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But not many foods fulfill this requirement – we have to depend on a variety of food in order to supply us with the nutrients we need to get through an emergency or disaster.
There are also options such as energy bars – which are small but still packed with energy-giving nutrients, dehydrated and freeze dried foods which may have more of the nutrients still packed with it and is portable as there is no added water or any other additives added to the container – which can be a mylar bag (which can save a lot of space compared to other storage options). Freeze dried food in tin cans can be a good compromise, especially if the emergency food kit is meant for a good number of people. When preparing an emergency pack, one has to take note of the weight of all its components, because in the case of packs meant for travelling, one may want to be able to be mobile while having all they need in their packs. The most important factor to consider when planning and preparing an emergency food kit is for what is the emergency food kit for. For whatever purpose, an emergency food kit should contain food that satisfy and nourish our bodies, especially during an emergency.
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As with all Shelf Reliance products, THRIVE foods are selected and tested to meet the highest standards of premium long-lasting quality. Be ready with the convenience of delicious foods that are simple to prepare in circumstances without electricity or fresh ingredients, just by adding water to rehydrate them in minutes.

Order this comprehensive food supply today to get the peace of mind provided only by the superior quality of THRIVE. Perfect for emergency retreats, outdoor adventures, extended hotel stays, road trips, camping, the hunting shack and more! There is the need to account for drinking or cooking water and other life-saving utilities.
While canned foods can store varieties of food, the bulk of cans may leave little room for other emergency utilities and nutrients tend to be lost in the canning process. Companies selling freeze dried food such as Mountain House provides different viands and varieties to satisfy the nutrient requirement and also provide satisfaction from hunger during emergencies. This meant that food, while important, should be maximizing nutritional content with their weight.  Foods that fit these criteria are energy bars, dehydrated food, freeze dried food, and also vitamins and supplements. This supply includes great tasting foods from each of our THRIVE categories-- grains, fruits veggies, meats and beans, dairy, baking essentials, drinks, and even dessert-- ensuring that you have the necessary variety and nutrition. Great taste and simple preparation make this THRIVE package perfect for creating healthy, delicious meals in any emergency situation.
With quick recipes on every can-- and our exclusive THRIVE cookbook included-- you can create healthy, well-balanced meals your whole family will love.

For one, we need to consider what food items we could prioritize as there is the issue of space – especially if the emergency food kit is part of a grab bag or a bug-out bag (BOB) – and also we have the issue of the weight of the food items we want in our emergency food kit, especially if the purpose of the kit is to provide nutrition outside of our primary food storage (in the case of car, work or school kits). Food in an emergency food kit must satisfy the body’s daily nutrient requirements, or at the very least provide the nutrients that sustain body function until a time one can go back to their primary food source. Another option are multivitamins and supplement pills, though space efficient, will still need food items to satisfy hunger. For emergency food kits that serve as home packs can have a range of food from canned to freeze dried and small snacks, while emergency food kits that may become a part of a BOB or Get-Home Bag (GHB) may need more portable and lightweight food options. Each 72 Hour Emergency Entree Kit includes 4 servings per day (total of 12 servings)OUT OF STOCK More details Reduced price!

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