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It might be because, if he did, he would be at war with NATO and probably a large portion of the world. In the end, North Korea was lost and the longest retreat in US military history was at the hands of the Chinese.
Barbary War, War of 1812, Mexican American War, Spanish American War, Philippine American war, Panama War.
I think they meant a neutron bomb, which uses fusion with the energy of an initial fission reaction. Indeed, no one on the planet has harnessed nuclear fusion in a controlled reaction for much more than a few seconds.
If u think destabilizing the world economy will make the world safer then yeah whatever u say. The Sikh would be able to do crap because your primitive Indian technology would be annihilated by the Chinese and so would your primitive culture.
Yet they had enough cannon to make the British run, and have them declare Nalwa would rule Asia. I don’t know much about North Korea, but judging by their poverty and lack of oil, this all sounds very silly to me.
For me, the fact that America has tested or acquired a certain weapon of mass destruction is hardly surprising — for me, it’s also not surprising that the Supreme Leader is the only country to have used them. Or just one outside each financial exchange triggered at the same time internationally, “fighting without fighting” as Bruce Lee would say!
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Featuring a giant dragon designed by Seattle Opera and iconic fantasy artifacts from literature, TV, and the silver screen, including David Bowie’s Jareth Goblin King outfit from Labyrinth and the Wicked Witch of the West’s hat from The Wizard of Oz. Featuring artifacts that include the creature suit from Alien and Jack Torrance’s axe from The Shining, plus an interactive Scream Booth! EMP survivalEMP Bomb DiagramUnlike the strike of lightening, an EMP attack is not the same. Hand held radios will not work afte ran EMP scenario because the battery current will try to go backwards and the moment the radio is used will be fried.
The EMP in addition to extra gamma rays also puts a back EMF pulse that reverses polarity of batteries and anything else electro magnetic. What would work is to have EXTRA hand held radios stored in a Faraday Cage until after the energy of an EMP passes thru and the atmosphere is cleared but I am not sure how long that would take. Empress Of Drac, A Frugal Cebuana Blogger A true-blue Cebuana, blogging about Frugal Living, Self-Reliance, Prepping, Freelance Life and of course Cebu. SHTF blog (“Sewage” Hits The Fan blog) offers preparedness news, information, commentary – and other awesome stuff. EMP ist der gro?te europaische Versandhandel fur Bandmerchandise wie Shirts, CDs oder DVDs.
Die App besteht aus einem Regal in dem sich die Kataloge, Magazine und Specials seit Anfang 2012 befinden.
Das ist auch der einzige Wermutstropfen der App: Um die Produktdetails zu erfahren, wird man auf die EMP-Seite weitergeleitet.
Wer oft und gerne bei EMP kauft oder dies in naher Zukunft vor hat, ist mit der App „EMP Magazin“ gut bedient. It’s scary to know that the disaster the United States is the least prepared for, is the one that is becoming increasingly likely to occur.
There are three components to an electromagnetic pulse (E1, E2, and E3) and they behave in different ways. Now that we know a little about it, why should we worry?  The US has known about EMP since the early days of nuclear weapons testing and seen its effects during the Starfish Prime detonation, but has made little progress in protecting the nation’s infrastructure since then.
Shortly before the September 11th attacks, Congress established the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack. Should significant parts of the electrical power infrastructure be lost for any substantial period of time, the Commission believes that the consequences are likely to be catastrophic, and many people may ultimately die for lack of the basic elements necessary to sustain life in dense urban and suburban communities.
To date, Congress has not passed any comprehensive legislation to address the threat of EMP and most of the efforts to protect against it have been taken by the military, leaving our civilian and private infrastructure highly vulnerable to damage or destruction by a rogue state nuclear weapon or large solar flare. There is much to be concerned with when it comes to an large EMP, but by treating its symptoms (disruption to food and water supplies, loss of electrical power) we can address it as we would any other disaster.
I have read scores of articles about EMP over the last five years or so, but this is hands-down the best, most concise and laid-out explanation for the average guy I have ever read concerning EMP.
Maybe you might want to come on our show as a guest and we can talk about EMP, survival, preparedness, self-reliance and how to create a community of prepared friends and neighbors? Effective ballistic missile defense (BMD) systems are needed to defend against these threats. North Korea probably already can launch a catastrophic EMP attack—and not only with ICBMs that approach the U.S.
Hundreds if not thousands of electric utilities in the United States thus far have not acted to protect themselves (and their subscribers) from EMP, and might not be expected to do so voluntarily because national defense and homeland security is a U.S. This condition should be considered in the context of thousands of cyber attacks daily, via computer viruses and hacking to probe U.S. High Frontier will continue its efforts to inform all who will listen, including local, state and Washington powers that be, of the existential threat associated with electromagnetic pulse (EMP), whether from the “Sun” or from nuclear weapons carried by ballistic missile or satellite—and how it can be countered.  With all the bad news from the Middle East, East Asia and North Korea—coupled to the previously discussed reminder that they are both aligned in a “cacophony of proliferation” with powers to our south, we may need the most effective defenses we can build relatively soon. Join us at High Frontier in seeking to alert the public and your local and state authorities to the existential threats posed by both man-made and natural EMP events—and what can be done about these threats.
We can use your help in spreading this information to the grass-roots and to encourage all “powers that be” to provide for the common defense as they are sworn to do. If the North Koreans used such a device it would probably fry electrical grids not just in South Korea but in Japan, China and possibly extreme eastern Russia? In this first part, we will explore some of the first-person effects of EMP and define the two major causes of this catastrophe. For further details and a much more in-depth report on the topic, please consider ordering a copy of Thinking the Unthinkable—EMP Attack! If you use the Coupon Code: Rourke you will receive a 20% discount off this 80-page report! Imagine for a moment, all of your electronic conveniences such as lights, air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, cell phones, computers, ATM machines—anything that contained a microprocessor or required electricity to power it, suddenly stopped working—forever.
Imagine for a moment, the most basic things we Americans have taken for granted such as running water, electricity or natural gas suddenly stopped flowing—forever.
Imagine for a moment, you or a loved one is on an airplane flying at altitude when an event takes place and suddenly thousands of aircraft begin plummeting from the sky as the aircrafts’ computer-controlled systems suddenly fail. Imagine for a moment, you are driving on the highway when your car suddenly decelerates and you have to veer to the side of the road as nearby vehicles swerve into one another and the entire Interstate becomes one massive parking lot. Imagine this occurs and you are hundreds of miles from your home and you find your only way to get back home is your own two feet.

Imagine for a moment, the confusion that would set in when you try to help those injured in their vehicles and find out that everyone’s cell phones or CB Radios no longer work and there was no way to call 911.
Imagine for a moment, the feeling of total helplessness of not being able to communicate with your loved ones when your world is instantly turned upside down. Imagine for a moment, you are forced to walk to your local grocery store with the hopes of buying water and food for your family and realize that debit and credit cards are no longer accepted.
Imagine for a moment, you or a loved one are in a hospital requiring life support or dialysis when the power goes out and the back-up generators either fail to kick-in or eventually run out of fuel and there are no means of refueling them. These hellish scenarios are not the result of an alien attack or some other science-fictional phenomenon.  They are just a few of the nightmares we might experience in the aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event.
An electromagnetic pulse An EMP is a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic radiation caused by a rapid acceleration of charged electron particles. There are two main causes of an EMP.  The first is the result of a massive solar flare, or a Coronal Mass Ejection, which we will describe later in this article. A HEMP is a caused by a nuclear detonation in the earth’s upper atmosphere—some 50 to 200 miles above the Earth’s surface.  As an observer on the ground you may notice a brief flash of light.
In spite of there being two totally different potential causes of an EMP, the outcome can be equally devastating. Imagine for a moment what life would be like without electricity for twelve months or perhaps longer!  According to a 2008 study by Metatech, the time required to obtain replacements of these devices under these circumstances could be up to 3-years!  The devastation inflicted on the United States by either a HEMP or severe EMP event would plunge us back to a life that is reminiscent of how we lived in the 1800s.
It is important to recognize that there is a fundamental difference between the potential scale of damage from a man-made HEMP attack versus that from a solar-based event. There is much speculation and misinformation circulating about how you can protect yourself from a CME or HEMP attack.
The unfortunate reality is that testing various pieces of equipment at one of the few EMP testing facilities open to civilian testing is extremely expensive.   Because of this, there simply has not been a series of tests of non-military vehicles or electronic equipment inside microwave ovens, or aluminum garbage cans to see if these contraptions can actually prevent the passage of electromagnetic waves through the containers like poor man’s Faraday cage! If you use the Coupon Code: Rourke you will receive a 20% discount off this 80 page report! The E1 pulse is the first of three electromagnetic pulses created by a HEMP.  An E1 happens almost instantaneously and lasts for only a microsecond. At a bare minimum, this EMP could theoretically damage electronic equipment south of the Korean DMZ. Wars are about objectives, but I don’t think we can have a nuanced discussion on that. A normal TND uses a heavy lead or uranium casing which absorbs the initial burst of neutrons.
It would be like the 1800s almost instantly, except some of the old beater autos before electronics would weather the EMP just fine as long as they have points and a standard 12 volt battery? Korea got those EMP bombs from Russia, I would believe if they got them from China, as to how can they develop their own bombs I will pick China as the first one to help them out.
The little faggots from the Sikh Regiment wouldn’t even be able to kill a little Spartan girl.
Anything the NIS says about the DPRK must be taken with a very tiny grain of salt and here’s why First off, the NIS functions almost like a separate, super-right wing political party.
It could fry all unprotected circuits, such as radios, GPS & comms that the US armed forces now rely very heavily on? Within, it contains a treasure trove of objects, images, and information from hundreds, possibly thousands of other worlds from the farthest reaches of the universe. Featuring iconic artifacts signifying noteworthy team milestones—including the famed Vince Lombardi Trophy—and ongoing opportunities for fans to connect, We Are 12 will invite you to unleash your inner “12” this game season! Featuring the stories of more than 40 independent video game developers, designers, coders, composers, and critics, EMP presents a dynamic, immersive space. Go on a fantastical journey to unearth the inspiration behind this genre’s most magnificent creations. Three iconic horror directors—Roger Corman, John Landis, and Eli Roth—have curated a selection of their favorite films, providing a solid foundation on which audiences can safely explore the spectrum of cinematic horror. To do adverse damage, it only requires one nuclear bomb detonated only 300 miles above the center of the United States or from a container ship in the Gulf of Mexico.
Diese lassen sich entweder bei bestehender Verbindung online betrachten, oder konnen heruntergeladen werden und lassen sich somit auch offline durchstobern. Unterwegs und jederzeit durch das Sortiment aus Bandshirts, Poster, CDs und DVDs stobern zu konnen, ohne den Printkatalog mitschleppen zu mussen, ist sehr angenehm. But no defense is perfect, so an attacking missile could get through and detonate its weapon above the U.S. Hopefully, other states will not wait for Washington, but follow Maine’s example and undertake state initiatives to protect their electric grids from EMP now. Depending upon the type of burst, it can cause catastrophic damage to electrical devices due to its impact on both electric and magnetic fields. The other is caused by a man-made event, which is known as a High Altitude EMP Event, or HEMP, which we will describe next. The solar flare or CME emits radiation that eventually hits the Earth’s atmosphere, causing similar effects as the HEMP, but the degree of the effects depends on a number of factors. Both a HEMP and a significant CME could have real world repercussions that threaten our electrical grid. According to several experts, the resulting death rate in the United States as result of prolonged grid-down event is expected to be as high 90%! Unfortunately, in either case, we will not have much time to prepare for such an event once it’s launched or expelled from the Sun, so preparing for both potential events before they occur is what we should all consider doing.
A lot of this conjecture and confusion is in part due to our government’s Top Secret classification on the subject and the fact that they only perform tests on their own hardened structures and military equipment. The only EMP protectors available to the civilian population that are guaranteed to work are likely the very expensive commercially produced versions you seen online.  So, whether you choose to make a contraption yourself, or purchase a device made by someone else, it will be hard to say with any certainty that it will protect electronic devices unless it has actually been tested in an EMP testing facility. Here we will break down the myths surrounding EMP and hopefully separate the facts from the fiction. High Altitude EMP (HEMP) Weapon: There are really only two known causes of EMP that can wreak havoc on a nationwide scale. These EMP “waves” can be broken down into three distinct forms, based primarily on their Frequency and Severity.  The severity of an EMP can be rated and the scale includes E1, E2 and E3 in ascending order of intensity.
This E1 pulse is what most people associate with an EMP, that being the ability to destroy unshielded electronic equipment. At higher power levels, a real EMP device can melt any electronic device or system within hundreds of miles. This allows the gamma rays to spread out before they hit the atmosphere, creating a huge area of effect. Only that just saying it would be war against NATO and a large portion of the world is not the end of discussion. If a state has open carry and every man does not, versus another place where they do you can predict the outcome. Militarily America could win any war with great ease, but that is not in the interests of bankers or corporations.
A neutron bomb uses a thinner casing which allows the neutrons to escape which takes the form of neutron radiation which zaps any human within a given radius depending upon the power of a given bomb, with like 8000 rads of radiation which would immediately incapacitate anyone caught in the burst and cause 100% mortality within 2 days. Taliban’s main fight was to oust the warlord system that supported, post-soviet regime. I mean a country that is isolated from trade from the rest of the countries, where do they get their materials from?

Packed with more than 150 artifacts from iconic films and television shows, from Star Trek to H.G.
Whether you’re navigating hostile and dangerous landscapes in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime or playing a world-class hacker in Quadrilateral Cowboy, experience how the independent video game community is pushing past conventional boundaries.
And yet, few American lawmakers seriously think about this.A comparison to this would be the existent aircraft carriers in 1941 that few people had seen as a real threat to the country. Alle heruntergeladenen Ausgaben werden gespeichert und konnen jederzeit per Tap unter den „Heruntergeladenen Kataloge“ angesehen werden. A rare “well placed” geomagnetic super-storm like the 1859 Carrington Event, could collapse the electric grid and life-sustaining critical infrastructures everywhere in the United States, putting at risk the lives of several hundred million Americans. North Korea has also launched its so-called Space Launch Vehicle to their south, over the South Polar region, to approach the U.S. We know how to defend against these ballistic missile attacks, for relatively small funding requirements.  Indeed, we are already building, in the next two to four years, Aegis Ashore sites in Romania and Poland to protect our NATO allies from Iranian missiles—we can surely afford to build the same defenses for the American people on the same timeframe, probably for less money. If you watch nothing else in the YouTube video of our conference, I urge you to watch Jim Woolsey’s eloquent explanation at the beginning of the video to better understand why this problem exists.  This discussion leads directly to the reason the House EMP Caucus is supporting the proposed Secure High-voltage Infrastructure for Electricity from Lethal Damage (SHIELD) Act to protect the national electric power grid. These attacks, justifiably receiving increased attention, should account for the known foreign military doctrines of potential adversaries such as Iran, North Korea, China and Russia. The early discovery of the effects of CME dates back to 1859 when Richard Carrington, one of England’s foremost solar astronomers, observed a series of intense solar flares that fried thousands of miles of interconnected telegraph wires throughout the United States.
At primary risk in both cases are our high voltage transformers which would likely be destroyed by the overwhelming surge in electrons that race across the tens of thousands of electrical and communication lines crisscrossing the country. One cause is an extremely powerful solar flare (aka Coronal Mass Ejection, or CME) and the other is the detonation of a nuclear device in our upper atmosphere (aka a HEMP). Now toddle off into the hills and fight your Maoist guerillas that you’ve never managed to clean up.
There is still a blast with thermal and overpressure effects including destruction of infrastructure but not to the degree which a normal TND would inflict since part of the energy release is in the neutron radiation rather than solely blast effects. Nothing has 100% good intentions, and no one was the right thing always for the right reason.
Every time the government gets close to clipping the wings of the NIS, it comes out with lurid scare stories about the North. It’s a stupid idea to think the Russians would let the DPRK, or anyone else, have EMP weapons.
Most military and civilian personnel viewed the role of these carriers as a platform to launch targets, planes and to support battleships.
Der dicke Katalog, der fur Kunden alle drei Monate im Briefkasten liegt, ist mittlerweile auch als App fur Android verfugbar.
Will man mehr uber ein Produkt erfahren, lasst es sich antippen und weitergehende Informationen werden bereitgestellt. Wenn man jedoch in Rechnung zieht, wie umfangreich das EMP-Angebot ist, kann man ungefahr erahnen, wie gro? eine App sein musste, um all diese Informationen bereitzustellen. Woolsey is the Honorary Co-Chair along with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich—is summarized below. To view briefing charts I passed out, click here. The earth recently narrowly missed a major event, when a coronal mass ejection passed nearby through our orbit around the sun. (Dr.
They all include acts of sabotage and kinetic attacks – including nuclear EMP attack – as part of their planning for an all-out Information Warfare or Cyber Warfare Operation.  Notably, a sabotage attempt last April against electric grid transformers near San Jose, CA, damaged five transformers with fire from AK-47 assault rifles. A CME on a similar scale as the Carrington event would have drastic results on our modern civilization that has become utterly dependent on electricity and microprocessors. Without these transformers and the lines to transmit electricity from source to use, our modern society simply stops…  And unfortunately, the replacement lead-time for manufacturing and shipping these high voltage transformers, which are now all manufactured in China, is longer than 12-months! China is exponentially most powerful than it was during the Korean War and it has accumulated much. There was no one who considered this as a serious and potential threat of possibly grouping six of these carriers and launching a full-fledged attack at the beginning of a war.We now know that this belief was changed forever when it became too late for the lives of approximately 3,000 Americans on the Day of Infamy.
Praktisch, denn leicht und handlich ist der Katalog bei der vorhandenen gro?en Auswahl nicht. Ballistic Missile Early Warning radars (BMEWs) and missile defenses to attack the United States. If a big EMP was detonated above the USA, the E1 burst would probably melt most of the electronics within 1,000 miles or so. They will never risk China’s gains for North Korea because their path cannot be repeated. One of the latest stories coming out of the NIS was that Ri Sol Ju, wife of Kim Jong Un, was an actress in porno flicks. Baker of the University of Colorado has stated that a big CME missed us by a week in July 2012, as reported by the Washington Post two weeks ago and repeated in our July 16th email message). The current window for solar maximum emissions is expected to last through the remainder of 2013-so we are still in a danger zone. Of course the lady didn’t do anything of the kind but since everybody hates the DPRK, it sounds logical, right? Because of the hatred and extremism displayed in the past, we should be actively cautious by taking measures to develop EMP survival methods that will save the masses.Here is what would happen with the threat of a solitary EMP weapon and why it is extremely dangerous to the fiber of our country. For those skeptical that these concerns are being hyped, consider what the Washington Post carried a 2-page story in its Sunday Business section on July 14th, as we discussed in our July 16th e-mail message. Since then, though, as far as we know, there have been no further testing of nuclear EMPs by either the US or Russia. There is the severe possibility that we may never be able to reestablish our infrastructure. Ending this complete vulnerability can be helped by at-sea Aegis radars and interceptors—and by deploying Aegis Ashore and a BMEWs radar near the Panama City, Florida.
That is just one example among many of what China did to grow today and how they cannot do it a second time. The E1 induces very high voltages in just about everything, causing wires to melt, fuses to blow, and insulators to break down and become conductors.
The vast and delicate infrastructure in the United States that we have spent so much time and money to create would be adversely affected. E3 is hard to protect against, but its effects are generally only felt by larger electrical installations, such as power lines.
With modern tooling and technologies, creating an EMP weapon isn’t particularly hard. Those in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices will feel the effect soon after because the attack would trigger heart attacks, and severe illness for those waiting on transplants, dialysis and other ailments.Essential steps to takeThere are specific things that can be done to counteract or get ready for anything like this happening.
These include:Simple training – Americans have become so dependent on others passing orders down to them. First responders should be highly trained to detect an EMP strike and have a contingency plan to know what they should do first and consecutively after.
One of the steps should be grabbing the supplies at all vet’s office across the nation, for example. The Katrina hurricane should teach us a lesson of how confusing and disorganized it can get when a disaster happens.
No longer is it the steel plants or mills that are important to secure, but our communication systems, computer systems and electrical power.Citizens should contact their local congressmen and demand attention to being prepared for possibleIf our enemies are able to obtain one nuclear bomb, it goes without saying that they will attempt to use it – without a second thought.

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