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In areas that are prone to emergency situations -- earthquake zones and tornado zones and hurricane zones and even areas in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant -- there likely are regular communications from emergency management officials about municipal and state plans should an emergency arise. In addition, what you might need for an evacuation in the summer months is different from what you might need to evacuate in the winter months, especially if you live in a colder climate. If a regional evacuation occurs during the school day, school children likely will be taken to pre defined location.
Coloring Pages for children is a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity. Click on the images below to preview sample floor plan drawings included in the ExampleDrawings.zip file. Again, local emergency management officials likely have some plans, though they may not be widely distributed.
Be sure to consider seasonal adjustments in your supplies so you are prepared in any month. It is an educational tool and is considered an important contribution to a child's development.

Whether it's a hurricane or an earthquake or a wildfire -- or a police situation -- there are situations that demand you and your family leave the area in a hurry. Check with local officials to see that the city or state has in place and, again, take some cues from this information.
Don't forget identification, a written list of important phone numbers and a change of clothes for each family member. Beyond the educational virtues, coloring sessions allow us, the adults, a little peace and quiet while the boy or girl enjoy coloring. Sometimes the evacuations are very precautionary, and sometimes they are a matter of imminent danger. Think about how you might gather what you need quickly and efficiently and more importantly, how you would gather family members and get out of Dodge.
Depending on how much time you have, you may be able to pack some extras in a bag for each family member so you'll at least be comfortable in your evacuation for a day or so.
Not to mention the result: coloring pages for preschoolers are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room!

Please note the images are not hosted on our servers, hence some of the images might not download. If you like to completely remove your website from our search engine index, please follow the instructions below, "Remove from Index". If the evacuation is such that you have to leave the car at home, go where emergency management officials take you and contact relatives from there. What if -- and this does happen -- you plain forget your way in your panic over the emergency.

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