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Your response to an emergency often determines the impact the situation will have on those around you. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If there is a blackout, or a natural disaster, you never know how long the power will be out for, or how large of an area will be affected.
To prevent accidental poisoning, lock up cleaning products, pesticides, medications and any other chemicals. There are many ways from to keep the power flowing when the rest of the neighborhood is dark. The simplest emergency electrical option is to get a small generator and a large can of gasoline.
If you plan ahead, you can have a transfer switch installed next to your existing electrical panel.
Moving up on the list is to have solar panels recharging the batteries, but that is the most expensive system and is an article all to itself.
Section added by Laurie, because we’ve ended up with more short term than long term outages – thankfully! A lantern with a solar panel and hand crank for charging that also has a USB charger built in for charging cell phones and other small electronics, LED Crank flashlights and Emergency radio with solar panel, crank power, flashlight and cellphone charger.
For short outages, having a little light and contact with the outside world can make the time fly much faster. Over the course of upcoming posts, Jerry will do case studies using his old house (they just moved) to give you a more in depth feel for what is required, how it is put together, and possibly the costs involved. Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission to support the site at no extra cost to you. I cannot stress this enough…you will NOT be able to run everything you WANT off of ANY small generator. Also, keep in mind that the noise from a running generator WILL travel!….especially at night!
First you need to determine the load that the furnace would draw, then you should be able to size the backup power system accordingly.
I have purchased a couple of these generators blueprints from the web selling for $49 and worth about .49 cents. Warner, send me the information (with address so I can look it up on Google Earth) for that $100K quote so I can see what is going on ([email protected]). If you want to save 90+% in fuel cost install a natural gas line and convert your generator to natural gas. Oh and hook your propane grill to your new natural gas line also, never have to deal with the tanks again. For everybody that does live in an area where natural gas is available as your primary source of fuel for heating.
If you do any kind of research online you will find you need, or it is suggested you need, a bug-out-bag, an Everyday Carry kit (EDC), a wilderness survival kit, possibly a action bag at the office, and of course a survival kit for your vehicle.

This article is not so much about what you need, because really you are the only one that knows that, but more about how to get started. Previous articles have talked extensively about the fact that most supplies are not disaster specific, in other words, you will need the same supplies regardless of the crisis.
Power disruptions, which will mean no electricity and water disruptions if you receive water from a municipality and possible disruptions in natural gas flow and your local propane company, may not be able to get to your home to top off, or fill your tank (s). There may be damage to the roads and highways, so travel may be limited or you may not be able to get out of your own driveway. Your new Keurig 2.0 or the latest auto drip coffee maker, which is so high-tech it even fries your bacon for you will not work, so the ole standby camp percolator will have to suffice that is if you even have any ground coffee available. It is not that you cannot live without electricity, but the fact is that the majority of people in this country have never had to live without electricity for more than a few days at a time. A few hours without it, is an irritation, a few days is a serious inconvenience, but a few weeks without it, is a catastrophe, and can be life threatening in some cases. It takes extensive planning, far more planning than putting together a bug-out-bag, an EDC kit, or even a wilderness survival kit. It takes planning, commitment and financial resources, and this is why most of the people in this country are unprepared for any crisis that last more than 72-hours, and some cannot even make the claim they are prepared for 72-hours. Check with your city or town to see if they have any recommendations for staying safe as well.
With this transfer switch installed, you can run a larger cord from the generator to a dedicated receptacle that feeds a small “critical loads” sub-panel.
They can also produce small bursts of power needed for motors starting, but then go back to their rated amount.
NABCEP is a voluntary credential, considered to be the cream of the crop for renewable energy professionals. When in LP mode, I can run my fuel line from a custom manifold off of my 500 gallon house tank. I have a woodstove for heat… No need to light up your house like nothings wrong…you will become a beacon for crime! You CAN run just what you NEED though you will have to allocate power to certain circuits at different times. Portable units are aircooled so placing them in a shed (and operating it there!) could cause problems with cooling…. My biggest fear is losing power in the winter and not having enough fuel to power a generator long enough to maintain heat. If your handy you can do the conversion for about 5 bucks or you can get a kit for about 120.00. Propane needs a smaller orifice than natural gas, which is why gas stoves & dryers need a conversion kit to run on propane.
Getting started is the hardest part, and how to get started can be overwhelming for those new to prepping. There are exceptions of course, but before running out and buying specialized equipment, materials, or gear, get started on the basics for survival first.

People are so accustomed to using certain things that they forget some, if not most things in the kitchen require electricity.
If you wanted to make bread, for example, how you would do it without electricity is a question for which you need the answer.
Three to five gallons per person, per day is closer to what your needs will be, but essentially you are the only one that can determine this. The Home Emergency Pocket Guide™ is a tool that makes preparation easy and affordable, so you can better protect yourself, your home, and your family. Registered Office: Lancaster House, Lancaster Way, Ermine Business Park, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29 6YJ.
Here are a few home emergencies that may happen, and some things for you to take care of in your own house. For the most part, a generator doesn’t need to back-up your entire house, just vital items.
IF (and it did) run out of fuel, I just close the valve on the empty tank and open the one on the full tank…and re-light my furnace. I ran my water heater & furnace on propane in a self-induced emergency severeal years back. You will have the same basic tasks to complete during the day whether you have electricity or not. Some hybrid inverters already incorporate the transfer switch internally, connecting automatically; fast enough that your electronic items won’t know that there is an outage.
Our water is dependent on a submersible well pump, also the gas furnace and our freezers require power. Lots of large, yellow flames, that left lots of soot tracks, instead of the clean, efficient, blue flames normally produced. Your gas supply may be cut off due to breaks in the lines, so converting your generators to natural gas might be something that you might want to think twice about. Meals will have to be prepared, children tended to, cans of food opened and food cooked or heated.
If you don’t have a basement, go to a room without windows in the centre of the house.
During any natural disaster, if the authorities tell you to evacuate, then that is the safest thing to do.get more here! Choose a meeting place where you can all get together outside of the house in case there is a fire.

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