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After you prepared your 72 hour kit, another important step in your family’s preparedness plan is to start looking for ways to increase the safety of your home, especially if you redecorate, move to a new home or make structural changes to the home you live in.
You should attach a non-sparking wrench near the main valve so you don’t have to go searching for a wrench that fits during an emergency. Sometimes, especially with older homes, trees or shrubbery may block access to the valve and it’s a good thing to discover this now and take care of the problem, rather than wait until disaster strikes. You can do a few things right now that can help minimize the risk of electrical problem during emergency. Don’t store old paint, varnishes, thinners or other petroleum-based products in open containers that don’t have secured seals in place. As you make your home safer from these potential disasters, you will discover other potential hazards that may be unique to your home.
Another important step in your family preparedness plan is to develop an emergency evacuation plan for your home. Red Cross experts tell us the most likely disasters in our area are: chemical spill, terrorists, earthquake leading to fires, pandemic leading to civil unrest.
For a long time now, government authorities, emergency personnel and even religious leaders have been telling us and warning us that we need to be better prepared for emergencies. As you begin to create your family preparedness plan, gather your household and include them in your preparations. The Rotary Club of Surrey will be hosting an emergency Awareness day event right here at Central City between Winners and Future Shop from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, June 15th 2013.
She ScribesNew York Blogger, Influential Mom Blogger, PR Friendly and Brand Ambassador with a focus on Entertainment, Reviews, Giveaways, Parenting, Technology, Recipes, Pets, Health and Lifestyle. Back in September 2001 (shortly after September 11th) there was a huge concern about a local nuclear plant and the possibility of it getting attacked by terrorists.
The county tried to prepare the residents by issuing these tiny pills called the Potassium Iodine Pill or KIO3. My husband and I have talked about our plan of action in case something happens to the nuclear plant. Even if you do not live in New York City you can still take advantage of this great program.
The program, Get Ready NYC, is a collaboration between the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) of NYC and the Ad Council. Even if you are not a New Yorker I encourage you to check out the valuable information and resources found on the Ready NYC website. A theoretical awareness session covering the response of employees to an emergency in the work place.
At Wormald we offer a range of fire equipment, fire safety products and fire services for the Australian market. You can use Adobe Photoshop for photo enhancement, Microsoft Publication or other poster editing software in making the poster.

Many disasters can be avoided completely or the risk greatly reduced from some additional planning and thought.
Make sure that beds are not located under windows that can break during an earthquake or other house-shifting disaster. In California, the building code requires the water heater to be braced or secured to wall studs so it doesn’t fall down during the shaking. Your main gas line coming into your home has a valve usually placed next to the meter that can be shut off in case of emergency.
It’s often a good idea to teach each responsible member of the family how to shut off the gas, water and electricity. As your circumstances change, continue to be safety-conscious and remember to continuously adapt your family’s preparedness plans as these changes occur. Depending on the sizes of the disaster, the emergency and rescue people initially go after the most critical emergencies.
At some point in our lives, we’ll face personal tragedy or even wide-spread disasters that will directly affect us.
We invite you to participate in the Early Learning Program by SFU Surrey and Surrey School district. We live in the 10-mile danger zone, meaning we are within 10-miles of the plant (sigh…).
Its suppose to saturate a healthy thyroid with “good Iodine” which  is suppose to prevent the thyroid from absorbing the bad Iodine that you can get from nuclear fallout. Or you can look to see if your city or state has their own website on how to prepare in case of emergencies. This is important because the water heater has gas or electric and water lines running to it and these utility lines will often break or rupture if the heater shifts or tips.
Natural gas that is piped into the home has a rotten egg odor that the gas company adds so you will notice that there is a leak. Make sure you know how to turn it off – whether with a lever like this or requiring a wrench. Number 2: label all circuits and the panel so you can tell which switch, controls which circuits in your home.
Throw away any old cloths and rags used in painting and refinishing as soon as you’re done with the, don’t store large amounts of combustible fuel like gasoline or white gas used in camping stoves.
While we’ve been spared in our area, sooner or later we’ll be faced with some sort of emergency. In a major emergency, emergency response professionals may be dealing with their own family problems. So as you review the material presented here, we invite you to make a commitment to take action to implement your own emergency preparedness plan. Should a disaster hit, almost everything we have will not be available including transportation, electricity, water, food, medicine, and access to a doctor.

The new play area located beside Winners provides a fun, safe and healthy environment for young kids to play and make friends.
In the event of a serious emergency your children should also know what to do, especially if you are incapacitated in some way. Even the Empire State Building in yellow, which is the signature color of the ReadyNYC logo & program. Designed as general information for all staff, about the emergency procedures in place in their building. They should DISCUSS the things that they had researched and then decide what things should be put in the poster (The things in the poster should be related to the aim of the topic). If you can smell this odor following a disaster, shut off the gas until a professional can come up and inspect your line and fix the problem. As everyone is learning how to shut off these utilities, make sure that you inspect the valves or switches of each utility to make sure that they are accessible and in good repair. Electrical problems during an emergency can be as simple as a blackout or as complex as an electrical fire, burning into the walls in your home. Number 3: be sure all repairs and upgrades to your electrical system are done according to the local code. With any other fuels you do store, be sure to keep them in a ventilated area in well-marked containers.
No matter what type disaster strikes, certain principles of preparation will make a difference and alleviate suffering. Let’s explore some of the basic principles of preparedness and some of the steps necessary and put them in action. Therefore, the main goal is to generate awareness to the importance of emergency preparation.
For now our plan is to head upstate to my Father’s house, however I keep thinking we need to meet elsewhere, like in Vermont. Also, keep a fully-charged flashlight in your nightstand or by your bed, in case the power goes out during the crisis.
Service providers will also be on site such as Canadian Blood Services, the City of Surrey, Fraser Health, and St. Don’t ever overload your electrical circuits and check for clusters of appliances all using the same outlet.

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