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One of my favorite online resources House Logic has put together a useful list for creating an emergency preparedness kit for your home. Make sure your family is ready for any emergency, visit House Logic online here for the complete checklist and other emergency preparedness tips. This entry was posted in Misc., Safety and tagged emergency preparedness, emergency preparedness kit, flood, natural disasters, wildfires. Get My Home Search App Click here to download my GPS Home Search App from your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android) for easy home searches on the go! March 7, 2014 · by Leslie Pleasants · Leave a Comment Are you prepared at your home for the unthinkable? Toilets:  Oh yes,  sometimes you might find other things being flushed down the toilet like the Hulk, or rocks or lots and lots… actually the whole roll of toilet paper.
The first thing you need to know is to have an emergency preparedness kit around the house. If you live in a quake-prone area, secure water heaters, book cases, household electronics, and any large furtiture. In case of this common household emergency, you’ll obviously want to move to the attic or second story. For a hurricane, you’ll want the family to report to the bathroom, hallway, closet, or some other windowless space to ride out the storm.
At least once a year though, I find myself in a situation where I do wish I had a kit all ready to go. So that’s all it takes for a little more peace of mind when it comes to Summer storms.
I think a couple of coloring books, crayons and a deck of cards is probably also a good idea…. I ca print a copy of this and I will give a copy to my friends and or Municipality for them to distribute a copy to the community.

You disaster plan should include insurance, which will protect your equipment, furniture, and office space. Here’s a link to a great list of 6 tools for preparing your law firm for a disaster (and here).
Whether your home is vulnerable to wildfires, floods or other natural disasters, you want to be ready. If you have private inquiries, however, please Contact Me directly (see above) to ensure the best service.
Inspired by her own busy life with kiddos she set out to create a spot where Moms of any stage or age could find relevant and resourceful advice. Luckily there are things you can do around the home to be ready for some unexpected phenomenon.
This kit should include first aid, back-up food supply, a flashlight, candles and a lighter, and anything else you think you may need for an extended stay in the home. I’m just putting everything together into 2 plastic tubs that can easily be tossed into back packs on the way out of the house, or into the trunk of the car. You want it somewhere that you can access easily when it’s dark and the power is out, not up in the back of a bedroom closet on the third floor! I can even prepare it in a color coded so that I will know what to color I will pick up if I needed something in my kit or survival bag. With cloud computing services and cloud storage, there is no excuse for not having adequate data backup methods.
Many law firms and insurance companies offer help to members in creating their disaster plans. The first step is making sure your important papers have been safeguarded — insurance policies, the deed to your home, passports, social security cards, etc. This infographic takes a look at where the safest places are inside the house, and how to prep your real estate for whatever Mother Nature sends your way.

If someone suffers from asthma or allergies, have the necessary precautions in the kit, as well.
You can also get straps from a hardware store to help hold down your roofing and wall panels in high winds. Most often, the worst that happens is that we lose power for a few hours and we get a few big branches down in the yard, but even then, having a few supplies nearby would be really handy and comforting too. I’m keeping it in a cupboard in our master bedroom, which is right off the living room and easy to get to whenever we need it. Soon I’ll be fully prepared and maybe even a little excited to see how well we do when the first power outage hits this year. Clio, a cloud-based law practice management provider, is hosting a disaster preparedness webinar. Take a look at all these tips and you’ll improve your emergency preparedness in the home.
Even a simple water break, roof leak, or break-in, could have catastrophic effects on your own law practice. You’ll need to register online for the event, but this should be a great way to get started. I hesitated signing up for another marketing gimmick, but after the recent tornadoes, I’m attending.

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