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In addition to Tulane's Alert Line and Emergency Notices website, the university has created means to contact Tulane students, faculty and staff in emergency situations. In the event of an emergency or impending threat, Tulane will send critical voice and text messages to our students at multiple telephone and e-mail addresses.
To ensure that Tulane has accurate and current contact information in the Office of the Registrar records, students should update their information through Gibson Online or the Registrar's Office. Following an emergency, which would displace students from campus, the university will provide updated information on the Emergency Notices website. In the event of an emergency or impending threat, Tulane will send critical voice and text messages to our employees at multiple telephone and e-mail addresses. NOTE: This information will be used only in an emergency to send official university communications and does not alter employees' university directory information as done through the PPI.
Following an emergency, which would displace employees from campus, the university will activate a call-in registry for employees as well as provide updated information on the Emergency Notices website. Please fill out this form to subscribe to notifications via the parents listserv about emergency situations that threaten the Tulane campus, such as a hurricane, a shooter or a bomb threat.
The SAFE, a new, military-style encrypted 2.0 USB pocket drive houses a full suite of proprietary pre-loaded documents uniquely designed to help overwrought PC users automatically organize and recover information immediately and when most needed. For time-strapped Sandwich Generation and other Baby Boomers saddled with the dual challenge of taking care of their parents and their own families, cramming more and more of life’s valuable paperwork into cramped boxes or metal filing cabinets turns the best of organizing intentions into a jumbled mess.
MSNBC cited Pew Research Center report that over 1 in 8 Boomers are still caring for their parents, but also for their own children, and usually with no end in sight. Life Link International’s The SAFE, a highly secure, first-tier 2.0 USB pocket drive provides a vital sense of relief by giving its users a way to protect their family’s legacy easily and efficiently, but most importantly, before tragedy falls.
Should a loved one become incapacitated, The SAFE’s pages are categorized based on function (i.e. Unlike other ID storage products on the market, The SAFE features 40+ pre-loaded templates organized into a variety of categories linked by similar sets of data so information can be transferred quickly and easily, eliminating the time-consuming drudgery of sorting through life’s hoard of materials. The SAFE is also protected by a leather-bound exterior, so users’ valuable data will still be guarded should it come under physical duress. Users plug The SAFE into their computer’s USB port and begin entering their family’s information onto preformatted forms ranging from legal documents and tax records to insurance numbers and more.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. If you have a severe dental emergency which requires immediate care them please visit your local accident and emergency at the nearest hospital to you which if you live in Euston is UCLH, you can visit their website here.
If your dental emergency is not life-threatening and can wait until you see a dentist then we would be happy to see you at  The Dental Centre London. Whilst we do offer a drop-in emergency service it is always preferable if we have a specific appointment book for you.
The first thing to do is to clean the  area thoroughly and floss between the teeth to remove any trapped food. If you are absolutely sure about the way the tooth fits back into the socket then you can gently reinsert it, however it is possible to do more damage so it’s best not to reinsert tooth unless you are absolutely sure and confident to do so. If this is outside of surgery hours then the best thing to do would be to  go to your local accident and emergency hospital.
Generally speaking this would not be considered a dental emergency unless the tooth itself is bleeding. Our dental team are registered with and abide by the guidance and regulations of the General Dental Council.
The Dental Centre London acknowledges the requirement of many local patients around the Euston area for cosmetic dentistry and so we offer all of our patients the latest dental technology and techniques including dental veneers, teeth whitening, white fillings and dental implants. We realise that living and working in the centre of London can be stressful so we provide an emergency dental service with walk in appointments preserved throughout the day for patients with dental emergencies in Euston or surrounding London W1 and WC1 areas. If you are a student, staff or faculty member, be sure to visit our page about receiving emergency alerts to your desktop or laptop. For notices about those types of crimes, please subscribe to the Tulane Police crime alerts list. No longer will Baby Boomers have to wait until tragedy strikes their parents or children to safeguard their family's keepsakes.
We  routinely schedule places in the diary each day for walk in dental emergencies with our emergency dentist.
If you can cope with the situation for a while we would prefer that you call us on the number above to book an appointment.

You can then wash your mouth thoroughly with warm salted water and call the emergency dentist as soon as possible to make an appointment. We recommend that you always handle the tooth by the crown, or the top part  that is usually visible.
This would indicate that the pulp chamber has become exposed, this certainly is a dental emergency.
This would always be considered an extreme dental emergency and you should go to visit your local Hospital in Euston, London as soon as possible.
If you do have a complaint please send it in the first instance to the name and address above so that your concerns can be addressed. This way we can be sure that we have exactly the right amount of time to see you and get you out of pain.
The roots are rather delicate and so it is preferred that you do not touch these if at all possible. If a small amount of tooth has chipped off and there is no pain and no bleeding then it will normally be okay to wait until the next day for you come to see us.
Another thing to bear in mind is that the roots can easily be damaged if you try to clean the tooth, so if the tooth has come out completely simply pick it up place it in a sterilised pack  or carton of milk and then come to see the emergency dentist. Typically we can repair the tooth and build it back up to its original shape using instant dental veneers or direct tooth bonding.
We provide the highest quality general and family dental healthcare with regular dental checkups visiting our dentists and hygienists to ensure that you keep your teeth and gums as a healthy foundation to keeping your teeth for life.
Our regular scale and polish treatments ensure your teeth are healthy and that dental extractions are kept to an absolute minimum.

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