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Bad things happen; however, many organizations have not prepared a crisis communications plan. How hard is it to prepare a custom crisis communications plan?
What is a “crisis”?Critical event or point of decision which, if not handledin an appropriate and timely manner (or if not handledat all), may turn into a disaster or catastrophe.
The “Fight or Flight” Response“When our fight or flight system is activated, we tend to perceive everything in our environment as a possible threat to our survival…We may overreact to the slightest comment.
The Ontario Incident Management System provides standardized organizational structures, functions, processes and terminology for use at all levels of emergency response in Ontario, and that this system was developed with input from more than 30 Ontario-based emergency response organizations and stakeholders, who form the IMS Steering Committee.
The goal of the incident management system is to provide an efficacious, flexible, and consistent structure and process that is scalable to manage incidents by all levels of government, emergency response organizations, communities, ministries, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. The collective input and guidance from emergency management partners has been, and will continue to be, vital to the development, effective implementation and utilization of the Incident Management System in Ontario. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Ontario Incident Management System (IMS) is hereby established as the system for incident management for [organization]. PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED this _____ day of ____________, year________, by the [position(s)] of [organization].

This is an optional sample template that may be modified to suit your organization’s needs. Break down strategic approach, messages and tactics for specific audiences and over time (chart format works well). Based on your analysis of the information in the previous sections, what is your recommended approach to achieve your communications objective? Given what you know about your target audience(s), write a set of messages for each one, as needed. Given what you know about your target audience(s), consider how best to reach them using communications channels they use regularly.
Develop tactics that flow naturally out of your strategic approach, are specific to your target audiences that happen over time and are integrated across media.
Don’t demonstrate that you got the story out, but that you influenced opinion or changed behaviour. Enter target audiences, training numbers, resource requirements and implementation dates, for specific IMS courses.

The IMS Integration Plan is used to identify IMS integration strategies for specific plans, policies and procedures. Please consult the EMO Course Catalogue, for the most up-to-date list of available IMS Courses. What do you need to be ready for? Answering these questions is easier now than during a crisis. This presentation outlines key things you should do to prepare for all types of potential crises and provides a simple action plan towards completing a preliminary crisis communications plan.

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