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EMF emerged amidst the explosion of Britpop in the early 1990's with a catchy indie dance sound, and are best known for the single ''Unbelievable''. Formed in the Forest Of Dean in Gloucestershire, EMF released 3 studio albums, ''Schubert Dip'', ''Stigma'' and ''Cha Cha Cha'', and were made up of James Atkins (vocal, guitars), Ian Dench (guitar, keyboards), Derry Brownson (keyboards, samples), Mark Decloedt (drums) and Zac Foley (bass). In 2002 bassist Zac Foley died of a drug overdose, and the band split more once, emerging again in 2007 where they played a one-off gig and also supported fellow 90's favourites, Carter USM. This information is provided as a brief overview and not as a definitive guide, there are other sources on the net for that. Le plus grand festival electro franc?ais investit cette anne?e encore Port Barcare?s et les jardins du Lydia pour sa septie?me e?dition.
Cette e?dition 2015 de l’Electro- beach EMF marque un tournant dans l’histoire du festival avec l’ajout d’une journe?e de concerts supple?mentaires entre mer et sce?ne.
Il reste encore des billets, si ca vous interesse, rendez vous sur le site officiel ou sur digitick ! Saisissez votre adresse email pour vous abonner a ce blog et recevoir une notification de chaque nouvel article par email.

O La Cumbuca e um site especializado em falar sobre a musica que nem sempre esta ao alcance de todos (mas devia estar) produzida no Brasil e no mundo, criado por fas do programa de radio Ronca Ronca. Scientific researcher and inventor Zbigniew Malecki helped NASA with his inventions before he founded MicroAlpha out of a passion for further knowledge into the negative effects from our surrounding electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that invade us with radiation.
He was mystified by so many health problems with unknown causes and wondered why people weren’t getting better in spite of the treatment options they sought. He invented EMF Neutralizers that can help absorb negative EMF radiation and immediately noticed a difference in people who would use these Neutralizers – more energy, less aches, pains and illness. Zbigniew Malecki discovered that today’s geomagnetic field collapsed and is 0.5% (200 times weaker) than that from four thousand years ago. We, as living beings, rely on this absolutely essential environmental factor for our very lives and health. Although we have adapted to this loss of geomagnetic energy somewhat, we have also lost much of our body’s functional vitality. After all, he reasoned, without energy running into the walls, he couldn’t turn on his computer.

So why would a human body work if there wasn’t enough energy to ‘run the engine’ and regenerate cells that are the life force keeping the body alive? This idea forced him to invent Magnetopathy, and he combined gentle magnetic pulses that put energy back into the body along with neutralizing the harmful EMFs. In 2000 the band split up, reforming in 2001, releasing ''Epsom Mad Funkers, The Best Of EMF''.
Avec une affluence en constante augmentation et une program- mation de pointe, l’Electrobeach EMF s’impose comme l’e?ve?nement e?lectro incontournable de l’e?te? 2015.
Un nouvel espace VIP sur le pont supe?rieur du Lydia (unique paquebot ensable? au monde et symbole de Port Barcare?s) sera installe cette annee egalement !
Plus de 120 000 personnes sont attendues cette anne?e pour profiter d’un line-up exclusif, parmi lesquels Alesso, Armin van Buuren, Avicii, Axwell ^ Ingrosso pour leurs seules dates franc?aises de l’e?te?.

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