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Posters are available free of charge to those who work in the film and performing arts industries in British Columbia.
Finding out who to talk to about health and safety in the motion picture and performing arts industries in B.C. As part of our Propane Safety Awareness Campaign, Actsafe has a fantastic new resource to help workers recognize the hazards of propane radiant heaters in lunch and holding tents.
Use this poster in an easily accessible location to communicate vital emergency procedures quickly.
Firstly we require existing blueprint or building plans so that we can generally match your emergency diagrams to them.
We then visit your workplace and draw up a draft map from your building plans outlining egress pathways, exit door locations, location of fire equipment and assembly areas. Finally we prepare laminated wall diagrams (framed) for each specific location in your building.
Emergency response flip charts are an effective way of referencing important contacts and actions to be taken in an emergency. An emergency flip chart is a handy document that can be positioned in clear easily accessed positions throughout your building, warehouse, factory or place of business. Fire Direct has created a specialised poster with information on what to do in the event of and emergency, including what the emergency warning sounds will be, and what to do when you hear them. Emergency response posters are a great way of providing easy to access information which are be important in an emergency.

An emergency procedures poster easy to follow and can be positioned in clear easily accessed positions throughout your building, warehouse, factory or place of business.
During and emergency, it is important that members of the workplace emergency team are easy to identify. Fire Direct has made this easy by providing distinctly coloured hats and lanyards with the role embroidered on the front for easy recognition.
Site Safety Diagrams and direction signage diagrams are commonly used in large scale public spaces to locate various tenancies, occupancies, facilities and departments. A clear-cut Emergency Procedure Sign helps people take quick, corrective actionss to control the situation. To be used ONLY in the case of an emergency and ONLY by authorised persons who have had instructions in its use. Before any emergency operation is attempted, a minimum of two authorised persons must attend and establish effective communication with one another. 3 Warn any passengers in the lift that it is about to be moved and therefore to stand clear of the doors and remain in the car until instructed to leave. 7 Providing the car is free to be moved in the downward direction then it should be wound the nearest floor below. 9 If the lift car does not move, cease all attempts, reassure trapped passengers and await Lift Engineer’s arrival.
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These are an essential part of your evacuation procedure and are required by Work Health and Safety legislation.
We then send you a copy of the draft plans based on your building blueprint for your approval (Remember that our aim to keep these evacuation diagrams simple).
It also includes valuable information about evacuation procedures and alerting emergency services. We also carry a Mobile Range of firefighting equipment from 22kg through to 90 kg size and from 30 litres up to 90 litres.
Locality guides in shopping centres, hospitals, institutions, government services and large complex buildings are examples of public spaces utlising way signage diagrams to inform their occupants of location as well as traffic flow and accessibility. In case of fire or fuel spill sign informs everyone of the next steps in case of emergency.
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