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In 2007, Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and a group of dedicated volunteers formed our first CERT Team. CERT training is designed to prepare you to help yourself, your family and your neighbors in the event of an anticipated disruptions and potential hazards before and following a disaster.
If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact our office at (281) 342-6185 or email. As part of our Emergency Response Plan, the University has a Pandemic Planning Committee chaired by the Vice-President Administration with representation from various sectors of the University community. This committee is charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing the pandemic plan and taking recommendations to the University Administration for consideration as appropriate.

Use these ID badges for quick identification - improving safety and security at your office, school, or work site. An appropriate emergency response team already exists separate from the endeavor or center. The purpose and mission of the CERT Team is to aid and support the people of Fort Bend County preparing for, responding to, recovering from, or mitigating the effects of natural and Man-Made disasters. They are great for identifying trained personal, recognizing employee contributions, safety campaigns and much moreā€¦. We regularly update and exercise our Emergency Response Plan and work closely with EMO Nova Scotia (Emergency Management Office) to certify and train our staff in emergency preparedness and response.

These Hard Hat Labels are constructed from durable, pressure sensitive vinyl or engineer grade reflective for low light or nighttime visibility. These safety messages are also effective when attached to vehicles, machinery, tool boxes, equipment etc. We also collaborate with the Town of Wolfville Emergency Response Team and the Kings County Regional Emergency Management Organization .

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