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For building staff to clearly understand the proper actions in an emergency the Emergency Response Guide is invaluable. Emergency Preparedness Brochures and Booklets can be distributed electronically to all tenants and employees. The materials provide an efficient, cost-effective means of reinforcing life safety training. Our standard booklet divides procedures into a Your Role (tenant)-Our Role (building staff) format. A separate guide can be adapted to the training needs of building staff and also to Warden Teams.
The most common is for building management to make content available on a Website and to send tenants a link.
Management sends reminders electronically on a regular basis of the importance of reviewing the emergency procedures.
For over 20 years, Ken Samuelsen has produced key floor plans and riser diagrams for clearly delineating building systems, exit routes, and other pertinent building information. Safety Planning Group is knowledgable of all the pertinent fire safety code in New York City to ensure fast approval by the FDNY.
Filmed on-site, the video can be used for fire drills, preparedness training for building staff, floor wardens, and all tenants. Emergency planning and preparedness is essential for all individuals, groups, organizations, and agencies.
In a natural or manmade disaster, or under elevated national security threat levels, events occur that necessitate the coordination and delivery of crisis intervention and response services. Southland residents know very well how brutal Mother Nature can be, and not only because California is earthquake country. Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Stacey Gerlich says that having a plan is as important to a family’s well-being as having insurance, because it alleviates the anxiety that comes with fear of the unknown. Do you have top-heavy furniture, bookcases or appliances that could topple during heavy shaking?
Breakable items can be secured to shelves with museum wax, which is designed to grip without harming the wood. Kids will appreciate the simple explanations of how to behave during an event (such as an earthquake or fire) at My Safe LA. Each campus within the Los Angeles Unified School District has its own emergency plan, and LAUSD urges parents to familiarize themselves with their own schools’ plans by contacting their administrators. Once you’ve drafted a plan for your family, sit everyone down together and talk about it in an age-appropriate manner. After the 1994 Northridge earthquake, power was lost in some neighborhoods for several days, and the water supply was disrupted. You don’t know where you’ll be when an earthquake strikes, so Gerlich suggests you keep supplies in each of your vehicles, in addition to your home kit. It has been said that earthquakes don’t kill people; falling items and failed structures do. These are the Official All-Hazards Disaster Planning Guides with hurricane evacuation zone maps for the coastal counties in the Tampa Bay area. The Disaster Planning Guides also provide preparedness information for other hazards, including floods, tornadoes, hazardous materials, and terrorism.

If you need assistance in locating your zone, evacuation route, or evacuation shelter, please contact your county's Emergency Management office.
These are higher-resolution PDF versions of the Official 2013 Disaster Planning Guide for the Tampa Bay area that are designed for large-format printers. Project Envolve™ is a program sponsored primarily by PPL Electric Utilities with the mission of helping us all save more and use less electricity.
Our emergency plan including writing down important phone numbers: family, friends, and neighbors, plus our work and school information. Have an out-of-town place to stay (with a friend or relative) should you need to leave your home.
Visit the Project Envolve website for more great posts about saving energy and being prepared for an emergency.
Project Envolve and PPL ELectric Utilities want you to be prepared in case of a disaster, too. This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18+ only and will end at 11:59pm ET September 2, 2014. Unfortunately, we don’t really have a plan, other than always keep cell phones charged, gas in the grill, and containers of water. Thanks for this healthy reminder that I should be working on this project before disaster strikes! We didn’t have much of a plan during Hurricane Irene (we fled to my inlaws in Port Jervis, NY) but somewhat of a plan during Hurricane Sandy (we had food and water, as well as flashlights).
Yes, we have one because we live in Florida where there is sometimes a chance of Hurricanes. We have one but we could use a few more items like a couple more flashlights and I would like a weather radio. We prepared some emergency kits after the two ice storms we had last year down in the South.
I would have never thought about the fact that not all of us might not be together in the event of an emergency!
No we don’t have one but because of all the great ideas from here I will start one now. No, we don’t have one, but this made me think of what a good idea would be to make one!
I admit that now that I am away from the gulf coast and the kids are grown, Hubz and I have slacked a bit on being prepared. We really don’t have a kit or a plan, but I have been telling my family that we need to work on this. We always keep an emergency preparedness kit (and check it yearly) because living in South Florida we have to deal with our annual hurricane season! Staff can access the information online and we can also print on the Guide on durable card stock, set in a spiral-bound flip book. If you are holding an event, a training, or simply wish to educate others about emergency preparedness, order FEMA publications here. This School Emergency Response Plan and Management Guide establishes the framework for creating, reviewing, or updating the emergency and crisis response plans for participating school buildings in the District of Columbia.
Fires, floods and mudslides are just a few additional catastrophic events that caused our governors to declare states of emergency 27 times from 1989-2009.

It shouldn’t be a topic to scare your children; knowing what to do is something that will empower the entire family. You can buy a fully prepared emergency supply kit from The Earthquake Store which is headquartered in Burbank, or you can assemble your own. If there is none nearby, only get down near an interior wall (or next to low-lying furniture that won’t fall on you), and cover your head and neck with your arms and hands. CERT-LA volunteers are trained in emergency response, and may have people in your community. When necessary, each county's Emergency Management office will recommend a hurricane evacuation by Level (A, B, C, D or E) as shown on these color-coded maps. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity.
An important addition to your organization s emergency response plan, put it in your desk or your trunk in case you need it.
My mission this month as part of the Project Envolve program was to get my act together and make sure my family has a plan and the supplies we need should we have an emergency. I have to admit that I need to get one of these together since we live in Tornado alley (aka Dallas)!!
We have a kit but this reminded me to check if food, batteries and other perishables are still okay. Your info graphic only provides the amount of water needed for a family of four for one day. Yet, according to the state Office of Emergency Services, fewer than 20% of us have taken necessary precautions in our homes… and only 40% of us keep sufficient water on hand in case of an emergency. Gerlich is a 25-year veteran of the Fire Department’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which prepares ordinary citizens to assist emergency personnel in a disaster, neighborhood by neighborhood. To find your local battalion and inquire about becoming trained yourself, look up your fire station number at the City Hall website, then locate the right CERT group on the list at their website. Instead, contact this office by phone by calling (727) 570-5151 or in writing to 4000 Gateway Centre Blvd., Suite 100, Pinellas Park, Florida 33782. Contents include a comprehensive list of survival and emergency gear needed to meet a variety of needs.
US coast guard approved food and water, thermal rescue blanket, light sticks, flashlight and more. Right here in my small town in Pennsylvania we had a tropical storm come through a few years ago that flooded tons of homes.
We’ve even been known to pitch a tent in the middle of the living room floor and pretend we’re camping out!

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