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Various types of gears are manufactured and designed, including a complete gear box system.
Tooling design and sheet metal stamping parts production in industrial domains such as cooking System Igniter, ITM Tracker etc. Company profileMarket Specialists Enterprise was established since 1988, during the past 23 years our focus is to design and manufacture spare parts for heavy motorbike, bicycle and other types of metallic components. Our Service & Production ProcessFrom zero to the final product, Market Specialists Enterprise design and manufacture based on your needs. GFS-A2 is special designed for the outdoor enthusiasts and also the household appliances with brand new concept. ECCOM Fuel Injector tester & Cleaner mainly apply to fuel injector testing, cleaning and quality analyze.
Spot welding machine can reach the best effect with PC micro processor control, advanced digital control technique, and special personalized designs due to suitable welding places.
Description:Sticker Remover has the ability to remover the sticker on the glass and others quickly.
We are Chinese supplier of industrial brushes with production facilities in Anhui and sales & customer service office in Shanghai. Chamois is a 100% natural product made from the finest fish-oil tanned sheepskins or lambskins.

MCU controlled Interface for Mercedes Benz Carsoft 7.4 which is compatible with the original interface.
The W -3000B is a new generation luxury car auto body straightening bench newly developed by Want Company.
The product can provide cleaning, polishing and protecting effect for auto-metal, paints, etc. BMW Group Tester One (GT1) is specially offered to the BMW workshops & service center with the same specification that is currently supplied to BMW franchised dealers.
It can makes your car far from ultraviolet radiation and make your car very beautiful that very easy to be cleaned with water.
PVA chamois is a special kind of sponge-towel with reinforced mesh, which keeps the towel incredibly durable. Used for car cleaning, we can make all kinds different design according to your requirment. Super Polish Car wax is easy to apply and can be used to give a new glittering mirror finish to your cars, almirahs, scooters, fridge, etc.
LJ series spray booth has a complete range of downdraft booth to satisfy the various needs of body shops, also offer a wide variety of options. Description:For more products and details, please visit our company website and the address shows on the above image.

Whether high wind or high water, fires or floods, you may need to work fast to clear a path to safety or reach someone in danger.
Sure, a Swiss Army knife might come in handy, but what happens when you have aA real emergency? The kit comes with other items that one may need: bobby pin, strike-anywhere match, rubber band, bubble gum, paper clip, shoelace, 1 cent stamp and duct tape. The air freshener with pine fragrance, suitable to hang them in car, bedroom, office, bathroom and so on. Developed three different categories of four-wheel vehicle positioning system indepently and consecutively.
Imagine chewing the bubble gum, sticking the shoelace inside on top of the bobby pin, smashing that inside the gum and lighting it. You can quickly cut branches and fallen tree limbs, knock down broken doors or clear debris. Stock up on quality ammunition today.Lucky Gunner has a huge selection of ammunition for handguns, rifles and shotguns, great prices and they ship fast.

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