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Sorry, your requested ticket quantity exceeds the number provided by your promotional code. Sorry, you need to enable javascript to place an order.How do I enable JavaScript on my computer? We couldn't process your order because you have this event open on multiple tabs in your browser. ALL Scouts must Be Prepared by reading both Merit Badge Books prior to this event and they        must be ready to explain, show, and demonstrate each requirement as stated.
Emergency Preparedness merit badge is an option for the Eagle Scout rank.Scouts can choose to earn Lifesaving instead.
Scouts are often called upon to help because they know first aid and they know about the discipline and planning needed to react to an emergency situation. Emergency Preparedness merit badge is an option for the National Outdoor Badge for Adventure.
Include in your discussion the kinds of questions that are important to ask yourself as you consider each of these. The BSA Emergency Preparedness Troop Program Feature offers meeting and activity plans to include Emergency Preparedness as one of your monthly themes.
An Introduction to Merit Badges – how to get started, who chooses the counselor, etc. Merit Badge Application – offers online resources to let you print "Blue Cards," etc. Merit Badge Counselors must complete Youth Protection Training, file an Adult Application (and Merit Badge Counselor Information Form); and be approved by the local council. FEMA Independent Study List — If you have an older Scout working on this badge, FEMA self-study units can be converted to college credits. The scouts will receive the all the written materials they need at the Feb 22 troop meeting. Among the prerequisite assignments were the observation of a reptile or amphibian pet for a minimum of thirty days. After having built his own model rocket at camp and successfully launched it (quite high), Joseph has announced a new hobby–model rocketry.

Adding to all of that, Joseph qualified as a full swimmer this year, and with that status, had the ability to go boating on his own.
At summer camp, Joseph sat with his scoutmaster and shared that he feels ready to assume a leadership position in the troop (now at 63 boys with 13 more on the way from Cub Scouts in March).
As we sink further and further into the morass of a resurgent eugenics movement it is people such as these young men and their leaders who are a bright, shining star in the encroaching darkness. For Joseph, the road to full participation has been paved smooth in no small measure by these boys and young men. I met you at the RATI banquet in October here in Charlotte – we both have boys with autism (mine is 13) and you suggested I email you. On a related note, my sweetie has been counting the number of frogs waiting outside the front door. Both your son and my sweetie will eventually become wonderful naturalists — or conservationists.
Please enter a quantity of 1 or more next to the type or types of tickets you would like to purchase. Be Prepared                             to perform First Aid as you never know who will be turned into a                                                                             Zombie!! It is the Scouts  responsibility to know all information in advance- just as they would if they were                            calling a Merit Badge Counselor to meet for a sign-off. I have carefully considered the risk involved and have given consent for my child to participate in the activity. Earning this merit badge helps a Scout to be prepared by learning the actions that can be helpful and needed before, during, and after an emergency. Make a chart that demonstrates your understanding of each of the aspects of emergency preparedness in requirement 2a (prepare, respond, recover, prevent, and mitigate) with regard to 10 of the situations listed below.
Meet with and teach your family how to get or build a kit, make a plan, and be informed for the situations on the chart you created for requirement 2b. Find out who is your community's emergency management director and learn what this person does to prepare for, respond to, recover from, prevent, and mitigate emergency situations in your community. Take part in an emergency service project, either a real one or a practice drill, with a Scouting unit or a community agency. Using a safety checklist approved by your counselor, inspect your home for potential hazards. Develop an accident prevention program for five family activities outside the home (such as taking a picnic or seeing a movie) that includes an analysis of possible hazards, a proposed plan to correct those hazards, and the reasons for the corrections you propose. In that case, they can only be edited by an administrator.Please note any errors found in the above requirements on this article's Talk Page.

The courses from FEMA are free; there is a small charge to convert them to college credits. We just returned from a week at summer camp where I ran a program for new scouts and Joseph was on his own, earning five merit badges of his choosing, four of which had significant prerequisites that took months to complete.
With that has come something every parent hopes for and fears: an appetite for independence.
His scoutmaster agreed and told him to plan to attend the Leadership Training weekend in September. For parents who fear for their prenatally diagnosed children, there is a need for a message of hope.
They are waiting for the sun to drop and the outside porch light to come on — their signal that dinner (flies, moths and anything else attracted to the bright lightbulb) will soon arrive.
I understand that participation in the activity is entirely voluntary and requires participants to abide by applicable rules and standards of conduct. You must use situations 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 below in boldface, but you may choose any other five listed here for a total of 10 situations. Discuss this information with your counselor and apply what you discover to the chart you created for requirement 2b.
Prepare a family kit (suitcase or waterproof box) for use by your family in case an emergency evacuation is needed. I barely saw Joseph at all as we headed in our own directions, but I heard from everyone how much he came out of his shell last week. By December he’ll reach the rank of Star, and by next September, the rank of Life Scout (one away from Eagle). In another troop in my community, a boy with a degenerative neuromuscular disorder that will likely claim him before his twentieth birthday wanted to become a scout, and joined. Then meet with your counselor and report on your family meeting, discuss their responses, and share your family plan. More importantly, I had boys asking me his whereabouts so they could challenge him to any one of several games or activities. His troop organized a series of car washes in order to raise the money to buy him a specialized wheelchair that would enable him to go camping with the troop. When a discussion about Asperger’s and ADD arose among some of the new boys, Joseph shared very matter-of-factly his own experiences with autism and ADD (I let Joseph know about his diagnoses this year).

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