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If you reside in California, you may have been awakened earlier this week by an alarm going off on your iPhone sometime around 4 AM. A similar Emergency Alarm is  sent to cellular phones when a local emergency, such as an impending natural disaster is imminent. Apple, in cooperation with wireless carriers works to provide emergency government notifications, including the AMBER and other alerts here in the United States and other countries. Setting the alerts to either ON or OFF is your only option, unfortunately you can’t set the alarms to a customized tone. AMBER and Emergency Alerts also override the Do Not Disturb, according to users posting in Apple’s Support Community. For myself, it’s worth the minor inconvenience of being awakened in the night to be aware of an impeding emergency, or of an AMBER Alert when a child has been abducted. MacTrast Senior Editor, and self-described "magnificent bastard," Chris Hauk owns Phoenix Rising Services and writes for everyone's favorite "bad movie" website, Big Bad Drive-In. The great part about this new system is it knows where the phone is located and sends the Amber Alert to any phone connected to a tower in that area, even if it’s a phone tied to a town thousands of miles away. This is all thanks to the new Emergency Alert System built into the cellular networks across the U.S. The Amber Alerts cover lost or missing children, and the Emergency Alerts include weather emergencies like flooding, hurricanes and more. The Amber Alerts are location aware, so if you didn’t get a notification you may be too far away from the emergency or Amber Alert. This is also where users can turn off the notifications, though we recommend leaving them on to get important updates that could save their life or someone else’. In the Dallas Fort Worth Area < Arlington PD issue a Amber Alert today and I got on my Verizon IPhone 4S with the OS 6 software in it. Personally, I love he idea of being notified if I am possibly in a position to help with information concerning the possible whereabouts of a missing or abducted child.
I don’t think the amber alert system and emergency alert system is some conspiracy, I am glad they have it and I could only hope that someday I could do something that helps someone recover their lost child or children. So far as I can tell, you can no longer get amber alert text messages, so how else would you receive them?
There is no need to force presidential alerts on anyone – how about letting us turn off this function as well? I stopped it because I got a Amber alert at 3 in the morning for an ad of Nissan 4 doors, AC,,,, that abuse was SO STUPID EVER !!! You never know exactly when disaster will strike, and even in this age, no app or gadget can fully replace good old-fashioned preparation. You should have ICE ("in case of emergency") numbers listed in your phone, including the police, fire department and rescue agencies. One gadget that ensures you have plenty of clean water is the convenient, battery-powered SteriPEN — just stick it in a glass of water, and the water is purified in less than one minute.
If you have to turn to nature, the Wild Edibles app lists a slew of information about which roots, nuts, fruits and plants are safe to eat, and also includes more than 160 recipes. If you find yourself in the dark, the LuminAID is a solar-powered, inflatable LED light source. A hand-crank phone charger could cover a few crucial calls or texts if you've misplaced your extra phone battery. It's also a smart idea to turn off LTE or Wi-Fi capabilities to conserve your battery power. Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) are warnings sent by authorized government alerting authorities straight to your phone via text (no download necessary). Mobile phones were a buzz Monday night, as the statewide Amber Alert was sent to many across California. Phones across the Golden State buzzed, beeped and whirred Monday night as California sent out its first statewide Amber Alert to mobile devices. A nationwide search is underway for two San Diego County children whose mother was found dead inside a burning home. The search for a San Diego County man and two children prompted authorities to issue an Amber Alert that came through on smartphones across the region. The alert program was created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and executed by CTIA-The Wireless Association.
Monday night's notice was activated by the California Highway Patrol's Emergency Notification and Tactical Alert Center, according to the a news release. It was related to the abduction of a 16-year-old girl and her 8-year-old brother, pictured below. The message described a car the suspect -- James Lee Dimaggio -- is believed to be driving: a blue Nissan Versa with California license plate 6WCU986. The alerts are location-based and beamed from local cell towers to mobile devices in the area.
Most cellphone users -- 97 percent of American customers -- subscribe to wireless providers that offer the alerts, according to CTIA. DAILY NEWS New York News Politics Sports Entertainment Opinion Living Autos Search U.S. Thousands of New Yorkers were awoken early Wednesday morning when their cell phones began blaring because of an amber alert notifying them of a missing child.

New York police said that a 7-month-old boy had been snatched by his biological mother, Marina Lopez, 25, from a Harlem social service facility on Tuesday afternoon.
By Wednesday afternoon, the boy had been located and returned unharmed to the Harlem facility where he lives, police said, leaving some residents to question whether the automatic alert was necessary.
Many New Yorkers do not realize that if they purchased a cell phone after 2011, it is automatically set to receive the emergency alerts, such as those issued during Hurricane Sandy. If your phone just gave off a persistent alarm followed by a text message notifying you of a flash flood warning currently under way for the next few hours in Massachusetts, you definitely weren’t alone.
The WEA system comes from a partnership between major wireless carriers, the FCC, and FEMA, and the good news about the technology is that it doesn’t matter if your phone is even registered with a number in the region where the weather event is happening. House of Blues is known for showcasing up-and-coming (and already-there) singers and bands at their legendary clubs around the country. From menus and music to emcees and floral arrangements, a lot of time and  planning goes into designing, developing and deploying a successful event.
Those who painstakingly groom unwanted hair with messy wax and unforgiving razors know the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t always hold true. After dating for three years, Krick Clark and Sue Carcaterra marry to celebrate their love and beautiful life together. When another bleak winter ends, Bostonians welcome sunshine, plush lawns and aromatic gardens – from Newbury Street to Newburyport!
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I was sitting at my desk last week, typing up a piece about one thing or another, when the Sprint Galaxy S III alongside me flickered to life and announced a text message. Like most Americans of my generation, I’d grown familiar with the EAS tones through constant exposure to them on TV. Despite the fact that the EAS has never been used for a true national emergency, its constant readiness testing ensures that most Americans can instantly identify its distinctive alarm tones.
NWS, I knew, stood for National Weather Service, and the clouds rapidly gathering outside my window told me the message was no mere test. The answer to the first question came relatively easily, courtesy of a helpful Twitter follower and a link to Sprint’s Buzz About Wireless community message board.
I was notified last month in this manner when a tornado was sighted near my home here in the Tennessee backwoods.
The alert is a great feature that can warn you of an impending disaster, or the kidnapping of a child. While we here at MacTrast suggest leaving the alerts active, we understand that there may be times when you don’t want to be disturbed. That is really for the best, because if you have an impending emergency situation, you most likely want to be notified about it in as noticeable a fashion as possible. The Wireless Amber Alert system is shutting down at the end of the year and the iPhone, Android and other smartphones will now act as emergency alert systems for Amber alerts and other national emergencies. The system uses broadcast SMS to send massive amount of alerts out at once, something that’s not easy to do with standard text messages. It’s great to see this system in place since many users are not near a TV or radio during times of emergency. If you are in the area and your iPhone did not get the Amber Alert there are two things to check. As a parent myself, I can certainly appreciate a system such as this, and would find it invaluable if it was one of my own children who was missing.
Apparently the iphone companies have this setting turned on when you buy your phone but don’t tell you about it.
You can download its official FEMA app, which lists preparedness information for all types of disasters — including emergency kit checklists, maps and a section to plan meeting locations. Understandably, the first thing on your mind after any type of disaster is whether your family and friends are safe. Shelter View is an app from the Red Cross that helps you locate nearby shelters in real time, including temporary shelters set up in times of need. And if you're the type that likes to be fully prepared all the time, the VAULTkase is an iPhone case that comes with an assortment of tools, including a 2GB USB flash drive and a Swiss Army insert with a knife, screwdrivers and tweezers.
If you don't have any of the aforementioned phone gadgets and can only make one call, it should be to your voicemail, and explain that you're safe. You will receive extreme weather and AMBER alerts, as well as presidential alerts during a national emergency.
It automatically pinpoints your location to provide real-time severe weather alerts, as well as simple weather forecasts. And remember: If things get really desperate, you can always resort to the edible rice cake and gummy iPhone cases.
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A wireless emergency system ties in 97 percent of wireless carriers, and sends alerts to phones for imminent threats like weather, earthquakes, or terrorist attacks. The alert's jarring sound surprised many who didn't know they were signed up for the messages. The children’s mother and another child were found dead inside a burned home near the California-Mexico border Sunday night.
Users can opt out of Amber and Imminent Threat alerts, but cannot opt out of Presidential Alerts, according to FEMA.
Wednesday morning, sparking debate about emergency system The Amber alert was issued in the city for just the third time in the past year.
Lopez, who police said was bipolar, was deemed a threat to the childa€™s well-being, and and the cell phone Amber alert was issued in New York City for just the third time in the past year.
According to the National Weather Service, it’s all part of the new Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), a new system introduced by NWS last year to help notify the public of urgent weather events (think hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards in addition to flash floods). Only instead of tuning in, anyone with a WEA-enabled phone will receive the message if they’re nearby. We reserve the right to remove impersonators or personal attacks, threats, profanity, or flat-out offensive comments. You have to think about size, functionality, location, colors, furniture, appliances, outdoor space and more. Sure enough, within five minutes, the grey afternoon had settled into something closer resembling the black of night, and amid the crackling of furious thunder, the street outside my door turned into a raging river of flood waters. The official nature of the government-sponsored communication also explains why the EAS alert tone was being used as a notifier. Of course I want to be notified in case of a local emergency, and I want that notification delivered to the device I keep on my person at all times, not just over a TV or radio that might not even be turned on. Pushed by a mixture of public concern and government oversight, software updates to existing phones and progressive releases of newer devices will ensure that soon, every mobile phone user should be able to receive Wireless Emergency Alerts. And I’m glad that even the devices that sat stoically silent through this last one did so out of incompetence that will soon be rectified, rather than malicious indifference. If you had read the article above in its entirety, you would have read that there is an option to deactivate Amber Alerts if you do not wish to receive them.
My sister and mom are on the same plan and they have androids, they have a choice to turn on amber alerts in their notifications center. I have turned off both the amber alert and the government alert on my phone and they will stay off – I can get those alerts over the TV during the day.
Family organization apps provide the location of family members, but feel free to add friends to your list. Check out this list of awesome gadgets — including an oxygen-sensing space heater, a phone that lasts for 15 years and more, all of which can help you when you're snowed in or stuck in a storm. This is an efficient blanket approach for worried friends and family who try to get in touch.
More than 100 carriers, including the big-name powerhouses, participate in WEA messages, which don't count towards your texting limits and aren't affected by network congestion. Severe weather can trigger the app, even if your phone is in sleep mode, which will then emit a series of beeps and an audio description of the emergency. Instead of the usual SMS annunciator tone, the phone was bleating out a wailing klaxon, a cross between a 1980s-era digital alarm clock and an ornery robotic duck.
I wondered when wireless carriers started providing National Weather Service alerts, because I certainly hadn’t signed up for them.
The Wireless Emergency Alert system is another example of technology being leveraged for the greater good of the public, of ubiquitous mobile devices being used to enhance the safety of people far and wide. You bleeding heart liberals need to get in line though and support your government controlled phone.
I’m sorry but this amber alert was for a missing child 300 miles from my home and I wasn’t about to get up, go to my car and drive around California aimlessly to look for anyone!
If can't locate someone because your call isn't going through, the Lost Person Finder contains a searchable database and is integrated with the U.S. The app also hosts a map of hospitals and clinics in your vicinity, as well as the nearest embassy. Department of Homeland Security, “a national public warning system that requires broadcasters, cable television systems, wireless cable systems, satellite digital audio radio service (SDARS) providers, and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) providers to provide the communications capability to the President to address the American public during a national emergency.
I also wondered why, though I had several phones powered on at the time, only my Sprint device chose to alert me to the impending lethal downpour; my Verizon devices, content to watch me drown with their Droid eyeballs, had sat silent. Be sure and practice your marching in line to the beat of the government that wants to control your every thought. It’s handy, then, that there are settings available in the Messaging app allowing users to customize their notification preferences.
It gathers data from citizens, disaster relief organizations, social networks and hospitals.

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