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The goal of Family Survival Society is to ensure that you have all the skills and knowledge you’ll ever need to keep your family safe and secure no matter what’s going on in this crazy country of ours!
Simply log into your private members-only website by entering your username and password in the form to the right. Of course, the Family Survival Course doesn’t just prepare you for economic collapse. Several decades of research and experience are crammed into the Long-Term Family Survival Course, including life-saving information that most survival guides completely neglect.
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Affiliate DisclosureIf you click on one of our links and make a purchase, we will receive a commission payment. About UsAt Zornes Marketing we purchase and study popular digital products so we can offer people exclusive previews. Description : The Family Survival System helps your family to survive in a worst condition. This entry was posted by BenDiscount on September 30, 2013 at 3:44 am, and is filed under Self - Help. There are basically seven types of gear that you should have in your SHTF bag BOB or bug out bag. Aside from these, the following miscellaneous items should be added to your SHTF bag go kit as well: items for hygiene (toothbrush, soap, wet wipes), compass, and maps. Family vacations are a great time for bonding with each other but remember to be prepared for emergencies and bring family survival kits with you. If you live in California where fires and earthquakes are prevalent, your survival kit should contain items such as balms or salves for burns and tourniquet supplies for fractures sustained from earth tremors.
Aside from the fundamentals of food and water, medications and means of communication are considered basics as well. A disaster-preparedness plan with simple instructions should be known to every family member, and contact details of the police and fire departments, hospitals or any protective or emergency services providers should be posted in an area which is accessible and visible to all. Disasters and calamities don’t make arrival announcements, but they do make their respective presences felt in life-threatening fashion.
Do a checklist that includes water supply, food, clothing and beddings, tools and gadgets, emergency supplies and family survival gear now, when the weather is sunny and the tides are low, not when the skies turn gray and the water comes in waves the height of a mid-rise condominium. The best family survival kits should include family documents in portable and waterproof storage.
In cases wherein evacuation is the only option available, however, such as the July 13, 1977 New York City electricity blackout, a power outrage eve survival guide is essential to be informed of procedures to undertake in cases of looting and arson.
Perhaps you are thinking that there is no difference between an ordinary shovel and a survival shovel. You might think that an ordinary shovel can also be used as an ordinary shovel; again, you are partly right.
You might have the impression that a survival shovel is only good for digging and similar tasks. Bushcraft gear is the collective term for the items or tools used in the wilderness skill called bushcraft.
Bushcraft is a term that came from the Bush Tucker men in Australia, who are experts in living and surviving in the wild outback of that country.  This term was popularized in the Western world by outdoorsmen from the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa. Since a bushcraft gear is designed to be used in the outdoors, it will naturally include not just one, but several items. Another important survival gear that you need to take with you in the outback is a sharp axe. When you are out trekking or hiking for a number of days, the most efficient way you can carry all the essential things you need is by using a bug out bag backpack. This backpack is designed for strength and durability that is why it is more expensive than the ordinary backpack.
This bag has inner and outer compartments so you can separate the items you will put in them. Survival Gear – these are the essential tools that you will need for trail blazing, cooking and keeping warm. The prices of these backpacks are generally higher than the usual backpacks for obvious reasons.
Based on today’s dire world events, extreme weather conditions and similar things, it will not be unusual for a household to think about making their own homemade survival kit. It is better if you could list the specific homemade survival gear that you will include in these general categories.
If you have college student in the family, they should also be given homemade college survival kit. Every survival kit just has to have a buck survival knife because of its versatility in several kinds of environments. Then again, there are knives designed specifically to cut rope, twine and corrugated boxes like a buck 184 knife.
Some designs of these knives have blade holes and thumb studs for convenient use by one hand, while others have the same one-hand opening and closing feature. Ownership of a buck survival knife buckmaster gadget is having a product that stretches over a century of fine craftsmanship.
When buying a survival knife, consider the purpose for which it has been particularly designed. And while you’re shopping for your knife, do ask them if they customize, and if they do, you’re all the better for it. Being alone in the wild is difficult as you watch over and protect yourself, but what is harder is waiting for rescue when there seems to be no one out there, and in instances like this, you need the best survival radio to help you get help during the toughest situations. The help best survival radio communications systems may provide during times emergency are priceless because it may mean life and death for you. When powers are out and batteries are dead drained and you need to hear news about an upcoming dangerous weather but you are stranded in the middle of a disaster, the best survival radio might just save you and get you planning ahead of time.
One can get a ham radio for a fairly cheap price, and some new ham radios may cost hundreds to several thousands of dollars. The help best survival radio sets may provide during an emergency or a disaster is unparalleled. There are certain elements that you need to see in a backpack for it to be considered the best bug out bag backpack. You should be able to stack the bag with the essential food supplies that you need while you’re outdoors. In times like this you might think that a zombie bug out bag is the craziest thing to work on but you just never know what could happen. Your zombie survival bag should contain everything you need to survive but you also want to make sure they are convenient to use and dispose of.
These are the essential zombie bug out bag contents but in the event of a real zombie apocalypse there is one thing you will need the most: a bug out bag firearm like a small pistol or even a hunting rifle. Now of course none of these will be of any use until you find the best zombie bug out bag for sale. 20 Facts About Wal-Mart That Will Absolutely Shock YouUSA work force cannot compete economically with $1.00 per hour, it's below starvation level. But luckily there are other ways in securing a perimeter, and they’re far less expensive than advanced military technology.
When you can complete the actions written in the checklists, Frank Mitchell believes that you are ready to survive from that bad condition. Purchasing this book helps your family to get prepared and be ready to face such difficult condition. Next, the first aid kit inside your SHTF bag should include medicines for fever, headache, stomach problems, and items to use for wounds such as cotton, povidone iodine, and gauze. During desperate times people may do crazy things, so it is best to have something to defend yourself with.

Of course, when building an STHF bag, you may want to consider your specific needs, such as specific medical conditions that would require a specific set of first aid kit personal preferences for food and other products. You should also be prepared for natural or man-made disasters that may mar your family time. Residents of the New England region must have frostbite medication, heat pads and the like exclusively for use in cold temperate areas.
Both scenarios require having disaster survival essentials such freeze-dried and other canned food, water purification implements or kits, basic tools like Swiss Army knives, and bottle and can openers and other gadgets that you can get from any survival warehouse at affordable prices. Although not necessarily encased in the family survival kits, cell phones and medicines such as aspirin, antacids, etc. The same procedures should be implemented at work, with a well-supplied office survival kit on standby.
Avoid the tension and stress by planning your family survival kits ahead of time so that even when problems arise during the actual event, you are still able to manage the situation. Birth certificates, marriage licenses, credit cards and credit card numbers, insurance policies, Social Security cards, passports, bank books and bank account numbers, valuables and wills are some documents of importance that ought to be safeguarded and protected in case of disasters. The time before a disaster strikes is the most opportune to check whether the items in your kit need replenishment or replacement.
When crimes that are directly associated with power outrages happen, having your family survival kits intact and accessible can prove to be life savers.
With it, you can stake out a temporary shelter, clear out the trail and do many other things that will keep you alive. If you will read a survival shovel review, these shovels such as the ones made by Crovel and Cold Steel are very durable and can stand the test of time. These survival shovels are sometimes issued to soldiers who need them for their special missions. A typical bushcraft kit includes all the necessary tools that a man needs in order to survive and live in the wilderness. Bushcraft gear is now a popular name for those who are living or enjoying the natural environment practicing their bushcraft skills. Good knives used in bushcraft are made of high quality carbon steel which retain their sharp edges for a long time.
Therefore, bring along something that will purify the water that you will see along the way and a water bag to store them in. Since they will be important in keeping you alive at the outback, buy the best bushcraft gear that you can afford.
When you use this type of bag, your hands will be free so you can use them for climbing, or for carrying other things.
If you need to carry a 3-day supply of food items (when you are trekking) you can expand it to its full size. Canvas is usually the material used in making these bags but they are reinforced inside especially in the regular stress points of a backpack.  Because of their strength they are used by military personnel as their bug out bag military gear.
Usually, the most commonly used items are stored in the outside compartment while the special items are stored in the inner compartments.
But remember, this backpack is normally used for travelling, trekking and similar activities. These items usually include a knife, a small ax, a fire starter, sleeping mat, and so forth. With such a homemade emergency kit, the family will have the assurance of survival should any unforeseen calamity happens. But whether you have an advanced knowledge or not of a catastrophe, preparing for such an event will not hurt your family.
Where you are and what you need to determine what kind of knife is most suitable for your particular location and circumstance. One kind that works for an individual may not function as effectively for the next, even if both types of knives fall under the category of a buck survival knife.
Dependable and durable, the fixed blades of these types of knives can come in thick sizes or lightweight in textures. Whatever buck 184 survival knife you prefer, the material is the same: steel blades that are remarkable for their strength, resistance to rust and other corrosive elements, ease in sharpening and edge retention with solidly-constructed handles that don’t slip when they are gripped. In fact, each buck survival knife has an unconditional lifetime guarantee to prove just that.
Consider the kind of materials used, like heat treated blades (that should not be wobbly when opened, in the case of folding knives), secure locks if they are the lockback varieties, the capacity for resharpening and whether or not all the parts work seamlessly and smoothly together. A buck survival knife may be priced slightly higher than other knives with similar uses, but its lifetime warranty, without conditions, is more than what you actually pay for. A good survival radio should always be included in your survival gear in situations where telephone lines are cut and cellphones and internet are useless; these may be during natural or manmade disasters, terrorists attacks, civil disturbances, and other seemingly end-of-the-world scenarios. Most would use a radio with a simple hand-crank generator that can supply 20 to 30 minutes of power for one minute of cranking. The best survival ham radio should offer the farthest operating range and the broadest array of communicating modes such as voice communication, text, photo, video, and digital telemetry.
However, HAM antennas can be homemade and can serve as the best survival radio during times when communications are limited by disasters and emergency situations. Communication is of utmost importance during stressful times, and with the best survival radio, you will never be alone in times of need. You only need to know the best qualities to look for and the most affordable price that is friendly to your pocket. In surviving the wilds, you really need to take enough survival gears such as survival knife, blast torch, axe, sleeping mats and so forth.
The zippers or Velcro snaps and similar items must be strong and sturdy so that it will be able to take the countless times that they will be opened and closed.
That is only reasonable because you can use them for heavy duty purpose just like the best military bag out bag. Scientists might indeed end up with a crazy virus that infects mankind and drives them to a zombie apocalypse or a natural disease might lead to the same results.
A bug out bag is basically a bag that has all your essentials packed in so it is easy for you to pick it up and move on. If you want to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse you will want to make sure you got your zombie bug out bag checklist and one by one get all of the following zombie bug out bag essentials. The worst thing that could happen is when a horde suddenly attacks right while you are preparing your meals.
Remember that the main goal is to at least get a sturdy bag that can store items and foods good for three days. The French monks used a mustard-based paste, which was used in treating many ailments: it was used for back pain and muscular relief, for toothaches, as digestive stimulant, for improving blood circulation and clearing up the sinuses. Don’t get me wrong, these products work, they get the job done, but there are plenty alternatives you’ll find around the house that will work just as well.
The best solution at hand is to throw aside culinary “traditions”, toughen up and accept the fact that the insects solving world hunger. Unlike many so-called experts, he’s actually survived in the wilderness for weeks at a time with nothing more than a knife and a water bottle. He learned directly from elite survivalists like John Lahan, an ex-military who fought in Afghanistan for 5 years before coming back and teaching his own survivalist training course.
There are dozens of things that can happen, and Jason wants you to be prepared for all of them.
When emergency situations happen, you cannot expect anyone to save you because they will be very bust saving themselves as well. These food should also last long, for example, energy bars or back pack meals that are freeze dried meals cooked by adding boiling water.
The basic gear in your SHTF bag are items for rain such as poncho, items to produce fire such as matches or fire starters, items for cooking, source of light, and survival knives.
Knowing the different kinds of disasters will ensure that the contents of your family survival kits are useful and not just space fillers.

Having car survival kits are just as important in instances when traveling is still possible. This is the reason why survival shovel from doomsday preppers is a very popular item nowadays.
Most ordinary shovels are just made of ordinary steel gauge which can easily get rusted even if you take care of them properly. The Crovel Extreme and the Cold Steel Survival Shovel are among the most popular brands of survival shovels today because of their durability and strength.
Although this is an extreme case, you can just imagine the kind of help a survival shovel can give you if you are in a survival situation out there in the wilds. The tools and implements included in this kit are similar to our everyday tools with respect to their shapes and functions.
This is why you need an axe to cut large pieces of wood, either for building a shelter or for starting a fire. Rubbing wood to stone to start a fire is a good skill to learn and master but if you have something that starts fire faster and easier, that would be better. This is the reason why the bag out back pack is a favorite among hikers, travelers and adventurists. But when you only need to carry a few items for just a few hours of traveling, you can zip up some of its parts so it can just be a simple backpack. According to some bag out bag backpack reviews, there are certain items that can be included in the bag out bag list. If you will keep your eyes open to bag out bag backpack sale in online stores, you can get a bag out bag backpack at a very cheap price. The best buck hunting knives are used almost exclusively for woodcutting or trapping and skinning small prey. Military, police and security personnel, for instance, are trained in the use of buck tactical knives for defensive and protection purposes, while a gadget that has been proven impervious to oils and is slip-resistant like the buckmaster knife is preferred by game hunters, butchers and longshoremen who do boning of animals and fish. Created by Hoyt Buck, a blacksmith’s apprentice, in 1902, the “folding hunting knife” was the buck survival knife prototype of what is now known as the folding lockback knife.
The best emergency radio in situations like these would be a hand crank radio or a ham radio.
Operating a ham radio requires license, and studying to obtain a license to operate a ham radio is worth the effort. But it is important to point out that the best backpack for Bob may not be the best backpack for you.
Therefore, the backpack must have enough space for it to be considered the best bug out bag backpack. A good example of this is the Maxpedition backpacks which are equipped with strong zippers.
Nanomachines could drive people to zombie-like insanity or it just might be that the Biblical end of the world could strike down. 20 Facts About Wal-Mart That Will Absolutely Shock YouWalMart is the problem, but American Labor pricing itself out of a job is the source of the problem. Some of those sections cover information about how to gather food, three skills that you should master and the tools to help you analyze your family condition. For your water gear, you should include a water purification system such as handy filters or iodine tablets.
The condition that our world is in right now is not very encouraging and you cannot blame people for thinking more and more about survival tools to keep them alive if something drastic happens.
In time, corrosion will eat most of the metal parts of the shovel and its usefulness will be dramatically reduced. But they are generally modified in their design and their material construction to suit the environment where they will be used.
Whatever food supplies you have in hand will be easily consumed and your family will be left out in the cold – literally.
It is better to have these items in your homemade survival kit should you ever need to pay for something that you don’t have. When used in these conditions, a good knife can give you logs for a campfire or ingredients for a meal. Don’t let the word “survival” mislead you because a buck survival knife can be handy in activities like hunting, fishing, backpacking, hiking and mountaineering. The 4th and 5th generations of the Buck family now manufacture different knife products including the buck survival knife 184 buckmaster and continue the tradition of turning out only top grade quality knives. If the cost proves higher than you expected, don’t lose heart because you can always get quality when a buck hunting knives sale is on. It should receive good signal, it should be able to pick up NOAA Weather Stations, and it should provide excellent sound quality and efficient energy use. For example, during hurricane Katrina, the early responders all relied on HAM radio operators for communicating and giving information out of the city. Therefore, although reading several reviews about these types of bag is useful, you also need to consider your needs and your tastes. But it is possible for you to buy the best bug out bag backpack at affordable prices if you will go to a store with a bug out bag sale. Once it can hold all of the essentials listed above you know you got the right zombie bug out bag in your hands. You can get prepared fast by storing cheap foods properly and setting up a home defense system with things you already have around the house. The Family Survival System is a comprehensive system related to how to safe your family during disaster or other urgent conditions such as economic crisis.
Based on the content, The Family Survival System book is better than other books which only discuss about one topic.
Recently, acts of terrorism have been classified as man-made calamities, so the need to create a family survival kit is in your best interest.
It is designed to accommodate the bug out bag gear that you need to take with you on your trips. A good hand crank radio can be considered the best survival radio if it also serves as a charger to other devices such as cellphones and should include other amenities such as a flashlight, clock, and other extras. A survival backpack must be suited to your requirements and budget, or it will not be of much use to you.
You should also include clothing in your SHTF bag that should be enough for a minimum of three days. In fact, there are outdoorsmen who used it for hacking a tree and chopping wood and found that its edges are still as sharp as before. It is very important to have the necessary items safely tucked up somewhere in your storage room. Best survival radio reviews rank Eton Scorpion, Eton Rapture, and Freeplay Companion to be some of the best crank radios available in the market, among others that are also considered good by best survival radio 2012 and 2013 reviews.
He claims that by reading the book, every family will be ready to face the condition, overcome the problem and be able to survive in that difficult condition. If within 8 weeks the Family Survival System does not give any significance, you may ask your 100% money back. These can be a sturdy pair of boots or shoes, long pants, 2 pairs of socks, 2 shirts, a jacket for warmth and protection from rain, underwear, and a hat. In that way, you will have the confidence that you and your family will be able to weather it out until the “storm passes away”. In fact, the rugged look is preferable for this kind of backpack since you will be carrying it out there in the wilds.

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