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I tried that once, the end result was, I'm sitting in my Lazy Boy recliner typing on my lap top with the big screen TV on as back ground noise.It was either that or listen to my wife whine. Nice!!We suspend our DTV after every season of The Walking Dead and restart it for the new seasons. I have been seriously considering dropping cable and buying one of the HD TV antennas but, I've grown weary of scams and do not consider myself technically or physically able to be mounting something up on the roof or where ever it gets mounted. I have one hdtv antenna that I bought at best buy and I have a signal amplifier inside and from there its connected to two tvs. Roku is a little box that plug into any tv, It works off your wifi and it gives your tv access to dozens of free channels and pay channels.

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Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". We pay $50 for high speed internet that we use for wireless wifi and for the roku streaming.
There is plenty of content that is free and then there is neflix or hulu which you can subscribe to.
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Well our 5 year old daughter watches a lot of Dora and crap like that but other then that were not big TV watchers. And when were shut off we have our laptop that we stream to the TV.Just hit up youtube and start watching all the classics there for free.
Might need some spam and pop up blockers but paying to watch Seinfeld reruns on DTV is just plain throwing money away.Maybe if you get desperate enough you could let us recommend some activities to take up your new found free time.

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