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In cooperation with your plant safety personnel, Premier will generate complete custom evacuation plans based upon information obtained from your organization, taking into consideration a variety of emergency conditions. Evacuation plan placards can be produced in a number of different formats and installed in pre-designated locations throughout your facility. Since they differ in location, size, and other factors, it’s necessary to create an emergency plan for each facility you maintain.
The EPC, along with you emergency control organisation (ECO), facility management and other staff, will be in charge of maintaining and implementing your plans. Development of an emergency evacuation plan is an easily done process that is absolutely necessary to protect the lives and health of your employees.

Demandez a notre service de realisation des plans d’evacuation incendie afin de mettre votre entreprise en conformite incendie.
Evacuation plan placards can be color coordinated and sectioned into different zones each having a custom evacuation plan. When developing your emergency action plan, it is important to Wisconsin - Sample Emergency PlansA fire in the home or workplace is one of the most dangerous incidents you can encounter.
Ces plans d’evacuation incendie sont essentiels pour la securite de votre entreprise et pour les services de secours.
Ils sont destines a apporter toutes les informations inherentes a l’etablissement notamment sur la coupure des fluides (gaz, eau, electricite), la configuration des lieux afin d’envoyer du personnel en cas d’incendie.

Pendant un incendie, il se peut que les issues de secours ne soient plus accessibles suite aux degats causes par l’incendie. Prevoir la creation d’autres voies de secours par lesquelles l’evacuation des employes peut etre faite en cas de declaration d’incendie dans l’entreprise. Les differents itineraires de secours a suivre pour s’evacuer en cas d’incendie, doivent etre clairement indiques par des signalisations visibles par tous.

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