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Faraday Shield A common conductor connection at one end to provide electrostatic shielding without effecting electromagnetic waves.
A common Faraday Shield connection is also formed with a shielded cable inter-connecting between two different equipment chassis. You must be connected to the Internet the first time you view this simulation, at which point the codebase for all the simulations will be downloaded to your computer. The Faraday Shield is formed by the cable shield, while the inner conductor connects both electronic chassis to transmit signals.

This graphic shows the case of a transformer connected as a Faraday Shield between to two windings of the primary and secondary.
The cable shield is only terminated or connected to one of the chassis while the other end of the cable shield is left unterminated. We are off to a good start but need a lot more folks to help by claiming a shield for only $99.
Without your pledges, Robyn and I will not be able to afford to have these produced in quantity!

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