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Listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in June 2004, PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk (EMP) owns and operates oil and gas assets across the Indonesian archipelago. In June 2007, EMP formed a strategic alliance to co-operate in a gas exploration asset (Suci KSO) with PT Indelberg Indonesia Perkasa and Pertamina.
Bakrie Global is a leading investment house in Indonesia with vast experience in strategic investment and corporate revitalization.
The required vessel should have minimum free main deck space area of 600 square meters, equipped with type of dynamic positioning minimum DP2.
The Kangean Block is currently the largest discovery of gas made off the mainland East Java Coast, comprising both onshore island and offshore locations within an area in excess of 4,500 km2. Energy Mega Persada said in its website that currently the block produce gas from 16 wells in the Ngimbang and Rancak gas reservoirs and the Sepanjang Oil field. Kangean has provided EMP with a significant gas footprint from which it continues to serve the rapidly growing industrial region of East Java.

Together with its proximity to pipeline infrastructure, access to a large customer base, and large gas reserves, EMP believes Kangean represents a low risk development opportunity.
As we move towards starting development on the Sirasun and Batur gas fields, also located within the TSB field, Kangean Energy is currently simultaneously seeking to develop newly discovered gas fields such as the West Kangean field, located offshore West Kangean Island, Indonesia and to start exploration at the South Saubi Prospect, where large-scale oil discovery is expected. Advancing in these efforts will continue to assist with ensuring a stable supply of energy to the Indonesian market. In March 2008, EMP obtained approval from its shareholders to dilute its stake in Lapindo Brantas Inc from previously 100 % to 0.01%.
We seek to bring the best of Indonesia to the world and the best in the world to Indonesia. EMP holds an effective interest of 50 per cent in the PSC with Mitsubishi and Japex each holding 25 per cent and all three represented on the operating committee.
The development efforts are focused on the large Terang Sirasun Batur  (TSB) gas field located about 20 km south of the Trans Java Gas Pipeline and 120 km north of Bali.

The majority of this PSC’s reserves are proven and represent about two thirds of the company’s 2P reserve base.
Almost two years later in January 2006, EMP acquired PT Tunas Harapan Perkasa which consisted of 5 operating oil and gas assets.
In May 2007, EMP farmed out 50% of Kangean PSC to JAPEX and Mitsubishi, and remains as a single majority owner of Kangean PSC with 50% interest. Kalimantan Pacific Amonia, Petrokimia Gresik, Kelian, Semen Padang, Tripolyta , Styrindo Mono Indonesia, Indo Bharat Rayon, Polytama Propindo, Pupuk Kalimantan Timur, Kaltim Pharna Industri, Imeco Inter Sarana , Sayap Mas Utama, Universal Respati Turbine Engineering.
EMP used the proceed to improve its gearing position and to support its working capital requirements.

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