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The effect of a drought can have a huge impact on many areas because both wildlife and plant life can die. However, fruits and vegetables growing in the ground can stop growing and entire crops can be destroyed.
There are some plants and species of plants can actually survive and adapt during a drought.  Plants such as Cacti can adapt during a drought because it can reduce its leaf areas in order for it to tolerate the change in condition.
Drought however, can reduce water quality and with a decrease in water, it could mean the risk of contamination is higher.  Here are some of the damages droughts can bring.
Even those with unbalanced weather, the climate can handle things and not cause any droughts to suffer.
A Meteorological drought.  This happens when a piece of land or region, is subjected to a prolonged period of no rain.
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These can happen in the most extreme droughts; though for short droughts, most wildlife can be saved, plants are another matter. There have been several droughts which have caused a lot of damage to plants and crops which have caused vegetable prices to increase in stores.
Any drought, no matter the length, can have a huge impact on any agriculture.  In regions such as Africa, it has been a crisis that frequently occurs.
This is a normal and natural disaster which can affect any country in any part of world; and this is a recurring element of climate. However, not all parts of the globe are this lucky and do suffer badly from drought.  However, most can avoid a drought or the impact especially those who grow their own crops, by using the crop rotation method. If rain doesn’t occur often and there are prolonged periods of warmer temperatures, it can cause high pressure winds and reduce water content.

The reason why this can happen is because things such as deforestation, farming, an excess of irrigation and even erosion can lead towards drought.  All of these things done by human activity can cause the land and earth to dry out which causes drought.
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Each resource has its own fascinating story in terms of geology, human use and impact on the environment. However, the land in which the plant life is growing can be badly damage and start to show a huge decline including cracking and breaking up.
Of course, if the weather is balanced all throughout the year, then the likelihood of drought is very unlikely, however, not all parts of the world have a balanced weather system.
This can stop thunderstorms from forming and can stop rainfall altogether for an extended period of time.  However, human activity can also contribute to a drought. Climate change can contribute to drought also; with an increase in global warming, it can have a huge effect on the possibilities of drought.
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