other sources of clandestine income, that comes out to be over one-hundred billion dollars a year on the black budget.
Actually according to Meigs they are the conspiracy theorists because they went into this investigation with a world view where FEMA camps could not exist, and ignored the facts. What this means is they get money from other clandestine operations such as the CIA’s cocaine smuggling operation, for which no public records are maintained. Though what do you want to bet that Glenn Beck and Popular Mechanics wouldn’t want to touch this story with a ten-foot-pole. De partijen die tot een coalitie kunnen komen duiden vervolgens mensen aan die de ministerposten mogen bekleden. Could it be they know they can not count on American troops to fire on the people they are trained to protect?
Om de boel nu te redden wordt de koopkracht van ons geld kapot gemaakt, moet de belasting omhoog en kunnen pensioenfondsen door de kunstmatig laag gehouden rente niet aan hun verplichtingen voldoen. De meeste macht binnen de EU ligt trouwens bij de Europese Raad, de Raden van Ministers en in mindere mate het Parlement. I’m sure those who feel no bond toward the people of the US would have much less of a problem with that. The list of supposed FEMA camps has a number of old POW camps that did exist on US soil that a have possibly been recommissioned. 600 (or maybe 400, or 800) camps in the US, which is then confirmed by an alleged eye-witness account. De enorme verkwistingen, niet in de laatste plaats vanwege het vergaderen in Brussel en in Straatsburg.
Deze instanties worden bezet door democratisch verkozen politici; onrechtstreeks bij de raden (via de nationale verkiezingen), rechtstreeks bij het Parlement door de Europese verkiezingen.
Monsanto kon er recent toch in slagen alle rechten op het kweken van broccoli te bemachtigen.
Ja, een beetje, het Parlement zou veel meer macht mogen hebben tav de Raden, want deze laatsten vormen slechts een verkapte democratie. Maar hervormingen die tot meer macht van het parlement moeten leiden werden in het verleden vooral afgeremd door net de eurosceptici en de door ons verkozen nationale regeringsleiders. The new proposed legislation would utilize existing military installations for such things.

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