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Along with reading our own survival blog, there is a wealth of great information on the internet about prepping and surviving disaster situations. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. But what if the magnetic field created is very, very strong when it passes the wire? What if the magnetic pulse is immeasurably strong? The voltage and current generated will be extremely large. Perhaps large enough to damage the wire, especially if that “wire” is microscopic and lying on a printed circuit board.
Given a strong enough magnetic field, microelectronics can be destroyed by this electrical burst. Completely burned out.
During the initial energy release from a nuclear weapon a large electromagnetic field in the form of a “pulse” radiates outward.
Unlike the radiation released during the nuclear explosion, EMP is not particularly dangerous to people.
Since EMP travels line of sight it can cover a very large area if the nuclear detonation occurs high in the atmosphere. Though the EMP magnitude diminishes with distance, it may still be strong enough at thousands of miles to fry most microelectronics.
This makes the nuclear EMP a near perfect weapon for a terrorist, rather than a conventional military force. Aside from nuclear weapons there are EMP-generating devices called “explosively pumped flux compression generators.” These devices use a combination of electromagnetic physics to generate large pulses of electromagnetic energy.
The basic concept is to generate a electromagnetic pulse in a coil surrounding a metal core using current from a capacitor bank. This change in core geometry causes a compression of the electromagnetic field momentarily before the whole thing shorts out and is destroyed. How about a city like New York or Los Angeles, with 8-10 million people suddenly finding themselves in a pre-industrial world without power?
If an electrical cable has a grounded external braided shield, the electromagnetic field will not penetrate the shield. Faraday discovered that electromagnetic fields will not penetrate a metal cage made of copper or other good electrical conductors. When all sides of the cage are connected as one—there is no electrical differential potential. Also, if you wish to use multiple layers of foil, place a layer of insulation between them, something that won’t conduct electricity.
Now that you have all your devices protected when the terrorist EMP event strikes you’ll be ready. You quickly retrieve your fully functional cell phone from the foil and trash can Faraday Cage.
Bottom line: The power is out and it’s going to stay out for a very long time (maybe even years).
EMP Diaster Prep Option 2 – Store a complete, disassembled home electrical power generation system inside very large Faraday Cages.
Most people don’t have the resources for grid-independent electrical systems that work today.
However, if you do end up going with EMP Preparedness Option #2, you’d better be prepared to defend it. By the way, you EMP disaster prep Option #2 guys, I would wait until long after the attack before assembling your system. An EMP blast from a single nuclear device at 20 miles altitude will cover a large portion of the US with EMP. An enemy doesn’t have to destroy the entire nation to destroy its society and kill off large portions of the population.
Even the US Government admits as many 9 of 10 Americans could die within one year of a crippling EMP attack on our homeland.
There are simply too many people, and too few with survival skills, for a majority of our nation to survive with no electrical power for a year. The skills our great-great grandparents called everyday life we now call survival and prepping. Here’s some additional information for those who need to work on their water storage plan. Perhaps a budget-friendly variation on your Option #2 would be having a spare circuit board (or two?) for a portable generator. Let’s just say that your solar panels do survive and EMP attack and only your inverter fries. However, the amount of damage any device or appliance or electrical system takes is dependent on how large the EMP strike is and how close you are to it.
If you have an RV, then all of the appliances, and furnace, will run off of either 12V or Propane.
Yup, the radio signal cut off is a simple but effective test to ensure you’ve got it right. The Ultimate Guide to Paracord Uses For … [read more]How To Surf Anonymously To Avoid Being TrackedIs Your Internet Activity Being Tracked Right Now? What do our "Government Officials" … [read more]Survival Antibiotics: Will Your Demise Be A Sinus Infection?Got Survival Antibiotics? You have a cache of weapons and … [read more]Stockpiling Food Might Be Your Best InvestmentIs Stockpiling Food A Good Idea? Even if the high-voltage protective boxes around transformers are put into place and spare transformers are carefully held in storage until they are needed, the impact a solar flare or EMP would have on America is still extremely dire. The Earth dodged a bullet in August 2014 when an electromagnetic pulse strong enough to take down the power grid sped through the planet’s typical orbit just ahead of us. Cooper also recently noted that North Korea could already have the capability to initiate an EMP attack against America.
EMP attack threats were among the possible terrorism scenarios discussed with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) during a Senate hearing last week. Security experts stated that the world is unprepared to withstand a catastrophic EMP attack in a related report earlier this year. The SHIELD Act, a bill designed to attempt to harden the power grid from an Earth-directed solar flare or EMP attack, has been stalled in a Senate committee for several years. The Congressional EMP Commission estimated that the power grid could be protected for about $2 billion — the same amount that American taxpayers fork over to Pakistan by way of foreign aid each year. Heritage Foundation defense and strategic analysts urged Congress to develop, test and field United States defenses against EMP attacks, including enhanced ballistic missile defenses able to counter short-range missiles which carry EMP warheads.
Detonating a ballistic missile with an EMP head while still at a high altitude would allow energetic particles “released during the explosion” to “disable, damage or destroy all unhardened electronic devices within the line of sight of the detonation,” the analysts said in a report.
Although a decade has passed since the federal government realized there was no direct authority to deal with a downed power grid emergency, that problem has not been resolved. What do you need to help you and your family get prepared to survive an EMP attack or another type of power grid down scenario?
This clever tool became the standard for long-range hunting and combat for thousands of years. We separated ourselves from the animal kingdom by the strength of our wits, and our knack for self-defense. Especially if the world we know collapses and desperate people want to take what’s ours. Now good home fortification doesn’t require a full castle moat and a mangled barbed wire fence ringing your lawn. Or are you trying to remodel the structure you live in to resemble a bunker with maximum defense capabilities? The bottom line is this: The more difficult your home is to penetrate the more likely a criminal will choose an easier target. Imagine after months of searching, you’ve finally found the perfect survival homestead or bugout location. Not all hope is lost because there are several ways you can pay for your land from your land.
That means there’s a mind-boggling number of DIY Survival Gear ideas at your fingertips any time, nearly anywhere. The point I’m making here is that there are thousands of DIY survival gear sites, guides, and articles you could sort through.

Name one thing in your bug out bag, daypack or in your possession that has many uses as paracord.
When left intact, paracord has a lot of important survival uses and when you unweave the threads of the cord, the paracord uses become nearly endless. In the next 5 minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how to secure your Internet connection, surf anonymously to avoid being tracked. In my opinion, the most important reason to surf anonymously is to avoid having your personal internet activity tracked by others. Are you OK with the government knowing what YOUR search history and what articles YOU read? I’m not here to attempt to guess or question the reasons why you want to learn how to disappear. Maybe you owe the mob a fortune in money you don’t have, and they are going to break your legs and feed you to the sharks. Or perhaps you are preparing to do something so dastardly – so sinister – so illegal – you are going to need to vanish from the face of this earth. Whatever your motivation, be it for good or evil or neither at all, the following is a guide to disappearing entirely. Whether you are camping in the wilderness, exploring a foreign country, navigating the high seas, or simply surviving a catastrophic doomsday scenario – having a functional medical kit is essential for anyone concerned with effective survival. North Korea is enhancing its EMP capabilities courtesy of Russian technology, according to a recent government report by the National Intelligence Service – NIS.
Should  the power grid fail due to a cyber attack, which former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano considers likely, water pressure to fight fires will quickly become a problem, as will refueling the department’s engines and refilling air tanks. Off grid and rural prepping families almost certainly have a “bug in” plan for a SHTF scenario.
Fire Detectors: Purchase multiple detectors and replacement batteries and place them inside a Faraday Cage.
SCBA Gear: More people die from smoke inhalation than from actually being burned from a fire. Indian Pack: These portable water pouches with a hose are also not cheap to purchase, but will allow you to put out fires in a wooded area near your home before it reaches loved ones and the shelter and preps you need to survive.
Chimfex: The commercial chimney fire extinguisher and an ABC extinguisher can help save your bug-in dwelling should a fire start inside the home heat and cooking source.
You do not have to plan on becoming either a professional or volunteer firefighter in order to sign up for the basic 40-hour class. Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. We have all heard about EMP, CMP, Cyber attacks on the electrical grid and computer failures.  In the last few days, several things have come to my attention that are relevant to these subjects and at the same time show how much we are dependent on electronic systems. Yesterday I spoke with a friend whose daughter is having some medical issues.  She had a number of tests including a colonoscopy, a upper GI and some blood test and a biopsy.
Ted Koppel who is an investigative reporter investigated the vulnerability of the US power grid to an attack. While I was in Utah on this last trip, I had a chance to attend the Utah Prepare Conference and Expo put on by Utah State University.  They held some great classes and one that I was able to attend was “The Realities, Response, and Recovery From EMP” taught by Jim Phillips.
This is an important message from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) Regional Incident Communication and Coordination System (RICCS). A severe geomagnetic storm sparked by a solar flare swept the Earth Monday and a second is forecast to strike late Wednesday afternoon. The impact has the potential to be worldwide — everything from power being disrupted to radios blacking out to global positioning systems going a little off-course.
I was recently asked a question about the electronic locks that we see on so many new safes.  The question was will EMP destroy the electronic locks on your safes.
Someone asked this question the other day.  So I thought that I would attempt to share some additional information this subject. First, while EMP and CMP are different both can cause the same type of damage to electronic devices. This article will take a brief look at our five highest rated preppers websites listed below in no particular order.
It features articles that are arranged by category in a convenient drop down menu for easy access.
Its layout can be a little intimidating for a first time user, but the wealth of content on the site is unmatched. It is unique in that it has a direct link to an amazon store where preppers can purchase the best gear. We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation.
This is because those detonations do little damage to the enemy and cause very little fallout. One EMP preparedness survival technique is simple EMP protection otherwise known as electrical shielding. If you know something bad is coming, place your valuable electronics inside a sealed cardboard box and place that inside the trashcan. And presto, you have one of the very few functioning cell phones in the Northern Hemisphere. Plan to revert to an 1860 agrarian society with the sort of survival skills our great-great-grandparents knew. Solar and wind are your best bet—since you won’t be able to get gasoline or natural gas.
Any good terrorist or even a state sponsored enemy threat will be smart enough to allow us to install our spare power system trying to bring things back online. You need to have a large food stockpile, a water storage and replenishment plan, skills to constantly replenish your food stocks.
You need regular amounts of food and water resources to survive and you need to be able to defend these precious resources from others. Not forever, sure, but for a long time, you’d have fridge and battery-recharge capabilities. The good news is you can pull out your spare faraday caged inverter and boom…your solar panel power is back in business. The systems that generate power are in danger but so are all the technologies that harness this power.
Citizens, who have not put their generators, appliances, cell phones and basically anything else with electronic components and a cord into a Faraday cage will be living an Amish-style existence. Missile defense expert and High Frontier veteran Henry Cooper told the Washington Examiner the world escaped catastrophe when referencing the EMP near miss. According to the missile defense expert, North Korea tested a Space Launch Vehicle last December.
While the primary terrorist attack concerns revolved around both physical and cyber attacks by “radical Islamists” like ISIS, EMP threats were also a topic of conversation during the meeting.
This is something that is very much on our radar screen that we are working to address,” Spaulding said. The former CIA director said that both China and North Korea present problems that the United States has still not fully grasped. During the past three Congressional legislative sessions it has been suggested that the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission (FERC) be granted the power to regulate power grid operations, but a vote has never been taken. So in order to defend our family from others, we need to become home fortification experts. I’ll cover the general pros and cons and some other noteworthy tips and factors to consider. Without water, every life form on this planet would shrivel up and die a very thirsty death. And the most convenient way to go about quenching thirst is by turning on the tap and pouring yourself a glass. While the panicked masses leap from their dead cars and tried calling 911 on their dead phones.
Governments, hackers, cyber geeks, websites, companies, you name it; they ALL collect and track YOUR personal web history unless you do something about it. Do you want a hacker to know what banking website you frequent and which online store you buy from?

Im sure the reasons for your interest in disappearing are complicated, diverse and very personal. If you are not prepared to manage a health emergency when it happens, things will get serious quickly. And any medical worker knows that really good ones, the kind that give you peace of mind, are hard to come by.
A North Korea EMP attack would surely spawn a multitude of fires – and millions of dollars worth of damages. Thwarting a roaring blaze from swallowing up you home and carefully stored preps is one least discussed preparedness act.
The safety aspects of living a non-urban environment could rapidly erode if fire preps are not worked into the overall survival plan. Transformer fires are not uncommon during seasonal storms, and pose a grave threat to both property and human life.
The typical residential grade extinguisher has only about 15-20 seconds of suppression agent inside. Although such equipment is expensive and an oxygen refill will not likely be possible in a doomsday scenario, a mask and an air tank might give you and your family the time necessary to escape from a building or wild fire. Choose instead to build a simple concrete block and house and opt for a metal pole barn and storage sheds instead of traditional wood structures.
Ask local firefighters about training sessions and community college course so you can learn how to use firefighting hand tools and how to dig fire breaks, and other life-saving tips now, before the power grid goes down and a popping and cracking transformers destroys your barn, livestock, garden, and home. On the site you can find advanced information on topics ranging from food preparation to survival skills to self-defense.
The site is a blog that takes entries from other preppers across the country and only posts the best submissions as featured articles. However, if one were detonated at high altitude the EMP would travel outward crossing everything in its line of sight. Would you want to blow up one city or detonate it high enough to wipe out the electrical systems for thousands of cities? Since all sides of the cage are electrically connected to each other, there is no induced electrical current. Devices held inside the cage are protected from induced currents which can damage components.
Especially one they do not plan to use immediately and then take extraordinary precautions to store it all. Disaster happens without warning; neither Mother Nature nor enemies of America will wait until long-term food storage gets to the top of the “to do” list in order wreak havoc. The vehicle could reportedly launch a nuclear attack against the United States by orbiting the weapon at the South Pole, where missile interceptors and radars do not exist. The American Society of Civil Engineers handed down a “D+” grade to the power grid in the United States during an infrastructure review in 2013.
National Protection and Programs Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security Under-Secretary Suzanne Spaulding told Senator Johnson that the DHS has “been focused” on working with electric sector private industry partners to “find ways to address” hardening the power grid against an EMP attack by countries like North Korea, Iran or Russia and solar flares.
The assurance, without any particulars, has not calmed the fears of many Americans who are concerned about a power grid down event. Whoever created the bow and arrow, surely had no idea how greatly they were carving out the future of humanity.
This is a great time to stock up on long-term food storage items for you disaster preps and to add to a life-saving Christmas gift – a fully-stocked bugout bag! During a recent Off The Grid News radio show, Brian Brawdy and I talked about the very real fire dangers should a solar flare of EMP attack take down the power grid.
A cabin in the woods with an adjacent barn filled with livestock and a garage filled with #10 would be reduced to ashes in less than an hour if necessary fire suppression steps are not taken both in advance and when the flames first appear. A solar flare or EMP attack would most likely result in not only the destruction of transformers along the power grid, but cause fires to the electric poles – which would then quickly spread as they go unchecked. Dry brush and trees will be caught ablaze quickly and shifts in the wind can take move you from a point of safety into a death, even though you have not taken a single step. These are also expensive, but used ones can often be found on eBay, or perhaps from local fire departments which are upgrading their gear.
On the sites forums new preppers can ask questions and receive answers from more experienced preppers. The articles on the site are very well written and can be a valuable information source to both new preppers and experienced veteran preppers. There are posts on the site concerning disaster survival, self-sufficiency, survival logistics, survival tools, networking with other preppers, firearms and many other important prepper topics. The blog has over 13,000 subscribers and regularly receives dozens of comments on its posts. You can download or view content covering weapons, food storage, general survival skills, gardening, evacuation, emergency medicine, and many other topics. Seems more like something you used to hear your boring physics professor talk about…right? Within 24 hours after an EMP, if not sooner, virtually every household in America will be without water.
Except for a few news segments over the past two years by Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, television media has simply dismissed the idea of an EMP attack or a Carrington Event-size solar flare as pure prepper paranoia. The problem is the politics, It always seems to be the politics that gets in the way,” said Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and director of the U.S. An electro magnetic pulse attack would down the planes quickly, just moments after their computerized control panels fail to function. Vehicles manufactured after the early 1950s have electrical systems which would also be destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse.
Class C blazes are basically electrical fires which often stem from either Class A or B flammables. The comments sections on articles are also very active, making it easy to interact with other preppers and contribute to the community. New content is posted on the site daily making it a great regular visit for those that are constantly seeking new information and advice.
The Survivalist Blog is a great daily visit for those looking for a constantly updated preppers website. The site is easy to navigate and is actively maintained making it a great up to date resource. To me, this is the biggest challenge the Amish face, but you can learn them and throw in a bit of firearm training. The death toll from a single plane crash above a major city would be immense, and so would the blazes it would create. Not only would citizen vehicles refuses to start, fire engine would no longer be able to roll to the rescue. Understanding what types of fire you are most likely to be faced with is extremely important from a preparedness planning aspect. Finally the site even offers 21 free of charge e-books for those seeking more information on prepping. On the whole, Off Grid Survival is a great website featuring easy to access information on the most important prepper topics. Survival Blog is definitely a must-visit preppers website for any interested in disaster survival.
It also contains a great list of blogs for those looking for new preppers websites to visit and read.
When the spigots stop producing, which is immediately after the attack, people will begin to drink water from the ditches, lakes, streams, rivers, and any other source they can find.
Do not expect to see red flashing light roaring to the rescue after an EMP attack – only vintage parade-only fire engines would be able to roll in such a disaster scenario.
Overall the site is a top choice for those interested in prepping and is a great way to network with other like-minded preppers.
On the whole the site is a tremendous resource and great way to discover new prepping information.

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