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Our hearts go out to the people of Moore, Oklahoma and the horrible tragedy they’re recovering from. Being aware is nothing if you don’t put some serious consideration into how to react to potential dangers.
For my family, I used Snagit to draw a simplified blueprint of our house and annotated it with simple notes to indicate proper procedures. TechSmith's suite of screen recording and video editing tools lets you make great content and collaborate with anyone. We have created the SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION FAMILY DISASTER PLAN GUIDEBOOK to streamline the process of designing your family disaster plan.
We hope you enjoy completing your SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION FAMILY DISASTER PLAN GUIDEBOOK with your loved ones.
The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter is rotationally molded polyethylene, one of the longest lasting materials on the planet.
The innovative, patented reverse taper design of the Granger In-ground Safety Shelter allows for installation without an additional anchoring system.
Features include double gas assisted shock for easy opening and closing of the door, articulating handrails for safer entry and exit, LED lighting system, triple locking door, molded in seating, carpet, foam filled walls for reduced condensation and increased comfort, and custom color door to minimize the look of the unit. The material of the Granger ISS is guaranteed not to crack, leak, rot, rust or deteriorate in any way throughout the life of the original owner. When thinking about buying a tornado shelter, the type, size, material and installation are several main considerations. Watch the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter make it's first reality television debut, as a star of A&E's "Shipping Wars" reality television series makes a pick up of Granger ISS Tornado Shelters and delivers them to a customer in Arkansas. Being under the ground is the safest place to be in a tornado and an in-ground shelter designed to protect you in these storms is safer than any basement. Because there are many different types of tornado shelters on the market understanding the features of a unit is the best way to distinguish between them. The material an underground shelter is made from dramatically influences maintenance and lifespan of this type of product. The Granger ISS is a rotationally molded tornado shelter made almost entirely of polyethylene. Being a homeowner may be the American dream, but it can also be a very expensive adventure in the event that a disaster strikes and you are not prepared.
A first aid and emergency kit should always be available to you and your family in the event an injury take place or you are unable to leave the confines of your home.
You’re evacuation plan will run smoothly if everyone in the household is on bored and knows their role.
Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so plan how you will contact one another.
There are actions that should be taken before, during and after an event that are unique to each hazard.
Find out from local government emergency management how you will be notified for each kind of disasters, both natural and man-made. Use gun shows or department and a piece of property you really require is someone who can communicate. It doesn’t take long, and it isn’t totally accurate architecturally, but it gets the point across!

Practicing your plan is the ultimate way to ensure that it’s been understood, and it also helps to make your family confident in their ability to get to a safe place.
The Granger ISS has a lifespan far exceeding any other shelter available including fiberglass, steel and concrete units. This unique feature means your shelter installation will be complete in an average of 4 hours or less. The door of the ISS also has a separate warranty ensuring that if damaged in a tornado can be replaced by the manufacturer further extending the life of this unit. Finding a tornado shelter manufacturer that can be trusted and will be available for their customers should also be high on the priority list. Above ground shelters are available but being above ground simply is not as safe as being in the ground.
Though most storms will not require long stays in a shelter, being sure there is comfortable seating and ample room for some emergency supplies is important. Some materials deteriorate much faster than others, especially if they are buried in the ground. The polyethylene construction of the Granger ISS will last longer than any other material on the market.
While prototypes can be easily mapped out using a variety of processes, production projects must have tooling designed and produced to materialize.
The nature of this application requires certain design elements to be implemented in order to produce the most reliable parts.
Create a set of plans for various situations your family might encounter from a fire to a local storm disaster.
Practicing fire drills regularly along with flooding, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and even intruder invasions will prepare your family for a safe and adept evacuation. But when you lay your head on your pillow at night, you can be reassured that the odds of protecting your loved ones in a predicament are ever in your favor! Make sure everyone in your household is familiar with these products and is comfortable using them.¬†Establish a place to meet in the event of an emergency. With effective planning, it is possible to take advantage of technology before, during and after a crisis to communicate with loved ones and manage your financial affairs. Identify the hazards that have happened or could happen in your area and plan for the unique actions for each.¬† Local Emergency management offices can help identify the hazards in your area and outline the local plans and recommendations for each. You should also inquire about alert and warning systems for workplace, schools and other locations. We had a brush with tornadoes ourselves earlier this week, and, as crazy storms continue to rock the nation, we’ve taken it as a reminder to work on revising our own emergency plans here at TechSmith HQ.
In the case of life-threatening weather, the possibility of miscommunication is an unimaginable risk. Because we have yet to develop the technologies necessary to prevent natural disasters, knowing what signs to look for is one of the best advantages that a person can have. Whichever of the countless routes you take, be sure that whatever you do is clear and easily understood.
Creating a digital plan makes it easily reproducible, meaning you can print a copy for everyone and ensure that it will never get lost. The simple act of practicing will help to foster calmness and clear minds in the event of an actual emergency.

Hard copies of our SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION FAMILY DISASTER PLAN GUIDEBOOK are also available for participants who attend our one-day SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION for Disaster Responders: A Coach-supported Training Program.
It is essential to research and trust the company making this life saving product for your family.
Different shelters need different degrees of maintenance which can include painting, cleaning, patching cracks or deterioration, oiling hinges, inspecting latches and scraping rust.
Granger Plastics Company leads the industry in groundbreaking innovation in rotomolding design. Having your home and loved ones prepared before a situation arises will not only be a peace of mind, but it can also make a chaotic situation less stressful when everyone knows how to properly react if a safety hazard should arise. Besides doorways, windows are usually an alternate route in case of an emergency, therefore you will need to take into consideration ladders, steps or any other material you may need to assist with your exit.
Share the hazard-specific information with family members and include pertinent materials in your family disaster plan.
We thought we might share some tips for family preparedness in the face of inclement weather in the hopes that it will inspire you to revise your own plans at home, or in the workplace.
Great care should be taken to ensure the safety of your loved ones, and because making an emergency plan doesn’t take a lot of effort, you’ve got no excuse for not having one, capiche? Taking the time to research warning signs and preparation tips for everything from earthquakes to pandemics, and keeping yourself informed gives you a huge advantage. Ask your family for input, questions, and concerns to make the plan the best that it can be. Address all of these questions and more in your plan reviews, and see that everyone is accounted for. Doors that have been tested to withstand an F5 tornado will be abler to verify that they have exceeded FEMA 320 requirements.
Also, organize a list of who is responsible for accumulating pets, wallets, documents, prescriptions and other important memorabilia. A hazardous situation is already stressful enough, and when you remain calm it’s amazing how everyone comes together and a camaraderie is formed to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Locate emergency shelters in your area, and consider consulting with your neighbors to create a neighborhood plan. We have summed up all of the important things to consider about this type of purchase in the video below. You might hear a special siren, or get a telephone call, or in rare circumstances, volunteers and emergency workers may go door-to-door.
In the event of an emergency, it is very important to remember that communication is key to ensuring everyone’s safesty! The Granger ISS has a reverse taper design which does not require the unit to have an anchoring system. This means a faster easier installation and that it can be installed in many areas other underground shelters would have issues. Regardless of soil condition, water tables or almost any space construction, this shelter installs in 4 hours or less, seats six or more, has a number of additional safety features and comes with a lifetime warranty against material deterioration including cracking, leaking, rotting or rusting.

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