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According to a 1998 National Animal Health Monitoring Systems study, 60 percent of horse owners were not familiar with EPM and fewer than 10 percent felt knowledgeable about this disease that attacks a horse’s central nervous system. More importantly, the Racing Journal’s EPM report will give you methods to prevent the disease from ever affecting your horse through proper prevention methods. Symptoms range from mild to severe and can vary from stiffness, incoordination to paralysis of the face, plus many more.
Be a responsible horse owner and train yourself to practice proper prevention and detection methods.
This EPM report will also inform you of treatment actions for the worse case scenario of your horse falling victim to this disease.

Download your FREE copy of The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal’s EPM report to educate yourself and get up to date on EPM for the safety of your horses. The most important prevention method comes from good horse keeping practices, such as feed storage and management systems. Kenton Morgan with Bayer Health gives his knowledgeable insight gained through his experience with the disease. Approximately more than 50 percent of all United States’ horses have been exposed to the causing organism. Once a horse has developed the disease, according to studies, approximately only 40 percent are able to come through with a full recovery.

Morgan continues to say that up to 60 percent are able to improve to some degree after undergoing treatment. Learn how to take proper precaution from this report if these animals are common in your area as well. Learn all about possible treatments currently available and others that are being tested from this EPM report, to rid your horse of the nasty parasite.

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