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As part of the emergency procedures at Tulane University, certain employees are expected to perform duties essential to the mission of the university. The Kenwood Emergency Communications Kit is designed for instant set-up and use in even the most extreme field conditions. Our experience as a global managed services provider means we know our way around, so you get a total solution anywhere you need connectivity, from one trusted source. With Hughes you not only get a new network, you get a trusted partner who is committed to offering you the business solutions that best fit your needs. With over 25 years of technology and service leadership internationally, Hughes provides a one-stop, global managed service for any organization—anywhere in the world. When disaster strikes and terrestrial broadband networks fail, Hughes Emergency Solutions use broadband satellite technology to get mission-critical applications back online—fast. Fast and secure access to shared information is essential for global organizations to prepare for emergencies and to respond in an effective and coordinated manner when disaster strikes. Hughes can accommodate virtually any emergency communications need with a broad portfolio of scalable, off-the-shelf networking solutions and services. Hughes broadband satellite service is available with a variety of affordable service plans to meet the needs of every organization and every location. Hughintegrated, turnkey solutions include a choice of high-performance, on-site routers such as the advanced HX System family, accommodating a comprehensive range of emergency communications needs, including data, VoIP, and video. All satellite-based solutions from Hughes are delivered with the required satellite segment and transponder capacity, and with bandwidth expansion options to accommodate future growth. The HUGHES logo is a registered trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar company.

In short: the same checklist applies for emergencies, only the execution will be different. The bottom line is that emergency communication takes the same amount of preparation as normal communication.
In emergency situations you need to be faster than grapevine and press leaks, but that  faster communication still needs to be reliable. Our Mission:  Proudly Serving the People of Williamson County with Respectful, Professional, Excellence in Service and Care! The 911 Center serves as the support for Emergency Management, Fire Services, and Law Enforcement agencies during times of crisis or complex operations. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Display your affiliation with the Emergency Management Communications community with this reflective decal!
The decal measures 4" in diameter and is the only decal available specifically for EMC folks. Sign up for our Newsletter, a monthly dose of new ideas exclusive deals on great gear, send directly to your inbox. From teaching and research to life safety and facilities maintenance, certain employees may need to remain on or report to campus. It includes tough Kenwood portable radios and a base station radio with every essential communications accessory.
Not only do we know how to operate on a worldwide scale, we know your industry which helps us tailor the ideal network for your organization.

That demands an integrated and highly reliable information network architecture where the resources are always in place and ready for action.
Bandwidth requirements are sized as the job dictates—for efficient management of resources and budget.
For emergency recovery efforts, vehicle-mount terminals and flyaway kits set up quickly with a mobile, self-pointing antenna system for quick access to high-speed service—even in the most remote locations. Hughes employs a wide range of satellites across the globe to ensure bandwidth delivery wherever your organization needs it. If you are communicating well in normal times, the odds are that you will be just fine in the case of an emergency. Please click here to access more information on the Critical Personnel Policy and submit information for consideration as a critical employee.
The kit is protected in a rugged weather-resistant case for easy handling and shipment to disaster sites. Satellite communications solutions from Hughes provide the vital links when disaster strikes—with instant infrastructure when terrestrial communications are damaged or knocked out.
90% of emergencies come down to achieving the same results while not respecting the rules or the procedures. But after completing the emergency and correcting what was left out, things get back to normal.

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