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We will be Working on a series of SIMPLIFIED DOCUMENTS this year, releasing new ones monthly, that will help others to Prepare and Teach Preparedness.
Disclaimer: Also, because we made some of these documents for our local church congregation, some of them were used in teaching spiritual and temporal preparedness to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Preparedness Is Peace Document is Special and I usually always pass that one out, but one of the other first getting started documents I pass out a lot is a PREPAREDNESS TEST FOR THE FAMILY the first four questions, I believe, are some of the best first four preparedness areas to focus on, and they happen to be promoted by my church (To See their document and council google: ALL IS SAFELY GATHERED IN provident living) The rest of the test asks other general preparedness questions to jog some helpful hints on areas your family can improve on. When I pass the test out, I explain, if they can say yes to the FIRST FOUR QUESTIONS in that test, they will be very blessed, because they will not only have greater peace of mind, because they are living in the top 5% of the world for preparedness, they will probably have already discovered, if not yet, that over time, those first four principles of preparedness, LEAD to other preparedness principles. The ones the church primarily has asked its members to focus on, 90 day supply, storing water and the ability to purify more water, financial house in order, and long term food storage often lead to the other principles of self reliance. Sanitation may be about emergency toilets and supplies, or it may be about how to safely bury bodily waste, or it may be fun, like how to make soaps, cleaners, shampoos, laundry without power, etc.
The next TWO pages are used in the front of my church leaderships EP Response Manuals we created for Leadership to Use in Emergencies for a quick reference guide. There are 12 months a year, and there are 12 experts, technically 14 when you include the EP specialist that leads them, and the communications guy. During an actual disaster the Leadership activates, or call on, the specific experts BUT only if Needed. Since Block Captains or Home Teachers or Visiting Teachers are already delivering a spiritual message from the Ensign they are then asked to deliver a copy of the temporal well being message as well, and honestly we often include the non members in our area, so they are encouraged to be prepared as well. Side Note: *The Fatality Expert for the stake is often some guy in the stake that owns a mortuary, or knows what to do, If there is a LARGE scale amount of losses, etc. Student Tools for Emergency Planning program aims to educate fifth-grade students and their parents.
A student makes a map of evacuation routes in her home and neighborhood as part of the STEP program. STEP (PDF) is a FEMA-sponsored program designed to teach kids the basics of emergency preparedness with the hopes that they’ll go home and teach mom and dad. Principals make the call to sign up their schools and in so doing promise that their teachers will conduct up to eight hours of curriculum, according to Galbreath.

The homework consists of developing a family communications plan to be completed as a family. The video tells of the story of Tilly Smith, a 10-year-old British girl who saved hundreds of beach-goers by warning them of the impending tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. She said kids and families often take their efforts a step further and add to their preparedness capabilities after having participated in the program.
The course can be taught by a regular teacher or schools can ask a volunteer, such as a local first responder or in Michigan’s case, a community service trooper. Galbreath said the program is free to the students and that Target provided a substantial grant to help keep it going.
The mission of Gonzaga University's Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management is to support a safe teaching and learning environment for University staff, faculty, students, visitors and partners by promoting and implementing enterprise risk management practices. These two pages "ACTIVATE SPECIALISTS" sit side by side and constitute the team of experts he has called to the Response Team, they also help teach each subject in our stake to each ward, BUT only focusing on one area a month a year. The stake usually activates two immediately first, the EP Specialist and the Communications Specialist, and sometimes the High Councilman assigned over the EP program.
For instance, if the water has been contaminated, the water specialist is called up and activated to duty. For the last three years students have become better prepared to weather a disaster or emergency, thanks to the Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) program, which has taken off in the state. Just one hour of instruction is needed to participate in the program and thus receive the goodies, including homework handouts and a backpack containing an emergency blanket, whistle, flashlight and extra batteries for the flashlight. Classroom work includes viewing a video, called The Adventures of the Disaster Dudes, during which students discuss with the instructor the kinds of disasters that might hit the local area and the importance of having supplies like food and water on hand, along with the importance of having a communication plan.
The Genesee County Health Department wants you to have a plan to protect your employees, lessen the impact of the emergency on your business and remain open or re-open quickly. Gonzaga offers 75 fields of study, 26 master’s degrees, doctorate degrees in leadership studies and nursing, and a juris doctor degree through the School of Law.
We do not represent or speak for the leaders of the church, we only hope we are upstanding members in our efforts to serve the Lord.

Example, When you are talking about sanitation, deal with everyones sanitation needs, including diapers, feminine products, cat litter, etc.
The bishops once they saw the level of training and organization at the stake and the support within the team also asked if they could call a team. For a better experience using Genesee County Health Department, please upgrade to a modern browser by clicking on one of the icons to the right. For instance one year EDUCATION may be focusing on helping people to go back to college, another it might be about scholarships, another it might be about k-12 options, including charter and homeschool curriculums. Out EP Specialist, Communications Specialist, Stake President, and High councilman over preparedness developed that team.
So, Each Bishop in our stake has now duplicated this plan, so they each have teams of trained experts in Every Needful Field at the ward level. They usually email that theme out to ward and stake leadership and other experts from the wards, the message is then supposed to be passed down. They will be visual, easy to understand, one page docs, and educational so Individuals and Families, Communities, Church Organizations, and Neighbors can gauge where they are at in their preparedness, and help them to move forward one step at a time in their personal efforts. Our opinions and interpretations, are in no way meant to represent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
They are just responsible for that one month's message and then the next month someone else takes over. We were fortunate enough to have in our stake a man who was a coroner, who also did some work on the ground after the 2004 Tsunamis in Thailand who had dealt with the overwhelming task of more than 400,000 deaths.
Also their other annual responsibility is to work with the other called ward Food Storage Experts from the congregations once a year to do some great classes and booths on Food Storage at the Stake preparedness fair. He privately trained our stake leaders about grief counseling and has been a blessing to our stake president knowing his expertise is available.

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