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Our EMI Shield, RFI Shielding products , RF Shields, RFI Shielding, RFI materials, gaskets, and die-cutting materials are an excellent choice for a wide range of companies & applications, including original equipment manufacturers (OEM), commercial electronics, enclosure manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, medical, military, and many more.
In order to improve the shielding performance, increase product yield and reduce the thickness of shielded packages the use of conformal shielding with metal sputtering has been introduced. Tango’s proprietary segment carrier design maximizes the number of packages that can be placed on a single carrier. The cluster design of the Axcela HVM tool makes it possible for users to start with a single process chamber for low volume runs. EMI Shielding Coatings & Conductive Form in place gaskets are materials designed to contain, shield or control an Electronic Field in order to prevent undesired responses or degradation of performance in electrical or electronic equipment.
Depending on your application and EMI Shielding requirements, Central Coating offers a wide selection of EMI Coatings which we  stock.  These coatings include Silver Plated Copper, Nickel and pure Silver materials. When shielding a system, design engineers should consider incorporating a Faraday Cage design approach from the onset of the design.  This approach will provide enclosure shielding encapsulating the electronics.
With over 35 years of experience, Central Coating has a solid history of proving our customers with quality, cost effective and reliable EMI Shielding coating solutions. The first compound  is  ideal for use on electronic enclosures and assemblies where abrasion resistance and coating durability are important. It is an electrically conductive, one-component nickel-filled acrylic coating that is specially formulated for application on plastics to provide modest EMI shielding. The second material we are working with is an electrically screen-printable, electrically conductive, epoxy based ink and coating suitable for application by screen- printing, dipping and syringe dispensing.
These answers are critical in designing effective masking for success.  Central Coating has multiple options, and years of experience, to help guide you to a positive outcome with your product. We welcome involvement as early in the design process as possible, but can respond effectively at any point in your product design cycle. EMI Shielding and EMI Shielding Services are provided in  Massachusetts (MA), Maine (ME), Vermont (VT), Connecticut (CT), Rhode Island (RI), New Hampshire (NH), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA) and the entire east and west coast. With total thickness of 22 microns, SF-PC5000 film is formulated for flex interconnects, COF, hinge applications in cellular phones, and LCD drivers. Tatsuta System Electronics Co., Ltd released a new EMI shield film, SF-PC5000, formulated for flex interconnects, COF, hinge applications in cellular phones, digital camera modules and LCD drivers.
JANUARY 11, 2002, WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- Chomerics, a division of the Parker Hannifin Corporation, has introduced Cho-Form® 5541 corrosion-resistant, form-in-place EMI shielding gasket material.
United Western Enterprises is experienced in developing, manufacturing and improving custom RFI and EMI shielding.
One piece shielding, shielding with peel away tops or two piece shields consisting of a a€?fence and covera€? combination are typical designs for shielding.
The disturbance of EMI (electromagnetic interference) may cause consumer electronic devices such as notebook and digital cameras unable to function normally. In the past EMI shielding has been done with metal lids (“metal cans”) on packages or sprayed on epoxy shielding materials.

Adding process chambers to already installed Axcela systems can be done in less than one hour.
They provide excellent levels of EMI shielding effectiveness over a wide frequency range and excellent adhesion on a variety of plastics.
This tooling eliminates hand masking, reduces part cost and provides a high level of part-to-part repeatability. EMI Shielding Coatings are used by the medical, military, telecommunications automotive, consumer goods and instrumentation markets and industries.
We also apply a wide variety of Conductive Form-in-place gasket materials if your application requires gasket sealing solutions.  Many of these materials’ technical data sheets can be found in the Technical Section of our web-site. We remain in the forefront of technological advances in precision coating application for a growing technological community. This durable, conductive coating derives its hardness from its nickel composition and may provide limited amounts of H-field shielding.
This product features excellent adhesion to Kapton, Mylar, glass and a variety of other surfaces. With a total thickness of only 22 microns it is especially well suited for dynamic flex operations and acts as a covercoat in addition to its shield properties.
The film exhibits excellent thermal stability during reflow with no blistering, warp age and minimal shrinkage. Single-component, electrically conductive, silicone elastomer contains nickel-plated graphite particles.
Cho-Form 5541 gaskets provide excellent EMI shielding and demonstrate superior galvanic corrosion resistance when dispensed on bare metal electronics housings, such as base station PCB covers and other electronic equipment with required long service life. With the introduction of high capacity carriers based on multi-process chamber cluster technology Tango has been able to offer the lowest CoO (Cost of Ownership) for any sputtered EMI shielding process.
At the same time the available active backside cooling allows for processing temperatures to be kept below 100 degrees C. No other EMI shielding equipment has the capability to offer modular expansion to quickly adapt to manufacturing volume changes.
Whether you are shielding the interior of an electronic enclosure or components with in the electronic enclosure, Central Coating has the expertise and experience to provide the appropriate and most cost effective solution to your EMI Shielding problem. When utilizing a plastic enclosure, conductive EMI shielding paints in combination with form-in-place conductive gasket application have proven to be great shielding approaches which simulate Faraday cages. We have over 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 5 Robot Coating Cells and 3 six axis robots applying EMI Shielding Coating 1 part to thousands of parts. Given its relatively low conductivity as compared to other metal fillers, the nickel provides exceptional shielding for enclosures where both external RF fields must be excluded, and internal radiated emission must be attenuated. Unlike conventional conductive materials, this product is very resistant to flexing and creasing. Film exhibits thermal stability during reflow with no blistering or warpage, and minimal shrinkage.

SF-PC5000 comes with a mat black finish while the original shield film SF- PC1000 is silver. Gasket material provides shielding effectiveness above 70 dB, from 200 MHz to 10 GHz, and meets UL 94V-0 flammability requirements.
Shields can be etched as flat pieces with or without etched bend lines to ease forming at your facility or we can form at our in-house forming department. We have been constantly innovating and developing our EMI shielding cases to keep up with the market demand.
A closed loop temperature monitoring system allows for continuous sputtering without exceeding the recipe set temperature points. The EMI Shielding Coating would be applied robotically to the interior of the plastic enclosure and the EMI Form-in-Place (FIP) conductive gasket would provide the connection and complete the seal. SF-PC5000 and 1000 comes with both a 50 micron PET transfer film for ease of handling and 120 micron film for protection. Part numbers, logos or other identification can be included on your shields as well, further developing the shielding to your requirements.
We can provide you EMI shielding case for EMI solution and fast prototype sample to satisfy with your market demand. Central Coating can help you choice the appropriate EMI Shielding Coating as well as EMI Shielding Gasket material for your application.
The 5541 material is a single component, electrically conductive silicone elastomer containing nickel-plated graphite particles. Cho-Form 5541 gaskets are robotically dispensed onto customer enclosures or castings and heat-cured in just 30 minutes, allowing fast handling, QC inspection, and packaging of dispensed parts. The gaskets provide shielding effectiveness above 70 dB from 200 MHz to 10 GHz, and meet UL 94V-0 flammability requirements. Cho-Form 5541 material is provided in 6-ounce (180 cc) cartridges containing 350 grams of compound.
Cho-Form 5541 is the newest material in the Chomerics family of form-in-place, conductive elastomer EMI gasket products.
Chomerics provides gasket dispensing services, design assistance and parts prototyping on a global basis.
Prices for dispensed gaskets on cellular handsets and other small wireless devices are typically less than $1.00.

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