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One of the first memories I have of going to the theater when I was a child was the movie Twister with Bill Paxon and Helen Hunt. Now that you know how a tornado is created it’s time to learn about some interesting tornado facts for kids!
Most of these touch down in America’s Plains states, an area known as Tornado Alley, which is generally considered to be Oklahoma, Kansas, the Texas Panhandle, Nebraska, eastern South Dakota, and eastern Colorado. A tornado is a rotating column of air that quickly, arising from clouds or from the bottom cumuliform cloud, and often (not always) looks like a funnel cloud.
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Reading tornadoes facts can make you feel sad for this disaster destroys the facilities on your city and makes people killed and injured. It is estimated that the people killed every year because of this disaster are around 60 people.  Most of them died because of falling from the moving tornado. Natural Disaster Facts elaborate the information about the disaster occurred on earth caused by the harsh nature. Hurricane Andrew facts give the surprising ideas about one of the most horrible incidents in the world.
There are so many amazing facts about tornadoes for kids, I am going to have a blast bringing you all the info! Don’t forget to share us on your favorite social network, just look to your left, I made it easy! The mesocyclone (air that rotates) and the RFD (rear flank downdraft) begins to move toward the ground. Once the warm air is taken away the vortex begins to become more weak and the tornado dissipates. This is the meat of the article, prepare to learn some truly amazing facts about tornadoes for kids!

It traveled through parts of Indiana, Illinois and Missouri leave a 219 mile path of destruction. Tornadoes, however, can occur almost anywhere in the United States, including west of the Rockies and east of the Appalachians. The longest-lived tornado in history is really unknown, since so many long-lived tornadoes that were reported before the mid-1900s are now believed to have been a series of tornadoes.
In 1925, the Tri-State Tornado ravaged a mile-wide path for 220 miles across Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana at 60 to 70 mph—twice the forward speed of the average tornado. One of the interesting facts about tornadoes does know is that at about 95% of cases, tornadoes have a counter-clockwise rotation.
According to the survey, every year, dozens of people dying from a tornado in the United States. People from Manikganj District, Bangladesh had to face the deadliest tornado in recorded human history. There were more than 335 people killed because of this natural disaster.  It was called as the Dixie Alley Tornado. When it picks up the debris, garbage and dust on the cloud, it turns to look grayish and dark.
This rotating thunderstorm can detect the activity of severe winds, hail, flash flood and lightning. Each year, about a thousand tornadoes touch down in the United States, far more than any other country. I remember being convinced that I was going to be a storm chaser when I was leaving the theater that day.
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It lacked the classic funnel cloud, but the damage was catastrophic: nearly 2,000 people were injured, property losses totaled more than $16 million, and over 700 people died. However, one must-know facts about tornadoes is that most of them occur in the form of a visible condensation funnel. The warm air from the Gulf of Mexico and the dry polar air from Canada meet at this point to form tornado that turns into twister. Since then, I have always been fascinated with natural weather phenomenon especially tornadoes. As the rear flank downdraft get’s to the ground, the dirt in the area rises up causing a lot of damage even to heavy objects. Find a bathtub if possible, they can help protect you and bathrooms typically have less windows. This event also holds the known record for most tornado fatalities in a single city or town: at least 234 in Murphysboro, Illinois. Narrow end touches the earth and this formation is usually surrounded by a cloud of dust and debris. They can form and be on you without a moments notice and if they catch you off guard the results can be devastating. Eventually, the warm air will twist into a circular motion and forms a funnel cloud that we refer to as a tornado.

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