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1.    Europe is the second smallest continent in the world and consists of just 4 million square miles. 2.    Europe unlike some continents is designated for political more than geographical reasons. 4.    However despite being low in fertility, Europeans are high in generosity and the ten most generous countries in terms of charities are all European. 7.    The smallest country in Europe is The Vatican city – actually only 110 acres in total and with a population of just more than 800. 9.    One of the facts about Europe that is up for the most debate is the number of countries comprising the continent which varies slightly by definition. There is so much information (and misinformation) about nutrition that it makes my head spin. Ultimately, you need to discover what works for you, the individual, in terms of weight loss and maintenance.
3500 calories rule, you will still lose weight if you consume fewer calories than you burn over time.

However birth rates are relatively stagnant – and has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world. The First World War caused the complete alteration or dissolution of four empires – the German, Ottoman, Russian and Austro-Hungarian. In the West one of the perhaps sadder facts about Europe is that this number now stands at only 3 percent.
16 % of smartphone users report that they’ve made a purchase as a result of a marketing message they received on their phone. Mobile Internet use ranks almost equally high for in-home (89%) and out-of-home (93%) access. Yahoo!
Mobile user traffic remains constant throughout the week, and holds at a consistently high level from 9 a.m.
Here we will look at ten facts about Europe – there are many more where these come from and this is just a selection of the fascinating things there are to learn about Europe. Meanwhile the largest country in Europe is Russia (though Russia is only partially European) with an area of 17,098,242km2.

In case you were unsure about getting a mobile app for your business, here are a few facts that might help you decide….
Discover 10 great reasons your business will benefit from having it’s very own mobile app. Interestingly there are around 70 former countries once a part of Europe that no longer appear on maps due to war and changing boarders. One of the most interesting facts about Europe then is that it includes the smallest and largest countries in the world. In Derbyshire in England where I was last year, I saw at least 1000 tourists just in that area.

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