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Available in 9 natural flavors: Apricot, Blueberry, Cherry, Coconuut, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, Tropical Fruit, Vanilla. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. With cold weather and snow encroaching on us as well as the disastrous snow seen in the Buffalo, NY area recently, the idea of a winter home emergency kit is looking better and better. There’s a lot that goes into a winter home emergency kit and while you probably have many of these supplies around in one form or another, having them together and ready for a winter disaster is vital to getting through a disaster in the freezing cold successfully. While not having power in the warmer months is merely an annoyance, being without power for anything more than a day or so in the winter is a very big deal if you live where the winter weather is truly felt. Make sure to have emergency heat available for power outages and that you have enough heat for your entire family and pets.
You should already have a food and water plan in place, but for the colder months you need to augment it just a little. Since there is a real possibility for water to freeze if your emergency heat doesn’t go according to plan, make sure you have a secondary cooking option as well.
If disaster strikes and lasts for an extended period of time you’ll need to plan for the situation in which your emergency heat runs out. Make a list of what needs done in a winter emergency and when one strikes just go down the list item by item. Everything seems to break when it gets cold out, and finding the right tool for the job can be tricky, especially if the power’s out and it’s getting cold. Finally, keep pipe repair kits and patch kits on hand for frozen pipes and other random plumbing issues. If you found this article useful, please Vote for Ready Nutrition as a top prepper web site. We're working hard to finish up our new marketplace, where you'll be able to find all of your preparedness, homesteading and food storage needs.
It’s not a question of if disaster will strike without warning, but WHEN…Will you be prepared? About UsThe term apocalypse is described as an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale. Save Your FriendsIf you really care about your friends on facebook, you will help spread the word about our facebook page.

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The waterBOB is a water containment system that holds up to 100 gallons of fresh drinking water in virtually any bathtub in the event of an emergency.
A hurricane, tropical storm, flood or storm surge can interrupt or even contaminate your water supply. While others rush to the store for bottled water, only to find empty shelves, or wait in line for water with dirty containers, taking the risk by drinking potentially hazardous water, you will feel secure knowing that the clean, fresh water stored in your waterBOB is available for you, your family and your pets too! Part of being a prepper is being prepared for just about anything the world can throw at you and while many of our plans are for epic disasters and TEOTWAWKI-level events, smaller seasonal disasters happen far more often, so being prepared for these too only makes sense. Kerosene space heaters and propane heating elements are both great sources of emergency heat. In cold, dry situations your body needs more water and food so whatever your current plan is, up it by about 25% per person. While gas stoves will work without electricity, that doesn’t mean gas lines can’t experience issues as well. Even if you don’t normally go outside for extended periods of time when it’s cold you need to make sure you have enough cold weather clothing to stay warm for extended periods of time without external heat. Also, you may need to walk to a store or to a neighbor to lend a hand; both cases require snow gear to get out. If there are trees near your house you should have tarps and nails to secure the tarp with in case a tree gets up close and personal with your roof. These rear their ugly heads in the winter and if you’re stuck at home during an ice storm, you won’t be able to hit the local hardware store, which will probably be closed anyway. The market will feature organic foods, preparedness supplies and unique solutions from local farmers and small businesses from around the country. The waterBOB keeps water fresh and clean for drinking, cooking, washing and sanitation for up to 12 weeks. Water stored in an open bathtub, with dirt, soap film and exposure to debris will spoil and become useless.

Simply lay the liner in any bathtub, attach the fill sock to the faucet and fill the bladder to capacity, which takes approximately 20-40 minutes, depending on your water flow. The carbon steel, 4.2 inch bladed knife by itself it a great utility knife and the scandi grind profile of the blade makes it perfect for most chores from cutting branches for your shelter to shaving tinder for the fire to processing fish and game. These are shunned for indoor use today for fear of fumes and carbon monoxide but used correctly are totally safe indoors and if you’re at least in your mid 30s, your parents probably used a kerosene heater in your basement and you turned out just fine, right? A camp stove that runs off propane is a great option in this case, as it could be used inside with ventilation, but more simple stoves and cooking over a fire can be done outside as well. Not only do you need the traditional lists like food and water expiration, but you need home safety lists as well, like where your water shutoff valves are, and how many need shut off in case of freezing temperatures as well as what needs shut off to stop the electricity from coming into your house to prevent a surge.
This means not only wrenches and pliers, but saws and shovels for outdoor issues like downed trees, too.
Plastic sheeting and duct tape can be your best friend in the case that a window is broken and while it may not offer the same insulation as a high efficiency window, it’ll save a lot of wind from coming in and a decent amount of heat from going out.
The US National Guard and Red Cross recommend storing a minimum of 64oz per day per person in sealed containers. Constructed of tough, heavy-duty plastic, the waterBOB stays within FDA food grade guidelines and is BPA-free. With the waterBOB you and your loved ones will never have to risk ingesting contaminated water.
With the included diamond sharpener mounted on the sheath you are able to touch up the blade when necessary.
Just be prepared for both options and have the stove tested and ready, and fire wood chopped. The back of the blade is ground to a sharp 90? corner to provide a positive scrapping edge that produces excellent sparks from the include Firesteel.
00WAT0096 Emergency Purified Drinking Water Packets are essential for any range of short to long-term emergencies.

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