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Extreme heat wave Australia adds new colour to weather chart – forecast up to 54 degrees Celsius! As red tones cannot get much darker when you approach black, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology had to resort to introducing new colours on their weather forecast maps for next week, when inland temperatures in South Australia can locally reach a staggering 54 degrees Celsius.
In our Australian summer forecast of November 16 here at Bitsofscience.org we already stated our expectation that Southeast Australia would have its driest summer in years, including high wildfire risk – based on witnessed sea surface temperature anomaly charts.
As drought prolongues – so does wildfire risk, as especially Tasmania and New South Wales now show – and temperatures easily spike. Unaffected by the El Nino sea surface anomalies, depression activity is higher along the Australian west coast.
Inland areas in South Australia and New South Wales will not benefit much and also Tasmania is unlikely to receive drought-relieving amounts of rain.
This entry was posted in Bits of Climate, Climate Forecasts and tagged Australia, drought, El Nino, extreme weather, heat, heat waves, seasonal forecasts, summer forecast, weather, wildfires by Rolf Schuttenhelm. Take a look at this graph: Global air travel increased 8 fold in 4 decades – and it’s an accelerating trend. Listening to the nightly news, we hear discussions of sun, rain, clouds and daily temperature expectations.
TORNADOESA tornado is a violently spinning column of air that descends from thunderstorm clouds down to the ground. EXTREME HEATExtreme heat occurs when temperatures are averaging 10 degrees hotter than normal for weeks. EXTREME COLDExtremely cold temperatures and heavy snowfall can completely shut down a region. According to a new report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, extreme heat waves like we saw in 2012 now happen four times as often because of global warming pollution. The study looked at several extreme weather events from last year and concluded that at least half of them were intensified or made more likely by climate change. In June, President Obama called on the Environmental Protection Agency to create carbon limits for power plants.
Switchboard is the staff blog of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the nation’s most effective environmental group. Now remember this is a preliminary outlook, things can and likely will change, dont take this outlook to heart, just an early thought. Tornadoes often strike fear in some, but are mentioned as beautiful sights to see for others. All this heat in the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-west and even the southeast the past few days has many people wondering in a figurative sense, where is the polar air that we dealt with this past winter when you need it. Weather Advance will be issuing its official first edition of our winter 2014-2015 Outlook.

During the summer time, heat exhaustion as well as heat stroke are very common in extreme heat. This upcoming week we will see the temperatures get into its first several days of  90 degree temperatures for the week. Australia has had one heck of a summer this year, from flooding to fires and multiple record high temperatures. Over just five days in January, 800 articles related to the heat wave were published in Australia.
This year Australia experienced the hottest January on record, the hottest summer on record and the hottest day ever in Australia. The report urges Australians to understand the importance of investing in clean energy and in taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because extreme weather is likely to only get worse in the future. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future. A recent report from the Australian Climate Commission has called the current Australian heatwave unprecedented in measurement records, in terms of the length, the severity and the spread of the high temperatures.
The report then sets out how higher temperatures affect bushfire conditions, how rainfall and temperature patterns have changed in Australian States over the recent decades, and further how the heat affects individuals. This report examined peer reviewed studies and the climate information available around six extreme weather events of 2011, to determine whether and how much the chance of such events has increased as a result of climate warming. As an example the Texas heatwave was partially influenced by the natural El Nino weather pattern. Another key finding of the Climate Commission report is that sound community understanding of the risks associated with climate change is critical if we are to stop or reverse the effects of global warming, and to ensure we  prepare sufficiently for the effects of the warming that is already here, such as the increased risk of catastrophic bush fires. Hi Linda, Glad I could locate it for you I’ll have to come and read your post on apathy, which is really the most scary response to climate change I think.
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Although the Pacific ENSO has largely evened out – the Coral Sea and the Tasman Sea clearly still harbour a strong El Nino remnant, which promotes drought by keeping depressions at distance. The largest amount of these emissions comes from power plants—they generate 40 percent of all carbon pollution in the United States. NRDC analyzed one approach for doing so and found that these standards could cut carbon pollution 26 percent by 2020 and save people money on their monthly electricity bills. Our parents and grandparents faced their share of extreme weather, but climate change is loading the dice against our children and making these events more frequent and severe. For more about our work, including in-depth policy documents, action alerts and ways you can contribute, visit NRDC.org.

A lot of times it is due to people not knowing that its not enough to just stay hydrated outside in the heat. But until now, the link between these events and climate change has largely been ignored by the nation’s government and media.
But of those articles, fewer than 10 mentioned climate change in relation to the heat. The Climate Commission’s report should put an end to the information gap by spelling out just how the increasing global temperature is impacting Australia. The heat introduced conditions that were ripe for brush fires, which swept across the continent.
The report also explains that the massive flooding in the eastern part of Australia was also related to rising temperatures. But the report found that the chances of such a heat wave occurring during an El Nino event have increased 20 fold as a result of global warming. Young children and people with heart and lung illnesses are also vulnerable during heat waves.
They have already rushed children to the ER because record-breaking heat is making smog pollution worse.
By acting now, we can start stabilizing the climate and protecting future generations from the most extreme heat waves and storm surges.
That changed this week when Australia’s independent Climate Commission released their “Angry Summer” report, which details just how climate change is impacting the nation’s escalating extreme weather.
As the ocean gets warmer, more water evaporates, which increases the amount of rainfall on land.
Diabetics, the obese, and people using common medications also face a greater risk when the heat rises.
Climate change is threatening our communities right now, and we owe it to our children to confront this danger before it gets worse. Click here to tell your lawmakers to support President Obama’s plan for cutting carbon pollution from power plants.
According to the report, “when the average temperature shifts, the temperature at the hot and cold ends of the temperature range shift too.” This means that temperature extremes become more likely. I was hoping to back up a recent post I did on people being apathetic about climate change.

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